My Hero Academia: 10 Mirio Cosplay That look Just Like The Anime

Mirio Togata from My Hero Academia recently left his mark in the minds of his fans during the iconic battle against Overhaul. But even before that point, fans were inclined to love the character, thanks to his endlessly positive personality.

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So it’s really no surprise to see people opting to create cosplay focusing on this happy and cheerful character. After all, who better to aspire to be like than him? We hope you enjoy these cosplays as much as we did, because there is some serious love and dedication being shown here.

10 Lemillion’s Shining Bright

This cosplay of Lemillion, brought to you by Twitter user @Pyr0raptor, is simply put, amazing. The happiest hero from the series is looking bold and ready for action in this photograph, and who can blame him?

We especially love the extra touches put into this photo, from the cloak blowing in the wind to that very subtle smile on our heroes face.

9 The Next Symbol of Peace

Many fans believe that Mirio had (and still has) a chance to become the next Symbol of Peace. Looking at this cosplay, we can certainly understand their sentiment! Brought to you by Instagram user @vanillavic, this cosplay shows off all the brightness our hero has to give.

The pose is an especially nice touch. It is reminiscent of All Might, which we suspect might have been intentional. Another reminder of the Symbol of Peace that Mirio could very well become.

8 Team Up!

Oh goodness, this joint cosplay of Midoriya and Mirio is pure perfection! This is the friendship we all know and love – and honestly? We hope to see this very scene portrayed in the series someday. Because it is adorable!

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Twitter user @Sakuraflor_ has brought Midoriya to life, while J.P. Chaos Cosplay is pulling off a fantastic Mirio, don’t you think so? Bonus points for the strong bro buddies vibe.

7 The Legend

Wow. This cosplay of Mirio is showing off a more serious side of our dynamic hero, but frankly, we’re liking it. We all know full well that Mirio is capable of being more serious, but it is still nice to be reminded of that fact from time to time.

Instagram user @akbal_cosplay did an excellent job bringing our hero to life here, and we’re all for it. The hair and details on the cosplay itself are all nice touches. As is the way he managed to get his cloak to move around him for this photo.

6 Power!

Who can forget one of Mirio’s first introductions to the series; where he lost his clothing during a practice fight? Clearly, this cosplayer hasn’t forgotten! And we appreciate the reminder, as well as the sense of humor.

Twitter user @Leon_Chiro has gone for a different look with Mirio, instead choosing to focus on his antics and energy. We are all there for this, as it really shows off the character in a new light. One that feels very much like the hero in training we first met.

5 The Big Three

Who doesn’t love a group cosplay? This one is made all the better by the fact that it portrays the Big Three from MHA – the three top students at U.A. It’s a great set of cosplayers too! Mirio has been brought to life by @myheronathan, Tamaki by @laeythis, and Nejire @whimsycosplay.

Together this trio looks spectacular, and it is also a poignant reminder of the friends that Mirio has made during his time at U.A.

4 Beaten Bloody

One of Mirio’s most iconic plot arcs is the one involving his battle to rescue Eri – that probably went without saying, huh? Anyway, we love that this cosplayer, @CarlMartinCos, opted to show us a version of Mirio in pain – but refusing to back down.

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After all, Mirio is a hero through and through. That means he was driven to protect and save Eri, no matter the cost. This cosplay shows that pain and determination to an expert level. Well done!

3 I Will Always Be Lemillion!

This cosplay, brought to you by Paul_Might is another dramatic rendition of the hero we all love so much. They’ve really brought Mirio to life here, portraying all of the dramatic nature of this character.

We love seeing this slightly more serious side of Mirio, if only because it reminds us of the epic plot arc he was involved in.

2 Happier Times

Here’s another brilliant group cosplay, once again portraying the Big Three all hanging out together. We love that Mirio (cosplayed by @TheWonyo) looks so happy to be hanging out with his friends once again.

We also adore the choice to have all three students in their U.A. uniforms. It really makes for a cohesive look, don’t you think?

1 Time To Strike!

Last, but certainly not least, take a look at this cosplay of Mirio and Overhaul! Mirio looks like he’s about ready to destroy Overhaul, if we may say so. It’s a reminder of a truly epic series of events (even if it did break out hearts for Mirio).

Tumbler user Raptor with a shotgun was the one to share this cosplay, and we’ve got to say that we simply adore it. All of the details are there, naturally, but what makes it so perfect is the pose and the level of expression worked into the cosplay itself.

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These Mirio cosplay show just how great of a hero he really is.

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