My Hero Academia: 10 Awesome Miruko Cosplays That Have Us Hopping With Joy

Miruko (also spelled Mirko) is the Number 5 Pro Hero in My Hero Academia and, despite her short screen time in the anime that’s really just a cameo at best, she’s hopped her way into fans’ hearts almost immediately. Though she gets a lot more focus in the manga’s later chapters, especially in the current story arc, it was her short appearance in the anime that arguably skyrocketed her popularity among fans.

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Regardless of medium, fans would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love Miruko, and this bunny hero has made for some pretty awesome cosplay. There are so many great cosplays of Miruko, so here are the then that will definitely have My Hero Academia fans hopping with joy.

10 It’s Miruko By Itsriaparker

It didn’t take long at all for fans to warm up to Miruko. People loved not only her design but her personality and fierce attitude. She’s a tough woman that faces life-threatening situations with a smile, and it’s no surprise that she’s one of the top 10 heroes.

Kicking off this list of Miruko cosplays is Ria Parker (@itsriaparker). Ria has stunningly recreated Miruko’s hero outfit with a great amount of detail that looks just like the anime/manga version.

9 The Rabbit Hero By Brown.Suga.Outlaw

To say that Miruko has an outgoing personality would be an understatement. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and that’s probably why people lover her character so much.

Brown.Suga.Outlaw made a fantastic cosplay that not only nails Miruko’s look but also her outgoing personality. Brown.Suga.Outlaw states in her post that this was her first My Hero Academia cosplay and she wanted it to be on point. It can confidently be said that mission accomplished.

8 She’ll Kick Your Butt By Blackcrystalcosplay_

Miruko’s Quirk is simply called Rabbit. It gives her several properties of a rabbit, like bunny ears, a fluffy tail, and long, powerful legs. As such, she has exceptional hearing and immense leg strength.

Demonstrating Miruko’s devastating leg strength with her fantastic cosplay is Black Crystal (@blackcrystalcosplay_). If you don’t want to get beat up by Black Crystal’s perfectly accurate Miruko, you can check out her profile for even more My Hero Academia cosplays.

7 Student Miruko By Pixelghosts

The end credits of the latter half of My Hero Academia‘s fourth season featured photographs of many of the major characters in their younger days in a scrapbook-like sequence. One of those characters is of course Miruko, in an image of her when she was still in hero school.

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That’s the Miruko that Pixelghosts brought to life with her simple but amazing cosplay. Pixelghosts has made a Miruko dressed in UA’s white shirt, red tie combo that makes up their school uniform and a small detail that brings it all together are the red contacts to match Miruko’s eye color.

6 Miruko & Hawks By Yayjaybae

The last couple of episodes of season 4 introduced viewers of the anime to the top 10 Pro Heroes ranking in Japan. Two of the biggest stand-outs among the top heroes were Hawks and Miruko, the No. 2 and No. 5 heroes respectively.

This duo cosplay of both Miruko and Hawks comes from Yayjaybae, who is cosplayer the bunny hero, and Realmusclecosplay as the winged hero. Not much more can be said because the perfection of both of their cosplays is plain to see in the image. Both of them are on point.

5 Cutie Pie Miruko By CutiePieSensei

Fitting to her fighting style, Miruko’s name is inspired by a real life mixed martial arts champion Mirko Filipović, known by the nickname Cro Cop. That’s really all the information you need to know not to mess with her.

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This fantastic Miruko cosplay comes from CutiePieSensei. She’s completely on point with her cosplay, it’s so incredibly detailed from the hero suit to even Miruko’s eyebrows. To add to that, CutiePieSensei’s decision to have the red contacts to match Miruko’s eye color is a small detail but one that really adds to the cosplay as a whole.

4 Striking A Pose By Moonaverse

Miruko’s hero suit design tells a story that western fans might not know about, and that is the crescent moon symbol on her chest. That along with her rabbit-like design could be seen as a reference to the tales of the Moon Rabbit, a mythical figure in Far Eastern folklore that lives on the moon.

This upbeat cosplay comes from Moonaverse. She’s matched Miruko’s pose perfectly and even though her post states that her thigh highs kept falling, she absolutely nailed it.

3 Limbering Up By LaydiexSkull

Since Miruko’s Quirk is rabbit based, it’s no surprise that most of her attacks center on using her powerful legs to kick villains into defeat. Before engaging in spectacular acrobatics and general butt kicking, it’s important for Miruko to stretch and limber up so she doesn’t damage her muscles.

That’s something that LaydiexSkull is making sure to do before kicking some villain butt with her awesome Miruko cosplay that was posted from her previous account, not her current one.

2 Ready For Action By Jenevievedevereauxcosplay

It’s important for every hero to have at least one signature, or super, move. Miruko has four signature moves, each using her powerful kicks, and each seem to be named after the same Moon Rabbit that her overall design is referencing.

Jenevievedevereauxcosplay brings this Miruko cosplay to the table and it’s easily one of the best we’ve ever seen. Every aspect of Jenevieve’s Miruko cosplay is recreated with perfect detail, as is the pose she’s reenacting of Miruko in a side-by-side comparison that looks like Miruko hopped out of the manga/anime and into real life.

1 Maybe Y’all Didn’t Hear Her By Yoshi.jpg

Maybe the villains in the back didn’t hear her. Anyone planning evil deeds are going to be sent flying by Miruko. Miruko doesn’t mess around, she’s not the No. 5 hero for no reason. She’s one of the strongest and most determined heroes in all of My Hero Academia, and her recent manga appearances prove that.

This final Miruko cosplay is from Yoshi.jpg, who stunningly brings the bunny hero to life with one of the best cosplays around. Yoshi seriously looks like Miruko jumped off the page, or screen, and took a quick selfie in between rounds of kicking butt. Yoshi has loads of amazing cosplay on her profile worth checking out.

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Miruko only appeared for a few seconds in My Hero Academia, but that was more than enough time to inspire some epic cosplays

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