My Hero Academia: 10 Awesome Endeavor Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

Early last month, My Hero Academia wrapped up its fourth season with many new developments for both the characters and the fans. With emotional scenes all around, new unforgettable characters, and deeper insight into some of the older cast, fans were in for a ride this season from start to finish. With consistent energy, the season did not end before introducing us to the new number one Pro Hero on his way to becoming a fan-favorite: Endeavor.

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The last episode of the season re-introduced the character, who has come to be hated by many, in a new light, prompting viewers to reconsider their thoughts on the top hero. The flaming hot hero was not without admirers prior to this, however, and some of those fans have shown their appreciation for the character by bringing him to life in cosplay. So, in celebration of the new number 1 hero and a new start for this character, let’s look at some of the best Endeavor cosplays fans have created.

10 My Hero One’s Justice

Starting off this list is one fan’s rendition of Endeavor with a pose inspired by the MHA video game My Hero One’s JusticeThe image comparison provided within the Instagram post makes it look like Endeavor has stepped into the third dimension through Yojimbo’s cosplay.

While the outfit and hair on their own are very much accurate, the editing done only further brings the character to life. With flames burning bright all around this endeavor and a flashfire first that looks ready to incinerate any opponent, the image would surely bring back traumatic memories for any villains that have had to face him.

9 Up Close and Personal

The second cosplay on this list is a close up of this fan’s design of the number one hero’s flames. While we cannot see the full outfit, the image does provide a glimpse of Endeavor’s arm brace. Coupled with the caption, one can only imagine how perfect the rest of the cosplay would be given how much attention to detail is put into it.

From the perfect coloring to the accurately wispy mustache, user darkshippo13’s dedication to bringing this character to life is clear for all to see. It’s hard to imagine the real Endeavor denying this fan an autograph despite his effort.

8 Friendly Enemies

While villains and Pro Heroes are usually at each others’ throats upon sight, it seems that Shigaraki and Endeavor are enjoying a rather peaceful encounter here. One has to hope the scene won’t end with any incineration or disintegration.

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In this cosplay posted by Twitter user Mira Scarlet, we have yet another Endeavor brought to life in his hero costume. What makes this fan’s take on the Pro Hero interesting is the usage of styrofoam for the flames in order to give them a more prominent and tangible look. All in all, you might want to stay away from those flames and even farther away from those blue hands.

7 Everyday Hero

In the last episode of the fourth season, we’ve seen Endeavor sustain many injuries during his fight with the advanced Nomu. In the wreck of the attack, we’ve had a few scenes displaying Enji Todoroki without his usual burning flames covering his face, and many fans took preference to the look of the man rather than the Pro Hero.

In Tumblr user Your King of Red‘s cosplay, we see a rendition of Enji Todoroki past the season finale’s fight. The scar on the cosplayer’s face – along with the rest of the look – perfectly matches what we see later within the manga. Some fans can even imagine themselves forgiving this version of the hero for all his past misdeeds, but we hope a handsome face isn’t all that forgiveness depends on.

6 The Intimidating Stance

Fans of My Hero Academia are all too familiar with Endeavor’s intimidating stance and distant gaze; something which Shoto is at the receiving end on multiple occasions during the show. In this cosplay, we see that very same stance which scares most villains and numerous civilians.

Cosplayer Johnejoestar makes use of a detailed mask to capture the fiery facial hair, a suit that brings out the hero’s muscular form, and all too familiar flames and gauntlets. If you see this hero in the distance, it’s best to abandon any ill intent if you aren’t a fan of burning.

5 In Good Company

Seen in the company of two of the most prominent female heroes in the MHA universe, this Endeavor cosplayer, literally, shines bright no matter who he’s next to. It would be hard for anyone to take their attention off of the hero in this dazzling form.

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Instagram user asolocab’s usage of LED lights is not only an innovative approach towards the hero’s costume, but it is also a practical approach towards achieving the radiating quality of Endeavor’s flames. From the shoes to the beard, there is much to be impressed by in this take on the Pro Hero. With this cosplay, even if Shoto isn’t looking the rest of us surely would be.

4 Number One Hero

Based on Endeavor’s costume design after gaining the number 1 hero spot, both Kafunkel’s costume design and the photo editing deliver a 3D model of Endeavor. This cosplayer’s departure from the usual flaming facial hair makes for a more realistic take that is complemented by the way the face is contoured. Looking at these images, one can’t help but wonder if there’s a Nomu behind them.

3 Reaching for the Enemy

In this cosplay modeled by Instagram user D4rkprince_86, the material utilized by the costume designer creates flames that look more reflective in the light. Additionally, even without any effects added in photo editing one can almost sense the heat of those flames.

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When you combine the excellent craftmanship at work with the cosplayers modeling and poses, the result is one real-life Endeavor deserving of both respect and, perhaps, a bit of fear.

2 A Bright Flame

One look through this cosplayer’s Instagram is all the evidence you need for his dedication to giving 2D characters an extra dimension through his work. With perfectly detailed cosplays and a clear love for the characters through his accurate mimicry of their expressions, KureoCosplay is amongst the best in the field.

In his Endeavor cosplay, Kureo combines photo editing with perfect material choice for the costume design to deliver this shining rendition of the Pro Hero. This Endeavor burns so brightly, in fact, that one fears we’ll be suffering the same fate as the finale’s Nomu next.

1 Character Come to Life

With excellent costume design and perfect photo editing, this Endeavor cosplay is arguably the best one online. Instagram user nguran_cosplay is well-known within the cosplay community for the accuracy of his work and the lengths to which he is willing to go to bring characters to life. In this case, the flaming hot Pro Hero is no exception.

This cosplayer’s costume design is so accurate, in fact, that it has even been modeled by another cosplayer in this list. See if you can spot who it is!

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Endeavor is the current #1 hero in My Hero Academia. Though intimidating and aggressive, the some fans still like to cosplay as him.

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