My Hero Academia: 10 Hawks Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

The winged hero Hawks, a dynamic and cool-headed crime fighter who ranks highly on the Superhero Billboard Chart, is one of the most popular characters in the anime series My Hero Academia. Hawks has an already massive but still rapidly growing fan base composed of fans who love his energetic and confident – but ultimately light-hearted – personality.

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Plenty of cosplayers have had a go at putting themselves in Hawks’ shoes (quite literally), but only a few have flawlessly captured the character in a way that’s magnificent and worthy of commendation; here are 10 of them. If you like the cosplay, make sure to check out the original creators at the links provided!

10 Sanjiscloset

Cosplayer Sanji’s Closet starts us off strong with this vibrant, top-notch Hawks cosplay. The outfit is amazing and matches that of the character precisely (right down to the headphones!), and the cosplayer really does succeed in matching the basic essence of what it means to be Hawks.

The photography is done by veteran cosplay photographer hian_photos, who seems to have an abundant knowledge of how to perfectly catch a moment in time.

9 Michael_cosplays

One of the most unique and creative cosplays on this entire list comes to us courtesy of Instagram user Michael_cosplays, who uses his cosplay talents to create a genderbent (that is, female) version of Hawks that’s as visually impressive as it is stylistically innovative. The hair looks amazing, and the outfit is a somewhat altered but still recognizably similar take on Hawk’s signature superhero costume, complete with brown leather gloves and tan jacket.

To top it all off, Boston-based photographer parker_photography does the cosplay justice with his excellent camera work.

8 Isa Is An Isa

Cosplayer Isa Is An Isa is in her element as Hawks, presenting her incredible cosplay with enviable technique. The costume looks amazing, and while it’s not exactly like Hawks’ (primarily because of some slight design changes), it actually has a more authentic look that just translates into real life better.

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The props and photography are also great, and the hair/makeup is spectacular. The cosplayer’s excellent way of portraying a character definitely helps her give off the “Hawks” vibe she’s no doubt trying to match.

7 CrunchCosplay

Crunchcosplay thoroughly delivers with this simple but devilishly well-designed Hawks cosplay – it makes up for its lack of flashy details by being anime-accurate enough to stun its audience. The photography, done by karamelphotography, creates a bright, confident visual feel.

It’s worth noting that the mantra placed in the cosplayer’s Instagram bio – “Getting better at cosplay one day at a time” – isn’t that far from the truth. Given that this is such a good cosplay, we can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with next.

6 Sparklestache

Cosplayer Sparklestache‘s incredible genderbent Hawks cosplay is both detailed and stylish. The outfit – complete with feathery red wings, brown leather boots, visor, and headphones – is both well-designed and a fitting match to Hawks’ own. The cosplayer’s brave (if laid-back) disposition is just right for the character she’s cosplaying.

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The hair is actually perfect for a female Hawks, and the photography, done by “simple man with a cam” Jon York, is visually stunning and aesthetically fresh.

5 DoctorDachshund

Cosplayer Jonah Freeman (known as DoctorDachshund on Tumblr) kills it with this amazing cosplay of Hawks. His poise and demeanor are both perfect, and they showcase his ability to truly transform himself into a character. The costume is amazing and doesn’t neglect even the smallest of design details, and the hair looks incredible, matching Hawk’s signature style perfectly.

The photography, done by princecakecosplay, showcases a masterful use of light and shadow that gives the cosplay a fresh, vivid, aesthetically pleasing overall feel.

4 Peach._.Cat

Cosplayer peach._.cat has described himself as a “Hawks enthusiast”, and his amazing Hawks cosplay does, in fact, show just how much he loves the character, as the supreme attention to detail makes it clear a lot of effort went into making everything go so smoothly. The hair has a unique design that makes it more eye-catching and adds a layer of individuality, and the costume is both elaborate and shockingly realistic.

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The photography, done by Jesse Clear, is in fact clear; and it perfectly captures the cosplayer’s every detail – to striking effect.

3 Tara.cosplay

Cosplayer tara.cosplay gives an almost smug look to the camera as she pulls off a picture-perfect Hawks cosplay, nailing detail after detail – from her jacket, to her gloves, to her headphones.

But even with a great costume and outstanding props, what a cosplay ultimately needs is a model who can portray the character fittingly; thankfully, Tara certainly can – her almost elegant composure, superior disposition, and relaxed poise are all signs she knows how to do Hawks right.

2 Hiiro Cosplay

Hiiro.Cosplay delivers a visually breathtaking, aesthetically impressive, and unbelievably detailed Hawks cosplay that’s truly in a class by itself. Her costume is amazing – from the glossy, reflective wings to the stylized, boldly textured jacket. Her hair is incredibly accurate, and her self-assured glance and confident stance make it clear that, like Hawks, she’s ready for anything.

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Another strong suit is the photography, done by the gifted Dwayne Fundano – whose inspired lighting and design choices assist the cosplayer in evoking the spirit of Hawks.

1 CrescentShay

Of all the cosplays on this list, CrescentShay‘s may be the one that most impressively captures Hawks’ outlandish design in real life, bending the constraints of cosplay to create something that’s truly incredible. The costume is fashionable and cleanly stylized, with the character’s reflective yellow visor and magnificent red wings being exceptionally well-executed. The photography, done by cardboard_accessories, takes the design to new heights with a clear concept that isn’t wavered from and an understanding of the atmosphere that’s genuinely refreshing.

The decision to cosplay as Hawks – a character who knows no limits – is especially perfect for this, a cosplay that knows no limits.

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Are you a fan of Hawks from the hit anime 'My Hero Academia'? If so, you'll love these 10 Hawks cosplays that look like they came outta the anime!

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