Mortal Kombat: 5 DC Heroes Raiden Could Defeat (&5 He Would Lose To)

A gifted world of fighters exists in the Mortal Kombat universe, and Lord Raiden, Protector of Earthrealm, has been there since the beginning. The immortal God of Thunder and Lightning, Raiden is a formidable fighter who can stand toe-to-toe with some of the heaviest hitters in the Mortal Kombat universe, including its biggest bad and the Ruler of Outworld, Shao Kahn.

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Yet ever since 2008’s Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, fans have wondered just who on the DC roster Lord Raiden would be able to defeat, and who would FINISH HIM!


Beast Boy can change his shape to that of any animal, and although Raiden may have been subject to a few Animalities in his day, he’d make short work of Garfield Logan.Raiden has thousands of years of experience in martial combat and has trained kombatants to defend Earthrealm for centuries. Additionally, his command of electricity as an offensive weapon ensures he can overwhelm Beast Boy’s nervous system no matter what form he takes.


A Green Lantern ring is one of the most formidable weapons in the DC Universe, capable of creating any construct the willpower and imagination of the bearer can fathom. Unfortunately for Raiden, Earth sector alone has at least seven experienced Lanterns who can engage him in battle, to say nothing of the rest of the Corps.

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As powerful as he is, Raiden would be defeated by a veteran Green Lantern such as Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner. His command over electricity would be rebuffed or contained by a force shield construct, and despite his ability to teleport, he wouldn’t be able to get close enough to a seasoned Green Lantern to launch any credible offense.


Regardless of whether or not Cyborg’s technological components were terrestrial or Apokoliptian in origin, he’d be served a sound defeat when facing Raiden. There’s no taking anything away from Victor Stone, as he’s a seasoned veteran in the superhero game, is in command of a vast array of technological weaponry, and can manipulate digital systems extremely easily, but all his systems could be overrun quite easily by a Thunder God. A strategically placed bolt or an onslaught of lightning will incapacitate Cyborg quite quickly.


It’s a wonder the Martian Manhunter doesn’t figure more prominently in the DC Universe considering his unbelievable list of powers. With meta-strength, telepathy, and shape-shifting topping that list, he’d be able to defeat Raiden capably.

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Granted, the Protector of Earthrealm could mount a decent offense with his similarly impressive array of powers and abilities. However, they would have little effect against someone who could anticipate every one of Raiden’s moves, transform into anything he wished, or simply overpower him.


Although Aquaman has had a reputation for being somewhat of a lame superhero by the public at large, ardent DC fans know he’s one of the most formidable warriors Earth has to offer. Sure, he can talk to fish, but he’s also got meta-strength, near invulnerable skin, and the benefits of ruling a vast undersea kingdom.

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Still, he’d have difficulty defeating a god of Raiden’s power and stature; after all, water and electricity don’t go well together. This one would probably end quickly in Raiden’s favor, leaving Aquaman floating at the top of the bowl.


Billy Batson may be your average teenage boy, but when he utters the word, “Shazam,” a powerful hero is born in Captain Marvel. Infused with great magical powers and mystic might, Captain Marvel has enough strength to go toe-to-toe with Superman and beat him, so Raiden’s going to have his work cut out for him.

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Although his powers are based on magic as well, Raiden’s are not as prolific or as powerful as Captain Marvel’s. Tapping into forces beyond even Raiden’s purview, Marvel could easily overpower his adversary and defeat him. Raiden’s only hope would be to capitalize on Batson’s inexperience in combat to escape or eke out a victory.


For how many times he’s routinely beat up Superman, comic fans are becoming used to the idea that Batman is an unbeatable entity. Although Bruce Wayne is no doubt a formidable adversary, he’s not omnipotent and would be laid low by Lord Raiden.

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Yes, Batman is one of the top three martial artists in the DC Universe and has trained with masters all over the world, but Raiden has trained them, so his knowledge and experience in hand-to-hand combat would be superior. Moreover, as a literal god, Raiden’s mystical powers would be able to trump whatever offensive technological wonders WayneTech could have concocted.


If there’s one person who could handle Raiden in a fight, it’s Wonder Woman. Aside from possessing a vast array of meta-human abilities, Diana has been training in martial techniques with her Amazon sisters since she was a child, and there’s arguably no better warrior on the planet.

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She’s also no stranger to fighting enemies with a magical power set, as her long enmity with Circe can attest to. She’s also faced down a few Gods as well and won. If Diana can defeat Ares, the God of War, then Raiden shouldn’t be much of a challenge for her.


There’s no doubt Superman is one of the most powerful and formidable combatants in the DC Universe. With a superpower list that literally sets the standard for all the superheroes to ever follow, there’s little that can stop the Man of Steel outside of kryptonite.

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Unless it’s magic, which unfortunately for him, is what powers Raiden. Moreover, Supes has never been much of a skilled fighter, usually relying on overwhelming power to defeat his opponents. Against a skilled combatant who’s powered by one of his biggest vulnerabilities, it’s entirely feasible that Raiden could beat Superman soundly.


As the embodiment of the Wrath of God bound to a human host, the only limits of The Spectre’s capabilities are what is given to him by The Presence, DC’s version of the Supreme Being. The Spectre’s been able to single-handedly destroy a country and face off against cosmic bad guys like the Anti-Monitor, so he’d have no problem making short work of a minor god like Raiden. After all, The Spectre represents the power behind Raiden and his Elder Gods, so he’d have no problem dispatching them at his leisure.

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Raiden may be a god in the Mortal Kombat universe, but how would he fare against the heroes of the DC universe?

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