My Hero Academia: 10 Froppy Cosplays That Look Just Like The Anime

My Hero Academia has introduced fans to a host of characters of endless variety. Horikoshi’s series is full of so many great characters, in fact, that many fans have taken to showing their love for the cast through their own artistic creations by means of cosplay, fan art, and many more creations. One such character that’s become a fan-favorite is none other than class 1-A’s Tsuyu Asui.

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Asui, otherwise known as Froppy, is arguably one of the more popular members of the class with many even dubbing her as “best girl.” With such widespread appreciation for this character, it should come as no surprise that many fans have attempted to bring her to life through cosplay. In case you’ve missed some of these amazing attempts at bringing the 2D to life, here are 10 of the best Froppy cosplays.

10 Student No. 3

The first time viewers were introduced to Asui – Tsu if you’re on friendly terms – was after Deku’s admittance into UA, and this cosplay brings back memories of that very first introduction.

In Instagram user Kleinerpixel’s cosplay, the school uniform is only one part of the character’s perfect recreation. The cosplayer’s pose combined with her makeup skills which emphasize Asui’s frog-like look effortlessly. This photo only reignites our desire to attend a UA class.

9 Right In Her Element

The second cosplay in this list is one done by Twitter user Liyu0109, and it is one that captures the character of Tsuyu both in costume design and setting. This cosplayer has gone beyond just bringing the young hero to life through an impeccably put together cosplay but also chose the perfect location to reflect the frog-like qualities of the character.

Liyuu additionally captures the mannerisms exhibited by Asui in her posing. From the head quirk to the posture, this cosplayer sets the bar high right off the bat.

8 Team Effort

They say two heads are better than one, and that rule definitely applies within the MHA hero world as students are taught early on the need for cooperation. It seems that the lesson didn’t escape these cosplayers either as the photo captures Uravity and Froppy side by side in a team we can’t get enough of.

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Cosplayer Alex_cosplays brings Tsuyu to life in this image with a costume design that is clearly representative of her care for the details. In fact, the cosplay is so accurate that it’s hard to believe that Horikoshi’s characters are simply meant to be works of fiction.

7 Fantasy AU

Making its first appearance in a character popularity poll spread and later in the second season’s ending credit, the MHA fantasy alternate universe has quickly become a fan-favorite ever since its inception by Horikoshi. With many fans obsessed with the concept, many have taken to recreating the looks of the characters from the au, and that includes Froppy fans.

In Instagram user Mochichuu’s cosplay, we see a Froppy recreated in a dress inspired by that very same fantasy universe. The dress suggests the role of a villager, but we doubt that this Asui would be kept out of the action for long.

6 School’s Out

In Twitter user JojoSG3’s cosplay, we see yet another Asui clad in a UA uniform. The weather in the image is notably gloomy as if rain might be on the horizon, and that is more than perfect for the aptly named Rainy Season Hero.

Taken on what seems to be a bridge, we can easily imagine this to be a real-life version of the frog hero on her way to or from UA High School given the quality of the cosplay.

5 A Hero in Action

Yet another cosplay of Froppy in her hero costume, cosplayer Omachi Emily looks like she’s moments away from facing down a group of villains in this photo.

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This cosplay is so accurate in its recreation of Froppy, in fact, that it was even featured by FUNimation – the animation company which currently produces the My Hero Academia anime. Even the material used for the costume makes it all seem very realistic that we wonder if the support department had a hand in its production.

4 Adventures Bug Hunting

Cosplayer monpink_mon is well known for her Tsuyu cosplays, and this is neither her latest take on the character nor even the most famous. From these photos alone, we can see why she’s gained quite a reputation for her Froppy cosplays with both creative concepts and a perfect costume recreation.

In this set of cosplay photos, Asui is portrayed to be down by a stream hunting for what we can assume to be bugs based on the container and knit. For anyone confused by the notion, it is popular among younger kids to hunt for beetles and other small creatures in Japan using the same sort of net here to keep as pets. We hope this Asui does make a lot of small friends on this trip.

3 Training Time

Due to the nature of the training at UA, it is uncommon for us to see students in their training suits rather than uniforms for the majority of the episodes. Season 2 specifically brought us a full sports tournament arc in which the only relief from the blue training suit was the occasional usage of a cheerleading outfit among the girl.

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In Instagram user Nymphahri’s cosplay, however, we can’t complain about the all too familiar blue training suit. This cosplay might seem quite simple, but the wide-eyed look and simple pose bring out the froggy attributes of Froppy effortlessly. Bonus points if you’ve noticed Kirishima in the background.

2 A Casual Look

Many cosplayers often gravitate to complex costume designs and props in order to bring their characters to life; however, this cosplayer proves that a simple look can do just as much so long as you’re just as passionate about the character.

Shown in a more casual outfit, Twitter user Natsu_mii_ portrays an off-duty Asui. There is no room for the Froppy hero persona here. This is simply a regular high school girl brought to life – albeit one with more amphibian characteristics than most.

1 Rainy Season Hero: Froppy

Arguably one of the best cosplays of Froppy in her hero costume, this cosplayer has transformed the fan-favorite character from 2D to a 3D character in an amazing fashion.

Twitter user UnicrnAstronaut has perfectly embodied Tsuyu in these photos in a way that makes us wonder if she’s grown up into a Pro Hero right here in our own world.  From the setting of the photoshoot to the costume design, there’s nothing amiss in these photos that may suggest that this is not a real-life Froppy.

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Asui, otherwise known as Froppy, is a popular character from My Hero Academia and she's inspired some pretty awesome cosplays from fans.

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