MCU: 5 Comics That Need To Be Explored in Phase 5 (& 5 That Shouldn’t)

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe being one of the most successful film franchises in history, it is no wonder fans are constantly waiting for the next installment from the studio. Based on the adventures of some of the best comic book characters around, the movies definitely have a lot of great source material to adapt as well, giving a lot of comic book fans reasons to look forward to the films.

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Though they usually aren’t exact adaptations, the MCU has always put a unique spin on some classic stories. Furthermore, with the addition of Fox Studios’ Marvel characters, the MCU now has even more possibilities to explore. So let’s take a look at some of the better options from the comics.

10 Shouldn’t: AvX

Now that the X-Men will eventually make their cinematic debut as part of the MCU, it only seems right that the films adapt this story at some point. However, a lot more ground would need to be covered before this type of story could go into production.

Even if the X-Men got their own film within the universe, it is likely that they would need an entire trilogy before this type of event would be ready for the big screen. While this is definitely something that needs to be adapted at some point down the line, it would likely be best if it didn’t happen in phase 5.

9 Should: New Avengers

Given the current state of the Avengers themselves, now is the perfect time to reassess and reassemble the individual members. Granted, the team wouldn’t exactly be able to reproduce the same team as Brian Bendis’ popular run on the series, but there are still plenty of great characters to include here.

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Likewise, with the eventual addition of the Fantastic Four and X-Men characters, now would be a great time to bring some newer faces on board. Even though the story would also need a few modifications, there are still a lot of great concepts from this run that would be wonderful within the MCU as well.

8 Shouldn’t: Maximum Carnage

Though “Maximum Carnage” is easily one of the best Spider-Man stories around, virtually all of it could be adapted independently of the MCU. Due to the way Sony structures their Spider-Man universe, this story would best be suited as a Spider-Man 4 story, especially given that the character is being set up in Venom 2 (2021).

Likewise, Carnage is already a pretty well-known villain, and it would be nice to see someone a bit more uncommon as the main antagonist of Spider-Man 3. While it is entirely possible that this story will one day hit the big screen, it would probably be best if it were after phase 5, or independent of the MCU altogether.

7 Should: Secret Wars

For several years, Secret Wars has been a popular choice among the fans for the next big MCU film. Featuring a wide range of characters in the comic book version, this event would serve as a great way to introduce some of the Fox Marvel characters, and even serve as a good way for the Avengers team to take a break.

While it would still involve plenty of familiar faces, the Secret Wars event is strong enough to stand on its own without the actual “Avengers” label. Depending on the changes made, this event comic could easily be used to wrap up phase 5, or even serve as the next Avengers: Endgame (2019) level event. Regardless, it is definitely something many fans are hoping to see at some point down the line.

6 Shouldn’t: House of M

Similarly to AvX, House of M would definitely make for a great adaptation, but well after the X-Men have a firm presence in the MCU. Though Scarlet Witch is already part of the main cinematic universe, a bunch more characters would need to be introduced for the film to succeed in the same manner that the comic did.

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Furthermore, adapting House of M would be a great way for past cast members to make a cameo appearance, or even bring in some of the Netflix characters. Despite being a popular choice though, the MCU just isn’t quite ready to bring this story to life just yet, especially within phase 5.

5 Should: Siege

Though Siege wasn’t the strongest Marvel Comics event that was ever released, it would still be interesting to see what unique spin the MCU could put on the concept. Especially following the events of Thor: Ragnarok (2017), there is a lot of uncovered ground to explore with the Asgardians.

Of course, with Thor: Love and Thunder already on its way, it is obvious that fans are likely to experience the story in some form. Though it is very likely not to include Norman Osborne or the Dark Avengers, there is still a lot of potential, especially in regards to the Asgardians’ lifestyle on Earth, making now one of the best times to explore aspects from Marvel’s Siege.

4 Shouldn’t: Civil War II

Given the massive success of Captain America: Civil War (2016), it would make sense for the creatives at Marvel Studios to want to revisit the premise with a greater number of characters. Furthermore, now that Captain Marvel has been established, she could easily lead her own team in a similar manner as she did in the Civil War II comic.

However, the MCU’s adaptation of the original Civil War is still pretty recent, and it would probably be best if this story waited until phase 7 or so. Likewise, Civil War II wasn’t nearly as well-received as the original comic, meaning that some key changes would need to be made for the cinematic adaptation. Given how healthy the MCU currently is though, it is likely that some version of this story will be explored later down the line. For the time being, however, it is best that it stay out of phase 5.

3 Should: Secret Invasion

At the moment, it is evident that something lager is brewing in regards to the Skrull’s place in the MCU. Especially after films like Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), it seems clear that Marvel Studios is gearing up for some form of adaptation for Secret Invasion.

Though this wasn’t the most receptive comic book event for readers, it did come with some massive surprises. Because of this, there are definitely a lot of great things that Marvel could do with a similar concept. Though a few films are still needed to get to this story, it is definitely one that many are hoping to see at some point down the line.

2 Shouldn’t: Fear Itself

Following Marvel’s Siege, Fear Itself proved to be a bit of a disappointment. Though it definitely featured some cool moments, some of the strongest aspects of this story have already been featured in the MCU.

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Though Marvel Studios could still keep the premise and make a few great changes here and there, Fear Itself doesn’t exactly need to be explored at the moment. Of course, depending on how things turn out in Thor: Love and Thunder, this could easily change, but for now, it really isn’t all that necessary.

1 Should: Annihilation

Thanks to characters like the guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel, the MCU is really starting to show off more of the cosmic side to the universe. With both of these movies getting sequels, it only makes sense for Marvel Studios to eventually adapt the Annihilation comic event at some point.

Though the cast would be different from the comic book characters, Annihilation is easily one of the best cosmic stories Marvel has to offer. Because of this, it only makes sense for the films to adapt it at some point. Likewise, with such a strong premise in the comic version, it is also a story that would be pretty difficult to screw up.

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The MCU's phase 5 is coming soon, but which storylines from the comics do fans need to see, and which can be left behind?

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