My Hero Academia: 10 Moments From The Series That Changed Everything

Despite debuting in 2016, making it a relatively new series, My Hero Academia is filled with nothing but iconic moments that fans will undoubtedly remember for the duration of its run. Despite new episodes on the horizon, out of the four seasons that currently exist, there have been dozens of moments that changed everything from that point on, whether it was the way we viewed the world of the show, or even a character who was never the same afterwards.

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Below are just ten of these moments from the hit anime that many fans often wish they could relive all over again.

10 When The Students Of Class 1-A Learned About Internships

While many other anime series centered around heroes don’t delve too much into how heroes manage to assimilate into society, My Hero Academia makes this a central focus. When the students of Class 1-A first learned about internships, fans’ understanding of their world was never the same.

It was interesting to learn that Pro Heroes worked through popular agencies that basically employed them, and while they were seen as celebrities, they operated like formal freelancers with many strict requirements to limit the use of their powerful abilities.

9 Sir Nighteye’s Death

My Hero Academia is a series with a lot of fighting but no fatal casualties. Despite Stain’s lung being pierced, for instance, he didn’t lose his life as a result of his scuffle against Midoriya, Iida, and Todoroki, and the Nomu that All Might went up against is still alive even after being hurled into the stratosphere.

The absence of death in this show changed after Sir Nighteye succumbed to his injuries after his brief scuffle with Chisaki. In many series, main characters never lose their lives, but when Sir Nighteye passed away after becoming such a pivotal part of the narrative, fans realized that their favorite character could just as easily be next.

8 Todoroki Uses Fire For The First Time

When Shoto Todoroki made his first appearance, he was depicted just like his Quirk: cold and indiscriminate. He only sought to defeat Midoriya just to prove to his father that he could succeed on his own terms without using Endeavor’s half of his Quirk.

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During the U.A Sports Festival, Midoriya was able to strike a chord in his heart, motivating him to use his fire. Since then, Todoroki hasn’t looked back. Using his fire only adds to his strength, and fends off the hypothermia that overusing his ice powers will inevitably cause.

7 Bakugo’s Kidnapping

While Bakugo’s performance during the U.A Sports Festival was impressive, fans had no idea that he was being watched by the League of Villains until they made an attempt to kidnap him. This moment not only put U.A under a lot of public scrutiny after they managed to lose one of their own students, but it’s what pushed the school to force its students into dorms for their safety.

Being kidnapped also humbled Bakugo a bit, and forced him to examine his own shortcomings for once in his life, since it was a combination of his cockiness and recklessness that resulted in him being targeted in the first place.

6 Midoriya Learns Full Cowling

When Midoriya first gained One For All, he couldn’t use the Quirk without breaking his body. While training with Gran Torino, he figured out how to channel One For All evenly throughout his entire body instead of focusing it all on one part, granting him a boost in strength and speed that allowed him to fight without injuring himself.

It’s safe to say that he’s past the days of shattering every bone in his body to defeat strong opponents.

5 Midoriya Develops Shoot Style

While Full Cowling enabled Midoriya to fight without hurting himself, it was clear that he still had a long way to go before he could get the most out of punches. After witnessing Iida’s style up close and personal during the fight with Stain, he developed his unique Shoot Style, a fighting technique focused on kicks rather than punches. This made Midoriya a much better fighter, and he quickly learned how to make use of his affinity for speed to supplement his new style.

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Fans were forced to accept that despite having the same Quirk as All Might, he was evolving into a completely different fighter all together. Even in games like One’s Justice, Midoriya’s Shoot Style model plays much better than the version of him that focuses on punches and finger flicks.

4 Midoriya Uses 100% For The First Time

My Hero Academia has closely followed Midoriya’s swift progress with One For All. He definitely has a long way to go, with 20% being the maximum power output he can manage (as far as Season 4 of the anime goes), but fans got a taste of just how powerful Midoriya might become one day after he figured out how to use Eri’s Quirk to draw out every ounce of One For All’s potential without injuring himself. This not only cemented One For All as the strongest Quirk to ever exist, but it’s a moment that fans won’t easily forget.

Now that Midoriya’s gotten a taste of this power, it’s clear that he’ll keep training until he becomes strong enough to be able to handle it on his own. This moment has definitely become one of the most iconic in all of anime, and similar to Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation, fans will undoubtedly debate in forums all across the internet just when Midoriya may have another opportunity to use this state again.

3 Midoriya’s Fight With Bakugo

Despite winning the U.A Sports Festival, Bakugo has had his fair share of losses. Not only was he kidnapped by the League of Villains, but the ensuing battle between All Might and All For One that ended with All Might losing his power riddled Bakugo with guilt.

On top of that, seeing Midoriya gain his Provisional Hero License while Bakugo failed the exam himself was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He challenged Midoriya to a match, which made the two proper rivals. In exchanging blows, they were able to resolve much of the tension that existed between them for years.

2 Endeavor Defeats High-End

Endeavor isn’t much of a people person, so when he became the Number One Hero, it was clear that he wouldn’t have the same emotional connection to the public that All Might had.

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While he still has a long way to go before he’s loved and celebrated by everyone, his fight against High-End proved to the world that like All Might, he’ll push himself past his limit if it means saving others. This fight will definitely change Endeavor’s overall attitude as well, not to mention that he’s now rocking a pretty nasty scar that will serve as a harsh reminder of a fight that nearly cost him his life.

1 All Might Loses His Power

The one moment that had the most profound impact on the series was All Might publicly losing his power during his final battle against All For One. Without One For All, he could no longer serve as the world’s Symbol of Peace, and villains who were too timid to make a move before instantly gained the courage to put their own plans into motion.

If All Might was still at his peak, Chisaki would’ve remained in hiding for a bit longer, and the League of Villains wouldn’t be making such brazen moves. With All Might out of the game, many more villains will take the opportunity to put their plans into fruition, knowing that there are few heroes strong enough to stop them.

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My Hero Academia has had its fair share of impactful moments. These are the ones that changed the series forever.

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