My Hero Academia: 10 Reasons Mirko Is The Strongest Character

Rumi Usagiyama, otherwise known as “The Rabbit Hero: Mirko” has become insanely popular among all fanbases in a very short period of time. One of the reasons is because My Hero Academia’s author Kohei Hoshikori is a fantastic character designer, and Mirko is quite…built. But, another one of the reasons is because she’s just such a breath of fresh air when compared to other characters in the show. We’ve seen Bakugo-types in MHA before, but Rumi is this archetype done well. She’s brazen, confident in her strength, and pragmatic and is absolutely one of the strongest characters in the entire MHA lineup. And outside of the many things we don’t know about her, the one thing we do know is she’s absurdly strong, and here’s why.

9 She Has Unshakeable Battle-Focus

Unfortunately, heroes in the MHA world are constantly facing down danger. It’s great for seeing awesome fights, but scary before they face down death often. And, because of this, they sort of need to learn how to focus in high-stress situations while under a lot of mental and physical duress. Class A’s Momo Yaoyorozu, for example, struggles with this and freezes up when faced with split-second decisions. But, as a Pro Hero should, Mirko has mastered her battle focus more than anyone we’ve seen previously and is able to make intelligent and pragmatic decisions in the heat of battle.

8 She’s One Of The Fastest Pro-Heroes

There are a lot of Pro Heroes in the MHA universe. It’s an entire society built around the idea of superheroes after all, so they’re sort of everywhere. But, among all of them, Mirko is one of the fastest up there with Gran Torino. Her Quirk gives her all the traits of a rabbit and it’s clear she’s trained this deceivingly useful Quirk to a mirror sheen. When Mirko combines her absurd movement speed with her experience and well-built muscles, she can turn the tides of any fight in less than a second. All Might can make himself fast, Endeavor can as well, but Mirko can go faster with less effort and with more finesse.

7 Her Super Hearing Is Absurdly Useful

Another one of Mirko’s traits are her ears, which aren’t fake or part of her costume. They don’t come out of the top of her head but rather the sides where her ears usually would be. You’d think that wouldn’t work design-wise but it surprisingly does, another testament to Hori’s skill. In any case, these gigantic things give Mirko superhuman hearing at a level we haven’t quite seen anywhere else in MHA so far.

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There are a lot of Quirks in the series, but the only one that comes close in terms of hearing ability is maybe Jiro’s. In any case these adorable ears and overall build are two of the aspects that contribute towards the massive pile of fanart this character has received since her debut.

6 She’s Highly Mobile, Adaptable, And Acrobatic

This next reason goes hand in hand with her speed, but Mirko is quite acrobatic and dexterous. Her fighting style is quite obviously based around kicks and in order to perform those from any position and at any time, Mirko had to become flexible, hyper-mobile, and able to flip around. And, from what we’ve seen of her in the manga, Mirko absolutely delivers on the acrobatics. Most of her moves that we’ve seen have included at least a couple of flips and each one feels like something completely unique to her that no other hero could really perform as fluidly.

5 Takes Stock Of Injuries And Currently Damage Taken, Then Moves On

We know we’ve talked about her battle focus but this takes dedication to the job to a whole new level. We’ve seen examples of this sort of “do or die” mentality when fighting like with Lemillion, Deku, or All Might. But, we’ve never seen anyone take it to this extreme. Very early on in Mirko’s confrontation with the multiple High-Ends, she gets her right arm crushed pretty severely.

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So much so in fact that it’s barely hanging onto her body and might as well have been cut off. But, Mirko in the span of a few seconds, wraps it up with her own thick hair and continues fighting at full strength. Remember how Endeavor took a cut to the face and needed a minute? Mirko only needs a few seconds.

4 She Loves Fighting And Proving Herself

Rumi is a Bakugo-type, we mentioned that previously. What we mean by this is she is loud, abrasive, and itching to fight at all times. But, unlike Bakugo who can’t seem to communicate his emotions into words well still, Rumi has no trouble with it. She might be blunt, but she says what needs to be said. And, in battle, she absolutely loves the fight itself. Mirko seems like the type that adores fighting people at full strength, and we can see that by how much she smiles during the Garaki Lab-Raid. Sure she likely lost an arm and half an ear, but she’s fighting at 110%, and there’s nothing more thrilling for her.

3 Keeps Multiple High Ends On Their Toes While Endeavor Struggled With One

Remember how Season 4 of the anime ended with Endeavors fight with a High-End? How he got bodied by this Nomu multiple times and would’ve lost hands down if it wasn’t for Hawks absurd levels of support? Yeah it was an amazing spectacle to watch but not exactly the best proof-of-concept for the new “symbol of peace”. Meanwhile, our favorite Rabbit Hero has been fighting against Multiple High Ends in the manga all while chasing down Dr. Garaki and achieving her goal of messing up his lab. And, keep in mind, this fight was inside a relatively compact laboratory, not the whole of Tokyo like Endeavor had.

We’ve seen this before, but Animal-Quirk Heroes tend to have a sort of “sixth sense” to danger. Much like the way birds and dogs know a big storm is coming, Heroes who share traits with animals seem to have this “instinct” that alerts them to danger.

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Well, rabbits, in particular have a more attuned “danger radar” than most other animals. Their sense of touch is more sensitive than most, and any attacks from behind alert them almost immediately. So, Mirko might be unlike a typical rabbit in her never-ending offense, but her innate rabbit-like traits definitely help her suss out danger ahead of time.

2 She’s Worked Alone And Has No Agency Ties

It’s become almost commonplace in the My Hero Academia World for Pro Heroes to align themselves with some corporation or start their own agency. And most of the time, it’s a good thing, working together with other heroes helps you fight more crime. But, if someone has been purely working alone for most of their career, that means they’ve had to overcome any and all challenges that would’ve been easier with more people. It’s lonely, but a lone-wolf type Hero who makes it to the top 5 has made it there purely on their own hard work, unlike Hawks who seems to have incredibly deep government connections. Mirko is that hero, and she still has no ties to any organization or agency that would jut hold her back in the long run.

1 Prepared To Sacrifice Anything And Everything For The Sake Of Her Goals

Finally, like other heroes, Mirko is ready to face death almost every single day. A Rabbit’s survival instinct is pretty strong, but her own selflessness has obviously superseded that. Mirko makes it very clear to the readers that she’ll die if she has to during the Garaki Lab Raid if it means she achieves her goals and stops this evil man from continuing his work any further. And, while this is a dangerous trait to have in normal everyday situations, it’s something that weaker heroes wish they had almost every single day. Mirko is a true hero through and through!

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Miriko has made a great case to be considered one of MHA's strongest characters. Here's exactly why she stands at the very top.

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