Midnight Gospel Trailer Reveals Adventure Time Creator's Next Show

The latest animated series from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward is decidedly not for younger audiences, as he and comedian Duncan Trussell team up to create The Midnight Gospel for Netflix.

Netflix has released a new trailer for the show, debuting later in April, opening with a nightmarish depiction of the world being attacked by surreal monsters, leaving bloody carnage in their wake. It is revealed this is just one of many realities visited by protagonist Clancy — voiced by Trussell — through his psychedelic portal into different worlds.

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Set to a neon backdrop of increasingly mind-bending sights and sounds, Clancy traverses the multiverse searching for the meaning of life and death while bursting past the conventional bounds of reality.

As Clancy learns to embrace the void and the moment, the animated acid trip has Trussell’s character interview different figures as Ward and Trussell deliver a memorable animated adventure for Netflix. In addition to co-creating the series with Trussell, Ward is currently working on an Adventure Time revival miniseries for HBO Max titled Adventure Time: Distant Lands.

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Created by Pendleton Ward and Duncan Trussell, The Midnight Gospel premieres April 20 on Netflix.

Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward's Netflix animated series veers into full psychedelia in its latest trailer.

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