My Hero Academia: 10 Pieces Of Izuku & Ochako Fan Art That Are Totally Romantic

Izuku Midoriya (Deku) and Uraraka Ochako (Uravity) are one of the most popular pairings in the My Hero Academia anime. The two have both shown interest in one another before and are oftentimes seen as “endgame” to many fans. The two are obviously shipped with a number of the other cast, but, within the canon, the two have not really shown interest in anyone other than each other.

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Many view their relationship as super wholesome and cute, which makes total sense considering their soft and kind-hearted personalities. The show has hinted several times at the possibility of their relationship weaved between the several arcs of the show. Here are some of the cutest, most romantic fanart of Ochako and Izuku that will make you want to see them end up together.

10 Chocolate Kisses


Justin creates a lot of Ochako and Izuku fanart, but this is one of the cutest. The two are making a chocolate cake together and have gotten chocolate all over themselves in the process. Ochako kisses Izuku’s cheek and takes some of the chocolate with it. The details in this picture make it even better, with the little hearts Ochako is floating with her quirk and Izuku’s All Might themed apron. Justin grasped the art style from the show wonderfully, as well, and this looks like it could a scene straight out of the show.

9 Deku And Uravity

Bobafiish has a small collection of”izuocha”—the Izuku x Ochako ship name—fanart that are all just so adorable. Yet, this one, in particular, stands out! The way the two hold hands and are gazing into each other’s eyes is beyond cute. With their small joyous smiles and blushes, you can tell exactly what’s going on in the pair’s mind. This image makes it feel like they finally admitted their feelings to one another and formed their adorable relationship.

8 Simple, Cute Kiss

The artist behind this adorable piece said this piece was just a quick sketch, but it is truly adorable and captures the essence of Izuku and Ochako wonderfully. The pair share a cute kiss here, with their hands all over each other.

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Izuku wraps his arms around Ochako, pulling her in tight as Ochako cups his face within her hands. It is truly adorable, and viewers can totally see the love they share with one another.

7 Protector

Another artist that makes the characters look as if they just came out of the show! This one is fierce and adorable and with the context, it seems like it could pass as a scene that could actually happen. Fans have seen Deku jump to Uravity’s aid both in the series and in the movies already, though, technically, in the series, it was Toga as Uravity).

But, even though Deku usually has a lot more going on, he often shows caution with Uravity, protecting her when she needs it, just as she shows care for him, oftentimes giving him emotional support whenever he needs. The fierce expression on Izuku’s face says it all, he is here to protect Ochako.

6 The Wedding

One of the cutest aspects of this fanart is the fact that fans could spot out a bunch of other Class 1-A members in the background, standing next to Izuku’s mom as she wipes away a tear. This wedding picture is just so precious and cute, and it shows the pairing as adults, happy and in love. The two blush and are surrounded by flower petals as Izuku looks at his new wife with such admiring eyes. The art style overall is so soft and smooth, it makes the colors totally pop.

5 IzuOcha Kiss

JENXART has made fanart that, once again, looks like it could be taken right from the show. My Hero Academia has a truly unique art style, so, seeing fanart of the characters actually look like their art style always makes for a better experience. In this, JENXART expresses her need for the ship to pick up and happen already in the show.

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Ever since Ochako put her feelings to the side in season 3, the development between the two has been much slower. But fans need to remember, in most shonen anime, the guy gets the girl at the end. This, hopefully, will be no exception.

4 Floating

Here is another piece done by the extremely talented Bobafiish. In this fanart, Izuku and Ochako are wearing kimonos they were featured wearing in an official My Hero Academia promo image. Ochako wore pink, and Izuku blue. But Bobafiish took this idea to the next level. With Uravity’s power to float, the two have been cast up in the sunsetting sky. Ochako holds on to Izuku to make him float, as well. With shooting stars behind them, this picture is truly beautiful and adorable.

3 Sheer Joy

One of the best parts of this ship is just how happy they make each other. In the series, the pair are really close friends. They love being around each other, laughing and having a good time. This fanart done by Cat Harman-Mitchell conveys that pure joy they always have around each other wonderfully. It also looks like both of them are floating here. Ochako is upside down and everything, but Izuku’s hair and jacket strings are gravitating upward.

2 Tea Time

Another piece done by Justin, this fanart has made quite a lot of waves within the IzuOcha community. Once again, Justin perfectly captures the aesthetic from the series and how the two-act around one another. This image looks like it conveys how their life would be if they lived together; Ochako using her quirk to give him some sugar. The two also seem extremely happy with each other and smile warmly at one another. Viewers may also be able to spy a One-Punch Man manga resting beside Izuku.

1 IzuOcha

This picture is probably one of the most famous pieces of IzuOcha fanart to date. Both of the kids are using their quirks and going back to back with one another. Ochako is holding onto Izuku’s hand to beautifully float through the air and clouds while Izuku is using One For All seemingly to propel them up (or maybe defend them).

Ochako is in her Uravity outfit while Izuku wears his UA gym uniform with pieces of his Deku outfit. The colors and scenery on this picture are just so beautiful and serene, showcasing the utter happiness, once again, these two give one another. Also, you can spy an angry Bakugo Katsuki in the background using his explosions to catch up to the couple.

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My Hero Academia's Izuku and Ochako is one of the cutest pairings in modern anime, and here are 10 adorably romantic fan art renderings of the two!

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