My Hero Academia: 10 Pieces of Villain Deku Fan Art You Need to See

In 2015, Horikoshi created a series that took the world by storm and quickly became an international phenomenon in the anime community with its adaptation. As such, My Hero Academia has grown a dedicated fanbase over the past few years, which continues to go above and beyond in their expression of appreciation for Horikoshi’s work through cosplays, art, and many more fan creations.

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However, when one has the talent to create, there’s no reason they should be restricted to the source material. With the popularity of the villains in the series, it should come as no surprise that many fans took to reimagining their favorite characters as less than heroic. Of those characters, the show’s main protagonist is no exception. So, in appreciation for the fandom’s creative takes on a villainous Deku, here are 10 pieces of fan art you must see.

10 Not the Same Boy

Starting off this list is an art piece by Twitter user Moxychan. In this artwork, we see Izuku in a slightly more realistic art style. Notably, the young hero we’re used to seeing in simple shirts and sneakers outside his uniform is donning a smartly-dressed look in a suit without a blazer. Arguably, the attire adds to the overall atmosphere of the image.

If you look into the details in the image you’ll also notice that Deku seems to be holding one of his hero analysis journals. More specifically, it is the same one that Bakugo burned as he ridiculed young Midoriya for his dreams of becoming a hero. We can only assume that his words pushed Deku down a different path.

9 Villainous Duo

In this Twitter artist’s artwork, we get not only a villainous rendition of Deku but of Bakugo as well. While many fans have long argued that the blond is a good fit for the dark side, the portrayal of Izuku here makes him seem just as well-suited for that alignment.

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The usage of formal attire coupled with their usual hero masks and gloves makes for interesting character design on the artist’s behalf, but it also lends to the idea of swift villains who’ll take you out without putting a crease on their blazer.

8 Under the Spotlight

In this artwork done by Tumblr user m-arci-a, we see a villain Izuku caught red-handed under a spotlight. If you look at the background, you can make what was once his hero name graffitied on the wall in a pink matching the fluid in his hands. One can only hope it’s pink paint rather than a stylized take on blood.

In this piece of fan art, we see the continued use of a common choice in these villain Deku reimaginings in which fans seem to prefer him in rather smart suits. The artist’s approach to this version of Midoriya’s malintent is less subtle, however, as his grin and expression suggest a sinister attitude.

7 A Different Shade of Green

In this interesting piece of fan art, user Xiaoann introduces us to a villainous Deku with mysterious powers. Additionally, the artist goes on to add lore behind character design features in the caption which adds more depth to the artwork.

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Even without the caption, however, it is easy to recognize that this version of Izuku doesn’t play nice. Whether it’s the gas mask, the menacing aura coming from the power he’s wielding, or just the sadistic expression on his face, it’s unlikely that this Deku will be quick to save you from the villains.

6 Playing Games

This artwork by PlacentaChan provides the image of a Deku who seems to be cold in his resentment of his old childhood friend as he looks down on him as one of three other pieces on a chessboard.

The artist gives the original mouth guard design from the anime a more sinister look with sharp teeth contrasted by the metallic mouthpiece that can be independently removed. It is obvious that Deku has a grudge to act upon from the images, especially against Bakugo. We can only hope the blood splatters on the latter image weren’t acquired through malicious actions.

5 Hostage Situation

Illustrations of a villain Deku bring joy to more people than just the artist of this image from the attention it has gathered on the platform. In what seems like a hostage situation, Midoriya sits rather comfortably on a chair whilst both Bakugo and Iida kneel before him in captivity.

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It is not clear at what point of the timeline Izuku has turned towards the dark side, but it’s apparent that he must have had the opportunity to hear Iida’s rather harsh words at the entrance exam for him to think he’s worth kidnapping alongside a childhood bully.

4 Cleanup Job

With an art style leaning more towards realism, this artist’s take on a villain Deku raises many questions. The blood on the wall suggests an altercation that must have ended in a rather gruesome way, and the splatters found all over Midoriya implicate him within the scene.

Additionally, the artist takes many liberties with the attire, which makes for a more believable rendition of Deku’s rabbit ears found in the hood of his hero costume. While the addition of glasses is rather curious, it only adds to the look. However, we can’t help but wonder how Deku’s unruly green hair was ever tamed into a ponytail.

3 Harsh Glare

In a costume reminiscent of the original hero design we see in the show, it would be easy to mistake this Midoriya for the same bright-eyed hero we know if it weren’t for the harsh color palette and the expression on his face.

In Tumblr artist Sorethroat‘s rendition of a villain Deku, we see an Izuku mostly cast in shadows offset by the vibrant red hues which surround him. Whether a representation of malicious desires or a symbolic usage of the bloody path of a villain, the colors clash beautifully against the green of his costume.

2 Carnivorous Company

In this artist’s rendition of a darker Izuku, the young boy is almost unrecognizable as he is cast in shadows and surrounded by hyenas. It is only in the illuminated version that the familiar green hair and red sneakers become clear.

While the artist admits to simply liking the animals, hyenas curiously represent being happy with what one is given, and are often depicted as villains within popular culture. We can only assume from the bloody mass that, if this were symbolic, then that satisfaction would be achieved through less pacifistic means than those of the Deku with whom we’ve grown familiar.

1 Bad Bunny

Last but not least, this artist‘s take on a villainous Deku provides a familiar yet still unique character design. While the rabbit ears might put you at ease as you think you’re looking at a more casual look on his hero costume as a hoodie, the blades quickly establish that this is not the same Izuku.

In this rendition, the artist has also elected to make the design more rabbit-like with the details added to his mask which now sports a bunny nose. The fierce eyes behind the goggles should make it more than clear that this is no timid white rabbit though.

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My Hero Academia is a popular culture phenomenon and is subject to fan creations. Here are 10 fanart of a villainous Deku you have to see.

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