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The superhero anime series My Hero Academia is set in a world where superpowers are commonplace, and boys and girls with the best quirks can enroll at hero schools like UA and Shiketsu to train as pro heroes to keep the streets safe. At UA, protagonist Izuku Midoriya meets all kinds of hero teachers, including the lively and cool English teacher, Present Mic.

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Present Mic is impossible to miss thanks to his outgoing radio jock personality, his tall blond hair, and his stylish punk leather outfit. He’s still a pro, though, and will risk his life to keep all the innocent people safe when the villains attack. He even runs his own radio show, too. So, here’s some totally rad fan art of this dazzling hero teacher to check out.

10 On The Air

The gallery of Present Mic fan art begins with some charming, low-key art showing the man himself in his element. This sort of thing isn’t seen on screen much, but Present Mic—or Mr. Yamada—really does have his own radio show, and it’s his #1 hobby.

So, artist RootisTabootus drew this softly-lit, lovely scene of Present Mic halfway through his radio show, and, right now, he’s probably listening to a caller. This scene is probably set late at night, so the soft lighting is appropriate.

9 Amp It Up

This second piece of fan art puts a few minor twists on this character’s familiar themes. He’s in his hero outfit—a rather stripped down version—and he’s striking a cool combat pose while taking the fight to the villains off-screen.

His hair is shorter and tamer this time, but he did bring two small speakers on his wrists to blast the villains with sound. Artist SubjectRK800‘s version of Present Mic would be a good fit in the original anime, that’s for sure.

8 Punk Nation

Present Mic isn’t a delinquent or a villain, but he dresses like one, and that makes for a really cool hero costume. He’s a stylish guy with his own radio show, and, in this fan art, Midnight decided to join in the fun.

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Artist Iury Padilha opted for a blank white background to emphasize these two eye-popping characters—except for some black ink spots like graffiti. Both of these characters are totally owning the look.

7 Creatures Of The Night

This fourth piece of fan art, which comes courtesy of artist Diana Moquin, shows Present Mic in a whole new light. Every My Hero Academia fan knows that Eraserhead has a bit of a Batman vibe, but what if Present Mic joined the night patrol?

Present Mic is a bit of a night owl anyway, so he’d have a great time patrolling the streets like this. His black leather helps him blend in, and the villains will never see his supersonic attacks coming.

6 A Good Boy

Even if Present Mic has his cool counterculture punk lifestyle, he still has a heart of gold, and principal Nezu wouldn’t hire him at UA if he didn’t have a dazzling personality. This time around, Present Mic shows off his innocent side.

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Artist nddt pageart went for soft colors and adorable dessert decorations to set the theme of this piece, and a young Present Mic, wearing his school uniform, is trying to decide which dessert to bake today. Is he trying to impress a crush? Most likely!

5 Charity Concert

There may not be much context for this outstanding digital art by artist FurioustheOwlBoy, but, since Present Mic is a hero, it’s easy to guess that he’s putting on a charity concert in this scene. He’s a generous guy, that’s for sure.

In this scene, Present Mic is singing a more mellow and thoughtful tune based on his expression and relaxed body posture, and he’s bound to be winning over the crowd by now. The dazzling blue and purple background is a great touch, too.

4 Get Pumped

Now Present Mic is back to his carefree and fun-loving self, and just in time. He is in chibi form in this lovely art by artist HeadeSmashScrafty, and that look suits him perfectly. He’d enjoy being a chibi for a day.

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Present Mic’s dark outfit contrasts nicely with the light blue and yellow background, and the huge “YEAH” is a fitting and elegant way to fill up the negative space and show off what his quirk is like. The colorful musical notes help, too.

3 Cool Teacher

In this eighth piece of Present Mic fan art by artist almaadst, it’s not Aizawa or Midnight who’s sharing the scene with him, but Ochaco Uraraka. In the anime, Ochaco hasn’t had any alone time with him or spoken to him, but she must be amused by his outgoing personality, at least.

Ochaco is modest but driven, and Present Mic is now encouraging this first-year student to assert herself and proudly proclaim “Uravity is here!” He even lent her his headphones to inspire her.

2 Goth Time

Now, this is a creative twist that came out of nowhere. Normally, Present Mic isn’t associated with the occult or vampires, but artist RainingRep gave it a try, and the result is truly one-of-a-kind.

Present Mic’s dazzling blond hair is drooped around his head for a more aristocratic look, and it contrasts well with his new dark red and black vampire outfit. But he hasn’t totally forgotten his cool radio jock ways, as his fun mustache and sunglasses demonstrate. Maybe he’s in a Halloween costume party and wanted to turn some heads?

1 In His Element

It was only a matter of time until Present Mic ended up back at a club or rave scene, and he is like a shark in the waters. He can navigate any cool night crowd, and probably show the DJ there how it’s done.

Artist CipherSnail made sure to not only include rave party lights in this scene, but throw in a reluctant Aizawa for contrast and show off how hilarious these two guys’ relationship can be. Aizawa probably owed Present Mic a favor and got dragged into the hottest new club in town.

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Present Mic is a stand-out character in the My Hero Academia anime, and here are 10 pieces of fan art that really get us in a mood to rock!

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