MCU: 10 Awesome Hela Cosplays Every Thor & Marvel Fan Needs To See

The Goddess of Death has always had an amazing outfit even before Cate Blanchett’s portrayal in Thor: Ragnarok (2017) blew everyone away. The MCU Hela costume honors the source material quite well and there are only minor differences between the comic-book version and the live-action one.

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Many cosplayers have successfully managed to not only replicate the stylish, dark costume but also emulate that unique mix of intimidation, fear, charisma, and attractiveness that the film depiction of the character was so admired for. Here are 10 exceptional cosplays of the Asgardian Goddess of Death that will make Marvel fans love her even more.

10 Captain Kaycee Cosplay

Captain Kaycee Cosplay’s rendition of the character is visually quite accurate to the point where even Blanchett‘s death stare is almost replicated. The cosplayer is in a pose, which Hela usually adopts when she is preparing to attack with her magic.

The Goddess of Death has some spectacularly powerful weapons in her arsenal, such as lethal energy bolts that are capable of striking down even immortal beings.

9 Mon Kishu

Cosplayer Mon Kishu has nailed Hela’s appearance too. The black, demonic antlers almost seem oversized, which adds to the level of terror, that the villain strikes in the hearts of her enemies.

Part of the reason why these crown-like ornaments are so creepy is that viewers can’t quite put their finger on whether they are attached to her body or her armament; they move like limbs, yet their surface is partially metallic.

8 Likoaria

An outstanding job has also been done by Likoaria – another cosplayer that wonderfully recreated Hela’s MCU appearance in every way – particularly the gilded black helmet.

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An element that fan artists occasionally forget to add to their Goddess of Death outfit but is present here is the Asgardian villain’s cloak. It is of extreme importance to Hela; without it, she won’t be able to leave the realm of the dead.

7 Princess Morgan Strife

Princess Morgan Strife doesn’t try to be totally accurate and instead, she borrows extensively from the film version of Hela and improves on it in her own way.

The result is breathtaking and in the case of this cosplay, Hela looks more like an immortal goddess than in any other. She is even scarier and somehow more glorious at the same time thanks to the white eye contact lenses and the antlers’ emerald shine.

6 All That Inertia

All_that_inertia‘s version of Hela is slightly more demonic than the usual live-action interpretation of the character. The bright background allows the pale white skin of the cosplayer to blend with it, creating the intended illusion of wings that seemingly come out from the back of the Goddess.

Her dominating pose should send shivers down the spine of every fan of Asgard at the mere thought of her ruling over it.

5 Sylviaslays

Sylviaslays has convincingly become Hela, imitating the cold confidence and the visually striking outfit with great success. The costume of the Goddess of Death stands out best when surrounded by bright and contrasting colors.

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Her blackness cuts into the light in much the same way her presence throws a shadow over Asgard’s past and future. Hela is more powerful than the realm’s defenders and she is its curse forever.

4 Grinda

Grinda‘s Hela outfit features a crucial element – her powerful enchanted weapon Nightsword. The Goddess of Death has dealt quite a bit of damage to her enemies through its blade.

Mighty foes such as Gladiator and Pluto have tasted its steel throughout Hela’s comic-book storylines. The Goddess’s experience with it has made her an excellent swordsman that can take out entire armies without using her magic.

3 Thatwonderwoman

Jamie Dolan, a.k.a Thatwonderwoman, turns into a version of Hela in all of her glory. An interesting change she has chosen to make is turning the cloak teal green, matching the color that decorates her suit.

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One of Jamie’s pics as the Goddess of Death features her holding Mjolnir – a popular pose from the film in which the Asgardian antagonist displays the unprecedented potential of her powers for the first time.

2 Jobeth Wagner

Cosplayer Jobeth Wagner has really boosted the creepiness factor in her Hela cosplay, doubling the eye shadows and even adding white contact lenses, making the villain look more monstrous and inhuman than ever.

As the Goddess of Death, the antagonist is in possession of unique and horror-inducing abilities like being able to age individuals quickly, and no one can withstand their permanently damaging effects.

1 DownenCreativeStudios

Beverly Downen, otherwise known as DownenCreativeStudios, has created a Hela cosplay that is stunning to look at. The blade of Nightsword, as well as the sharpness and sheer size of the spiky antlers on the antagonist’s helmet, provide the character with an essential aura of menace.

The only thing that is missing is the cloak but everything else is so good, most fans won’t even be bothered by it.

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The Asgardian Goddess of Death made her film debut thanks to Cate Blanchett's MCU version, which helped inspire some truly fantastic Hela cosplays.

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