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If we were going to point out one of the unsung heroes from My Hero Academia, we’d have to pick Inku Midoriya. She may not be a hero in title, but she certainly is a hero in our hearts. Mother of the famous and beloved Izuku Midoriya (aka Deku), Inku deserves so much love for her role.

Some fans have taken a real inkling to her, which explains why there is so much fan art out there surrounding her. Others seem to be blissfully unaware of her presence the moment she’s off the screen. Today, we’re going to stop and take a minute to focus on her. That means we’re going to be listing ten things that all fans should know about her character. Enjoy!

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10 Growing Older

One of the things we love about Inko Midoriya is that she never tried to hide from time. We first saw her back when little Deku was young – and she was a young mother. Now, the two have aged several years. And it shows.

Despite this, Inko looks more motherly and endearing than ever. You can see the love on her face, while also seeing how the world has given her reason to feel anxious and worried.

9 Fun Birthday Facts

Birthdays are important. That’s obvious, right? Some people enjoy listing out important figures with whom they share birthdays. Since Inko hasn’t done that, we’re going to go ahead and do that for her.

Inko’s birthday is July 4th, meaning that she shares that day of celebration with a hero and a villain each. Christopher Skyline, aka Captain Celebrity shares the same birthday as her. As well as the antagonist from the Two Heroes movie, Wolfram.

8 Hidden Talents

Inko is an extremely talented and creative person, a fact that becomes more obvious the more time you spend looking at the details. We all know that she created Deku’s original costume – but think about that for a minute. She took what was essentially a child’s drawing and turned it into a fully-fledged costume. As a surprise.

We’ve also seen her cooking and spending lots of time in the kitchen, cooking up plenty of meals to keep herself and her son happy and healthy.

7 She’s in a Ship

Ready for a really shocking revelation? (Okay, not that shocking if you’re actively shipping) Inko Midoriya is in a ship. That is to say, the fans are loving the idea of her ending up in a relationship with one of the leading characters.

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Can you guess who it is? It’s All Might himself. Yep! You have to admit, there’s actually something there. Or perhaps that is just the ship in us peeking out.

6 Her Quirk

Inko’s quirk is relatively minor and forgettable (no offense, Inko). That might be partially due to the fact that we rarely see it in action. Her quirk doesn’t actually have a name though, which should say something about how minor it really is.

In essence, it gives her the ability to pull small items and objects towards herself. From what we’ve seen, it takes several movements to pull something from any real distance (read, more than a foot or two). But that would still come in handy. No more getting up to grab the remote!

5 Absent Husband

Fans have surely noticed that Inko has been the only parent present in young Midoriya’s life. Honestly though, we don’t know a whole lot more beyond the fact that her husband, Hisashi, is clearly absent.

Fans do not technically know if he is alive or not. While it seems natural to assume that he has passed on, there’s also the chance that he left for a different reason, or is otherwise traveling. Perhaps this is a question that will one day get answered.

4 References In Her Name

As with the rest of the characters in MHA, Inko’s name brings with it several hints and references within. In fact, her name is arguably one of the cutest to be found, but that might just be our bias showing through.

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Her name can be taken in one of two ways. The first could be interpreted as ‘pull’ and is a direct reference to her quirk. The second is for a parrot, which is actually a cute way to look at Deku’s supportive mother.

3 Bearing the Guilt

When Izuku was very young, his doctor told him (and his mother) that he had no quirk to speak of. It broke both of their hearts, but for different reasons. Deku’s dream was torn away (or more accurately, made more difficult, for he was too stubborn to give up).

Meanwhile, Inko took upon her all of the guilt that came with this revelation. While she didn’t bear any of the blame, she certainly didn’t see it that way. Later, Inko even felt guilt towards doubt Deku’s chances of becoming a hero. In short, she is a woman wracked with unjustified guilt.

2 Personality Traits

Inko is a bright woman, but one prone to anxiety and overreactions. We’ve seen her faint before, as well as breaking out into moments of panic. It’s sad to see her hurt so much, but she certainly seems proud of Midoriya.

Her absence during certain points in Deku’s life (during the U.A. Sports Festival, for example) indicates her tendency to lean away from larger crowds. Based on her behavior, we can only assume that it causes her even more anxiety.

1 She Has A Lot In Common With Her Son

Last, but certainly not least, Inko actually does have quite a lot in common with her son. Or is it the other way around? Inko and Izuku both have a strong tendency to break out in tears – from a variety of emotions at that.

They both feel emotions in the extreme, and they’re not afraid to show that fact. It’s endearing, though sometimes it is more likely to get them in trouble than not. Still, this mother/son pair are iconic and clearly love each other with everything that they have.

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Deku's mom might not get much attention, but she's one of the most important characters on the show.

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