McFarlane Finds First Venom Appearance Original Art While Housecleaning

Though he is best known as the creator of Spawn, Todd McFarlane also holds the distinction of co-creating one of Spider-Man’s deadliest antiheroes, Venom. McFarlane’s artwork helped cement Venom as one of the most iconic characters in Marvel history, and now fans get to see the first appearance of the Lethal Protector in a new light.

McFarlane tweeted out a picture of the original art from Amazing Spider-Man #300, which was the first full appearance of Venom. “LOOK AT THIS CLOSET FIND! Original artwork of FIRST COMIC APPEARANCE of VENOM from @marvel Amazing Spider-man #300!” McFarlane wrote. “Maybe I should clean out my closet more often!”

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The page, which features dialogue from writer and Venom co-creator David Michelinie, sees Venom crawling back into his apartment. As he enters the shadows, the Symbiote peels back from his body, revealing Eddie Brock. Brock then engages in an intense workout while planning to destroy Spider-Man.

While Venom technically made his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #299, #300 is the first full issue to feature him as an antagonist. Not only is this page a literal piece of comic book history, but it also shows how far McFarlane and Venom have come since the issue was published.

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Todd McFarlane recently posted a picture of the first appearance of Venom, which he found while cleaning out his closet.

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