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The superhero genre is alive and well, and not just because of the box office juggernaut known as the MCU. In the world of anime and manga, superheroes are gracing the cover of many manga volumes, and that ranges from the parody seinen series One-Punch Man to Kohei Horikoshi’s shonen series My Hero Academia. It’s all about superhero high schools and Izuku Midoriya’s quest to become a true symbol of peace.

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This school is divided into different classes, and while Izuku and his friends are in the esteemed class 1-A, let’s not forget about class 1-B, either. These hero students are almost as good as class 1-A, and their quirks are truly remarkable. The fans love to draw exquisite art for every character in My Hero Academia, and today, it’s time to show off some fine pieces starring the students of UA’s class 1-B.

10 Hit The Gym

Captain America isn’t the only one who likes to get a workout by punching the sandbags. According to artist itoyasu3401, Itsuka Kendo is ready to hit the gym every day and keep her body strong for when the time comes to fight.

Itsuka is looking good, and her form is good and her muscles are well-developed. This piece has a shiny quality to it, too, even on that sandbag. Her determined expression is a great way to round out this piece.

9 Newest Villain

Neito Monoma was always a bit of a maniac, with his single-minded fixation on taking down hero class 1-A at any cost and glorifying his own class. Some of his classmates share that rivalry, but Neito takes it to wild extremes.

But in this fan art by artist Calmaify Art, Neito has really gone to the dark side this time, looking something like the Joker or a vampire. The look suits him well and isn’t too different from his actual hero costume (a tuxedo).

8 Birthday Girl

This third entry to the class 1-B gallery was drawn by hand, and it’s looking good. The subjects are Reiko Yanagi at left, and Setsuna Tokage at right. Setsuna is having a birthday, and Reiko was happy to oblige her with a cupcake.

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Both girls are looking their best, and artist JCLIllustrations cleverly put them in equally elegant but very different outfits to make them contrast with one another. According to the description, Reiko was given a Victorian gown, and Setsuna is in a belly dancer outfit.

7 Mushroom Queendom

Kinoko Komori, a student in class 1-B, hasn’t made much of an impression yet in the anime. In fact, she might not have spoken aloud in four seasons. But she’s bound to take center stage sooner or later, with that mushroom quirk of hers.

Artist Ao-Saru gave Reiko a very charming look in this Disney-style blue outfit, and her mushroom colors changed from red to blue for a softer look. She’s perfectly at home in this mushroom forest, and there’s even some fire for visual contrast.

6 Iron Will

Hero classes 1-A and 1-B do have one thing in common: a student who can harden the skin. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu (yes, that’s his name) is the class 1-B equal to Eijiro  Kirishima, and he looks even wilder than Kirishima does.

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Artist Prettyfern gave us this heroic, lushly detailed art of Tetsutetsu in the middle of a fight. Even if he’s injured, his iron skin is still holding up, and he’s probably just getting warmed up right now. The villains won’t last much longer.

5 Just a Little Hobby

Here are two more UA students who haven’t had much time on the screen yet: Yui Kodai, and Sen Kaibara. They are both stern and serious, and they have a real no-nonsense look about them. They are 100% dedicated to becoming true heroes.

In this warmly lit drawing by artist JCLIllustrations, Sen is checking over his camera before a photography shoot, and Yui is curious enough to check it out and see what photography is really like. What will Sen’s next subject be?

4 Green Thumb

At last, the vine-haired Ibara Shiozaki appears, and already, she has made a strong impression. This girl made it to the top 16 in the UA sports festival, where she used those vines to easily defeat Denki Kaminari without hurting him.

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Artist Lafoxtriel shows Ibara in a charming, peaceful, scene where she’s happily showing off a pink rose from a garden, and her gardener gloves are a great touch. Ibara is a gentle hero student who much prefers peace and beauty over fighting.

3 Horse Power

So far, Pony Tsunotori hasn’t done any fighting or shown off her quirk, but she did make an amusing impression. She is an American girl who is studying abroad, and she’s still learning Japanese. So, Neito sometimes tricks her into taunting hero class 1-A’s students. How mean!

But Pony is a cheerful and positive person who has a horse-like quirk, which allows her to run on all fours and fire her two horns like missiles. Her action scenes still lay ahead, but artist ElaineKatsuki was ready to draw Pony in her hero costume all the same. And it looks great.

2 Brutal Power

Sometimes, it’s fun to wonder what a hero would look like if they turned into a villain, and the same is true for My Hero Academia‘s characters. Itsuka Kendo the melee master returns, but this time, as a rogue.

She has smashed the wall right down, and it seems that nothing can get in her way, according to artist BlueWolfArtista. Her bruises, black and red outfit and sneering expression make her into quite the villain.

1 Fraternizing With The Enemy

Now, this is a big step. Neito Monoma is hellbent on taking hero class 1-A down, but in this charming fan art by artist xxAmilychanxx, Neito has let go of his grudge for one night, and he and Momo are dominating the ballroom.

Neito’s blond hair contrasts well with Momo’s long dark hair, and he stands out against the pink and gold background in that black suit of his. Maybe they’re at a charity ball to help victims of villain attacks? Even Neito would b happy to help if it’s for a good cause.

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The fans love to draw exquisite art for every character in My Hero Academia and these great pieces of class 1-B are top-notch.

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