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It’s time to combine super-powered people with super-powered creatures. This clash of cultures combines the First Avenger with the wonderful world of Pokémon to see exactly which Pokémon would fit the Star-Spangled Hero. Like his fighting style, a team of powered critters serving Captain America would be as diverse as possible.

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With the ability to assess the situation and figure out the best recourse, someone like Steve Rogers would almost demand a team that could handle almost any situation. Though that doesn’t mean he cannot add his own personal touches while choosing who best to serve him to bring him all the way to the top of the Pokémon League or wherever else his power will take him. Let’s see what sort of Pokémon Captain America would bring with him if he were to find himself in the fantastical world of Pokémon.

6 Hitmonchan

If there is one person on the Avengers that would appreciate a good boxer, it is good ol’ Steve Rogers since boxing is one of the prime components of his unique combat style. If anything, Hitmonchan would at least be one hell of a training partner for the best hand-to-hand fighter on the Avengers.

Otherwise, he is just a great Pokemon to have. Hitmonchan is one of the few Pokémon that can learn all three of the elemental punches giving it a high chance to strike a Pokemon’s weakest point. Even better, it can come with the Iron Fist ability giving it another boost to its already potent punching power!

5 Arcanine

Other than being a good boy, there is a number of reasons why Steve Rogers would enjoy having an Arcanine on his team. Not only is this creature a classic since its one of the original 151 from the first game, but its bravery and loyalty are only matched by few other Pokemon.

Also, legend has it that an Arcanine once fought alongside a general and conquered a whole country. It is hard to think of a better military leader in fiction for Arcanine to try and do that all over again with. Though this time, they won’t be conquering a country, but the Pokémon League itself.

4 Bastiodon

It would be hard for people to tell why Captain America would like this sort of Pokémon if the answer wasn’t staring them right in the face. It is a pretty good guess that Cap himself would find a good way to use a Pokémon that has a shield for a face.

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Said to be able to deflect virtually any attack, all it needs is a red, white, and blue shiny version, and it could downright replace his shield. Docile in nature, but more than tough on the outside, the rock and steel type would be an excellent choice to his already varied team.

3 Aegislash

Like Bastoidon, there is an excellent reason why Captain America would be attracted to it, and it again would be staring right at him. Unlike Bastoidon, Captain America might not find this Pokémon. Instead, Aegislash would probably find him.

Aegislash has the innate ability to detect qualities of leadership in people, and what better beacon of leadership than the person in charge of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Said to have served leaders for generations, it wouldn’t be far fetched to believe that Aegislash would just show up in front of Steve Rogers one day instead of him having to capture it. Aegislash would think Cap would be as worthy of him as he is of Mjölnir, and would then follow him along on his journey.

2 Mamoswine

It might not seem like the type of Pokémon for Captain America at first, but in reality, they have a lot in common. Both of these old soldiers come from a distant past and are now flung into a present that no longer supports them.

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Furthermore, they both seem to have a history with ice. Mamoswine thrived during the ice age and is an ice type pokemon, and Steve Rogers was frozen in ice for decades. Given their similar histories, there is a good chance that they would be able to bond as Master and Pokémon.

1 Braviary

Braviary would be Steve Roger’s starter Pokémon if it were at all possible. It is almost like Game Freaks took everything that made Captain America great and decided to compact it into bird form and then gave it a red, white, and blue feathered mane on its head to further drive the point home.

This fierce avian has many similarities to the First Avenger. First off, it is a natural-born fighter. Though while aggressive, it only fights for the benefit of its friends. The fierce bird is often a protector to all those around it, earning itself the nickname “hero of the skies.” It also shares Captain America’s strength; the bird is able to lift a car clear off the ground if it needs too.

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Marvel's superheroes and Pokémon obviously don't take place in the same universe, but if they did, this would be Captain America's Pokémon team.

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