MCU: 5 Obscure Marvel Characters That Could Join The Movies (& 5 That Shouldn't)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought many obscure Marvel characters into the limelight like Crossbone and Korg. With Phase 4 about to begin along with the additions of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men to the universe, a question emerges. What obscure Marvel Characters should be included in future MCU films?

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With Marvel having published comics for nearly 80 years, there is a wide variety of characters to potentially choose from. In the end, some are going to be a better fit in the MCU than others. This article will examine five obscure Marvel characters that would work well in an MCU film and five that wouldn’t.

10 Shouldn’t: Victor Strange

One thing that the MCU has avoided is having major retcons that fundamentally overwrite a character’s backstory. That would change with the introduction of this obscure Doctor Strange character. Victor Strange is Doctor Strange’s brother who was brought back to life as a vampire after it was revealed he was frozen by Doctor Strange after dying in an accident.

The problem with introducing Victor Strange is the fact that having a frozen dead brother who would contradict what we knew about Doctor Strange’s backstory. Another is that the idea of a character having a secret vampire brother is an idea that would be hard to pull off without looking silly.

9 Could: Doctor Nemesis

Doctor Nemesis is a World War II-era superhero who used his enhanced intelligence to modify his body to superhuman levels. He spent years as a Nazi hunter before being recruited by the X-Men to help them restore the mutant population.

What Doctor Nemesis brings to the MCU is that he could fill Iron Man’s role of being the snarky genius. Also, a movie starring Doctor Nemesis could provide the MCU with another opportunity to bring back a style similar to Captain America: The First Avenger.

8 Shouldn’t: Aquarian

Aquarian is an alien sent to Earth as a baby who thought their planet’s sun was going to explode. When Aquarian arrived, he was a grown man with the mind of an infant due to being left in suspended animation.

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Firstly, Aquarian is a parody of Superman that asks what Superman would be like if he arrived on Earth as a grown man. It would also be hard for the MCU to pull off the Aquarian mind of a child in the body of a grown man’s personality without being a bit tasteless.

7 Could: Blue Marvel

While the previous entry was a parody of Superman, that does not prevent MCU from using a character inspired by Superman. That would be Blue Marvel. He was a black superhero active in the 1960s, who was forced to retire after a radical controversy ensued after his race was revealed to the public.

A movie with Blue Marvel in it could be an entry that deals with race relations directly rather than in subtexts like Black Panther. Another plus is that Blue Marvel could help flesh out the history of superheroes in the MCU between World War II and modern-day.

6 Shouldn’t: Zombie

While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse promises to be the first horror film in the MCU, some of Marvel’s horror characters like Zombie would not work. Zombie was businessman Simon Garth, who was killed by a disgruntled employee and brought back as an undead zombie by a Voodoo ritual.

The Zombie would not work as an MCU character for a ton of reasons. For one, his origin involves a very harmful stereotype of the Voodoo religion. He is also a straight-up zombie that would not gel well with the MCU more family-friendly image.

5 Could: Manifold

With Phase 4 promising to help make the MCU more diverse than it was before, introducing Manifold would help the process along. Manifold is an Australian with the power to teleport anywhere within. He’s also notable in that every universe has a version of him.

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Manifold would allow the MCU to become more diverse by introducing an indigenous Australian superhero. His status as a multiversal constant would provide a good way to connect the heroes of the MCU with the multiverse being built up. It would make it easier for Earth-based heroes to take part in space-based movies.

4 Shouldn’t: Black Lama

While the upcoming MCU films are building the concept of a multiverse, Black Lama should not be a villain used.  The Black Lama is the Earth-7511 version of former President Gerald Ford who ruled over Iowa as a king. Out of boredom, he dimensionally traveled to Earth 616. The process of traveling between dimensions caused him to go insane and his effort to restore his sanity caused him to become a supervillain.

His origin is hard to take seriously and his name raises some issues about cultural appropriation.  Another issue is that the MCU is attempting to introduce more complex villains. One who is evil just because of insanity would not be a step in the right direction.

3 Could: Urthona

An idea from the comics is Doctor Strange having to defend his title of Sorcerer Supreme from ambitious sorcerers like Urthona. Urthona is an alien sorcerer from the planet Gevaltu, who nearly took the title of Sorcerer Supreme from Doctor Strange. Strange only defeated Urthona by destroying nearly all of his magical items to prevent him from getting his hands on them.

The reason Urthona should be in the MCU is that his storyline of trying to usurp Doctor Strange is an interesting one. Also, the idea of Doctor Strange having to save the day with none of his magical items would be an inventive idea.

2 Shouldn’t: Night Flyer

The main Marvel Universe is filled with gimmicky supervillains. Some of them have become lovable underdogs like Boomerang, others are unmemorable one-shot villains like Night Flyer. A one-note mercenary hired to kill Captain America, his only memorable features are having been designed by Jack Kirby and using a glider.

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There are a ton of reasons that Night Flyer would not work as a villain in the MCU. For one, he does not have enough interesting traits to make a compelling villain. Another reason is glider-based combat does not translate well to a live-action film.

1 Could: Citizen V

Besides Captain America, none of Marvel’s Golden Age characters have appeared in the MCU beyond a simple cameo. Citizen V would be a great Golden Age character to introduce. He was a British intelligence agent working in Nazi-occupied France as an ally for the French Resistance. His identity would later be used by several other heroes.

Citizen V would be a good addition to the MCU in that he could provide them an opportunity to tell a more grounded superhero tale set during World War II. His heroic legacy through having several successors could be used to introduce the idea of legacy characters to the MCU.

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The MCU continues to expand. They may want to look to some obscure characters to join. Some would work and others really wouldn't.

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