Mick Foley Begs for a WrestleMania Return – But Only for THIS Match

“Mr. McMahon, may I please be in next year’s Boneyard Match at WrestleMania?” Foley asked in a video posted to his Twitter account. The comments came not long after Styles and Taker closed out the first night of Mania.

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The Boneyard Match — which is basically a Buried Alive Match that’s held in a graveyard — had never been done in WWE before Saturday’s show. Styles called for the stipulation and said he was going to “bury” Undertaker — which is exactly what The Phenom wound up doing to him. Only instead of the Deadman, fans got Biker Taker, aka the “American Badass,” competing at the Show of Shows.

Foley hasn’t wrestled a match in quite some time, so it’s safe to say he won’t be getting a bout at Mania next year. If he did, though, the Boneyard Match would allow for him to do the most work, since much of it involves camera trickery and other forms of movie production that keep the performers safe.

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The Hall of Famer took to Twitter after WrestleMania 36 to let Vince McMahon know he wanted to return to the show.

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