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Wonder Man, aka Simon Williams, is one of the most powerful and classic members of the Avengers. He has a strange and complicated backstory–even for an Avenger. He was given ionic powers by Baron Zemo and joined the Masters of Evil, but his powers killed him before long. Simon’s brother, the villainous Grim Reaper, resurrected Wonder Man a decade later, and Simon joined the Avengers. However, he soon departed to become an actor, but he came back later to join Hawkeye’s West Coast Avengers.

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Given the long history of Wonder Man as an Avenger, it makes sense to expect him to pop up in the Avengers-led Marvel Cinematic Universe. The question is how, especially at this late stage?

10 He’s Been Dead For Years

The obvious means by which to introduce Wonder Man into the MCU is the one that is written into the character’s history. Simon lost about a decade while being “dead,” so the MCU could easily retcon the universe and say that Simon Williams has always been around, but he was just dead, in a coma, or dispersed because of his powers. This could easily be introduced as an idea in the second Captain Marvel film.

9 A Manifestation Of The Mind Stone

In Marvel Comics, the Vision was a synthezoid built by Ultron using the body of the original Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and the mindwaves of Wonder Man. The MCU could invert the idea by making Wonder Man come about from the destruction of the Mind Infinity Stone. The Mind Stone could have mapped out the Vision’s personality, and the dispersing energy from its destruction could take the form of a new being in Wonder Man.

8 Wandavision

Much of the upcoming Wandavision television series seems to be about the Scarlet Witch trying to find a way to bring back the Vision. Given the immense power at Wanda’s disposal in the comics as well as the fact that we’ve started playing with the multiverse idea in the MCU, this opens up many avenues in Wandavision for a Wonder Man arrival. Simon Williams could manifest from another universe, or it could be a conjuration made from Scarlet Witch’s powers and her will to bring back the Vision.

7 Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

With the upcoming Doctor Strange film also proportion to explore the Marvel Multiverse in the title, there is also the potential for Stephen Strange to find Simon Williams out in the multiverse. On one hand, he could be another version of the Vision from a different universe. However, there is something entertaining in the thought that Doctor Strange could find a DCEU-like universe where Wonder Man is their version of Superman or Wonder Woman.

6 The Return Of Ultron

Recently, in Tony Stark: Iron Man comics, Ultron returned with a new obsession: he wanted to find the perfect wedding of biological and artificial life. Ultron himself was fused with Hank Pym, his creator in Marvel Comics, a few years back. He now views himself as the perfect fusion of biological and artificial life, and he began creating new cyborg abominations. Among them was his attempt to fuse the Vision and Wonder Man. This idea could manifest in the movies with Ultron trying to create an organic life form from ionic energy, and he could create Wonder Man in these experiments.

5 Former Rival Of Stark Industries

Before Simon Williams received his powers and joined the Masters of Evil, he was a business rival of Tony Stark’s. However, his company, Williams Innovations, went under because of Simon’s inability to run the company. He developed a grudge against Tony Stark because of his business failing, and he joined the Masters of Evil for an opportunity at revenge against Stark.

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It’s not hard to imagine an introduction for Wonder Man where he was an angry businessman who broke into a Stark Industries facility, attempted to sabotage and Arc Reactor, and instead fell into it, becoming a being of ionic energy who is just now reforming himself like Doctor Manhattan.

4 Former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent

With the retconning of Captain Marvel into S.H.I.E.L.D. history, it seems likely that Nick Fury would be interested in recreating Captain Marvel on their own before organizing the Avengers. Perhaps they could have even experimented with old Hydra energy weapons in doing so. Through this, they could have created Wonder Man, but he was too unstable. They could have locked him away in a S.H.I.E.L.D. site, only for him to now reemerge.

3 An Old Hydra Experiment

Avengers: Age of Ultron implied that Hydra had been trying to create their own super-powered soldiers for a while, and their best results were Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

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One of those other super-powered test subjects could easily be a young Simon Williams. He could have had difficulty holding his form and dispersed, and the Avengers could find him attacking a former Hydra site in the next film.

2 Guardian Of The Galaxy

Wonder Man lives for a very long time in the comics, even becoming a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the 31st Century. At that point, he calls himself “Hollywood” instead of Wonder Man. What if Simon Williams was a TV actor in the 1980s when Peter Quill was growing up? What if a freak accident resulted in him being turned into ionic energy and broadcast into space by a satellite? What if the Milano gets a strange signal, and Simon Williams explodes out of the ship’s instruments? He could become a new Guardian of the Galaxy, and Peter could fawn over him. He could turn out to be a real jerk to Peter but come to be a vital member of the team over time, taking the name “Hollywood.”

1 He’s The New Vision

The final likely idea for Wonder Man being introduced into the MCU is Vision just becoming the new Wonder Man. In Wandavision or an Avengers movie, they find a way to resurrect the Vision in a human-like form made of solidified ionic energy. He wouldn’t be a copy or alternate version of the Vision; he would simply be the Vision in a new form.

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Wonder Man, aka Simon Williams, is one of the most powerful and classic members of the Avengers. Will he ever join the MCU?

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