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Part of the fun watching super-hero movies is finding little nods to the comics and other movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is ripe with these kinds of Easter Eggs. While the latest Marvel film, Black Widow, is delayed to November, we still have the opportunity to re-watch the 21 Marvel films and discover things we might have missed.

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In the costumes of the characters, we see a lot of these subtle nods to the comics, or to story elements that give away part of the story. While it may seem that Black Widow’s costume is consistent, save for Avengers: Infinity War, there are little things that you might have missed.

10 Her Avengers Costume is a SHIELD Uniform

This makes perfect sense, given that the Avengers don’t exist until SHIELD forms them. Natasha is an agent right up until the Battle of New York. That’s why the costume features two SHIELD insignias on the shoulders.

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It’s also there in  Iron Man 2, but it’s colored a darker black. This keeps the all-black aesthetic of many of her costumes from the comics. Many fans don’t even remember that the insignia was there, but it was visible enough in the trailer to tip a few people off.

9 The Arrow Necklace

One of the little touches in Natasha’s costume for Captain America: The Winter Soldier is her jewelry. Throughout the film, she is wearing a necklace with an arrow on it. Of course, this is a nod to her close relationship with fellow Avenger Hawkeye.

This little detail led many fans to romantically link the two heroes. However, as we have seen in subsequent films, Hawkeye is happily married and Natasha is a close family friend. The bond between these two heroes is extremely close but entirely platonic.

8 That Red Hourglass Belt Buckle

Many of Natasha’s costumes have featured the red hourglass-shaped logo that is heavily featured in promotions for the new film. It’s almost a consistent element until Infinity War. In Iron Man 2, the logo is all black. The blue accents in Avengers: Age of Ultron overshadow the belt buckle.

It’s a little touch that brands the character within the MCU. It’s become as much a part of her costume as the stingers on her wrists. If a new Black Widow debuts in future Avengers films, she needs to have this logo on her costume as a tribute to the original.

7 The Popped Collar Is Intentional Design.

During her time as a supporting character in Frank Miller‘s Daredevil, Natasha wore a grey costume, but the notable difference was a popped collar. There was no plunging neckline, just the collar. It was an element that got translated to film in a subtle way.

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While her jumpsuit is slightly unzipped if they were to be zipped all the way up, they would go to the top of her neck. While it would be easier to lay this “collar” down, keeping it popped works as a visual shorthand to define the character.

6 Yelena’s Vest in Black Widow Looks Familiar.

The vest that Black Widow sported in Avengers: Infinity War was a serious costume departure. The events in Black Widow take place just between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Infinity War. They also show where the vest might have come from.

In the upcoming film, Yelena is wearing an almost identical jacket. The film might also explain why Natasha dyed her hair blonde. This has led to some fan theories about the two switching places. Time will tell, especially if Yelena survives past Black Widow.

5 The Stingers Changed After Working With The Avengers

One thing that was noticeable if you looked for it was the way the Avengers utilized the technology of Tony Stark. Captain America‘s shield involved magnetics to keep it on his wrist and back. However, Natasha’s stingers that she wears on her wrists also received an upgrade.

The design is entirely new. In her prior appearances, the stingers resembled their comic counterparts, but Avengers: Age of Ultron features a sleeker design. This shows that Tony Stark wasn’t just busy with his Iron Man technology during this time.

4 The Blue Piping in Age of Ultron Leads to Her Stingers

The Age of Ultron costume is unique in the blue accents to it. Specifically, we’re talking about the blue piping. When she’s using her stingers, the electricity arcs in a bright blue flash. Looking carefully, we see that this blue piping doesn’t just run up her torso. It also runs down her arms.

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Is it possible that the stingers are powered by a concealed power pack in her suit? In the context of the story, that is as good a reason as any. However, Scarlett Johanssen was pregnant during the filming. The piping could be one of the elements to help conceal her pregnancy, in addition to multiple stunt doubles, careful shooting, and a little bit of CGI.

3 That Tan Jacket In Civil War

The leather jacket that Natasha wears in the Lagos mission seems like something to keep her undercover. While it’s more stylish than what we saw in Winter Soldier, on the surface it doesn’t seem like something that she would choose to fight in. It’s appropriate that she’s wearing this on an Avengers mission.  Coincidentally, when they have Cap and Sam in custody, she’s wearing a black jacket in this same style.

In the 1990s, the Avengers went through a phase where everyone had matching leather jackets. Black Widow was on this team, but not one of the most visible members. It’s generally regarded as a low point in the Avengers’ history, but for a lot of fans, this is the era that introduced them to comics.

2 The Color White Is Precendented In The Comics

The white costume in Black Widow is a standout look. Perhaps it’s from seeing Natasha in black for all those years. Nevertheless, it’s not unprecedented for her to wear all white. In the limited series Black Widow: Deadly Origin she wears an all-white version of her costume to blend into the snow-covered environment of Russia.

It’s very likely that the white costume in the film is due to the environment of Eastern Europe. Natasha tends to be more about stealth than confrontation. Not being noticed until she’s ready to be noticed is her style.

1 The Utility Belt Hearkens Back To The Comics

Throughout all of her film appearances, Black Widow has sported a utility belt. This is a callback to the comics where her most iconic costumes feature a gold belt made of disks, each concealing tools, and weapons. In the films, this belt always blends into the overall aesthetic of her costume.

In Black Widow, we are finally getting a gold-color belt and stingers. It’s a very intentional link to her traditional look in the comics. It may be long overdue, and sadly, in her last MCU appearance.

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From comic book elements to little extras, only diehard fans will have noticed all these details in Black Widow's costumes.

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