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The series My Hero Academia, which takes place in a universe where 80% of people are born with unique super-powers known as Quirks, has plenty of cool characters with distinct personalities, including the popular Pro Hero known as Hawks.

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Although manga readers have been attached to him for a while now, anime-only fans of the series have only known him for a little while, and thus might not know a lot about his character besides the bare essentials. In fact, there are plenty of things even those who profess to be My Hero Academia‘s biggest fans don’t know about Hawks — here are a few.

10 He Holds The Record For Youngest Top 10 Pro Hero

Hawks is one of the most ambitious Pro Heroes there is — his mantra might as well be “out with the old and in with the new”. He started his own hero agency at just 18 years old and, that same year, he made his first appearance on the Pro Hero Billboard Chart. Flash forward a few years later, and he’s assumed the #2 spot, ranking behind only Endeavor.

He’s still got a long way to go if he’s ever to become #1, but given how fast he is, he probably considers the #1 spot just a small stepping stone to reach his ultimate goal.

9 He’s A Capricorn

Hawks was born on December 28th; this makes his astrological sign that of Capricorn.

Hawks doesn’t really fit the traits of Capricorn, such as being serious and adhering to tradition — he’s not nearly as serious as the other Pro Heroes, and he prefers to break the cycle and create his own traditions rather than follow along in a monotonous loop.

8 He Has A B Blood Type

Hawks has a B blood type. This may seem like extraneous or unnecessary information for Horikoshi to provide, but a theory has become prominent in Japan that one’s blood type can be indicative of their personality traits.

For instance, those with a B blood type are said to be creative, free-thinking spirits who aren’t afraid to speak their thoughts or go their own way – unsurprisingly, Hawks exemplifies these traits to the letter.

7 He’s The Highest-Ranked Pro Hero Who Was Not A U.A. Student

Hawks didn’t have a normal upbringing by any means, but he got his big break after using his powers to prevent a car accident as a child.

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Instead of sending him to a school like U.A., the Hero Public Safety Commission decided to train him themselves, and it was partly for this reason that Hawks would rise to the top of the ranks so quickly after becoming a Pro Hero.

6 His Favorite Food Is Chicken

Plenty of the My Hero Academia characters have their own favorite foods — Todoroki is a fan of cold Soba, and Deku likes Katsudon — but Hawks’ may be the most fitting, because he apparently prefers chicken.

Of course, this is probably a reference to his more bird-like qualities, as some birds such as falcons are known to eat other birds, though hawks (the birds) usually only eat smaller mammals like mice or rabbits.

5 His English Voice Actor Also Voices Another MHA Character

The voice of Hawks in My Hero Academia‘s English dub, Zeno Robinson, also voices another character — the deadly Yakuza Deidoro Sakaki, who worked for Shie Hassaikai as one of the Eight Bullets.

Deidoro’s Quirk, Sloshed, causes those around him to behave drunkenly, stumbling around and losing their sense of balance in general.

4 He Was A Fan Of Endeavor From An Early Age

Hawks is actually a huge fan of Endeavor‘s, and has been since childhood — this is mentioned several times throughout the manga, and visually referred to when he’s shown as a child holding an Endeavor action figure.

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Though his desire for change means that he’s sometimes a bit disrespectful to the #1 hero, Hawks clearly holds his Pro Hero peer in high esteem.

3 His Design Is Based On One Of Horikoshi’s Older Characters

Before My Hero Academia, mangaka Kohei Horikoshi had a series called Oumagadoki Zoo, which follows a teenage girl who decides to volunteer at a zoo because of her love for animals, only to realize the zoo she’s chosen is far from normal.

Several characters from Oumagadoki Zoo were either given cameos or full roles in My Hero Academia, including Pro Heroes like Uwabami and Gang Orca. While Hawks wasn’t directly lifted from the prior series, his design was heavily based on that of Takahiro, a white-tailed eagle who appears in Oumagadoki Zoo.

2 He’s The Series’ Second-Most Popular Pro Hero

Every year or so, Weekly Shonen Jump holds popularity polls — in both Japan and the U.S. — in order to see which characters the fans love the most.

Characters like Bakugo and Midoriya often end up on top, but Hawks actually ended up ranking highly in the 2019 edition. The only Pro Hero who ranked higher than him was fan-favorite Eraserhead.

1 His Backstory Is Based On The Life Of Lionel Messi

For the 5th anniversary of My Hero Academia, an interview with series editor Yoritomi was released on the Honyasan bookstore mobile app.

Yoritomi revealed that the idea for Hawks’ backstory came from him, as after learning about soccer player Lionel Messi’s childhood during the World Cup, he relayed the information to Horikoshi, who used it in developing Hawks.

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My Hero Academia is an anime filled to the brim with awesome characters, but Hawks stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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