My Hero Academia: 14 Ochaco Uraraka Cosplay You Absolutely Must See

In the action animated series My Hero Academia, we meet Izuku Midoriya, who was born without a quirk (superpower) until the hero All Might granted him One For All. Armed with this newfound power, Izuku enrolls at the prestigious UA school for heroes in training. There, he makes all kinds of friends, chief among them Ochaco Uraraka, the zero-gravity girl.

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Ochaco is one of the fans’ favorite characters, from her tough underdog persona worthy of a protagonist to her sunny disposition and her creative quirk. With a touch, she can make anything weightless, then bring it crashing down to earth at will. Popular characters like these are ripe for some high-quality cosplay, and sure enough, many dedicated fans have brought Ochaco to life in loving detail. So, let’s check out our favorite ten Ochaco Uraraka cosplays.

Update April 30th, 2020 by Louis Kemner: The 4th season of the My Hero Academia anime just wrapped up, and this season was unlike any other. In the early episodes, Ochaco was one of several UA students who answered the call of duty to help take on Overhaul and his Yakuza minions, and by the season’s end, Endeavor established himself as the new Symbol of Peace. So, in the spirit of the anime’s newest season, it’s time to check out five more excellent Ochaco Uraraka cosplayers who really know how to bring this beloved character to life.

14 Student #5

We begin the list with a charming cosplayer who opted for a fairly straightforward but highly faithful cosplay of Ochaco, kind of like an official student ID photo. Here, Ochaco is wearing the fall uniform of UA, and it seems to be just her size.

This cosplayer really makes the most of this shot, with a lovely and quite convincing wig and a cute pose that is 100% Ochaco Uraraka. As a bonus,the cosplayer put in some colored eye contacts (at least it looks that way), and the right makeup for the character’s complexion.

13 Daydreaming Ochaco

Our second Ochaco Uraraka cosplayer shows us one of the most flexible trends in cosplay: imagining the characters in everyday clothes that match their personality and/or powers, and in this case, we think it turned out pretty great.

Ochaco is in a lovely pink bedroom, and that and her jacket’s black and white stripes echo her hero costume. Meanwhile, the cosplayer gives us an adorable, far-put look as she daydreams about something. Either she’s picturing her future hero career, or her favorite  classmate, Izuku Midoriya!

12 Taking Flight

When it comes to using special effects for cosplays of supernatural characters, things can get tricky. Some cosplayers spend a lot of time to make elaborate prosthetics, or they even use image-editing software to add fire, smoke, ice, etc.

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In this case, we bet the cosplayer used the simplest and best method of all: she jumped! The resulting shot is totally worth it, since we get a pose that could easily come from the manga itself. The cosplayer’s hair is ruffled just right, and we like her look of “Look, look! I’m doing it! I’m floating!”

11 Fairy Tale Ochaco

Here is another lovely trend of cosplayers, especially those who dress up as female characters: fairy-tale book versions of their characters. The likes of Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood are popular, but there are many others.

This time around, Ochaco is in a pink and red ensemble, and she is pointing some flowers nearby. Is she telling us to pick a few, or to not pick them? It’s ambiguous, but what’s clear is that we adore this cosplayer, from her expressive eyes and cheek blush to the radiant lighting.

10 Scouting The Area

For our fifth entry, we get Ochaco in her hero costume. She calls herself Uravity, and she can not only make items weightless with a touch, but she can also perform some advanced close-quarters-combat (CQC) moves courtesy of Gun Head.

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In this shot, the cosplayer is suited up in an impeccable replica of Ochaco’s outfit, and her expression really makes this look like an Ochaco in the middle of a mission, where she must remain on high alert. Is she looking for a nomu, or maybe even Tomura Shigaraki himself? He might have been spotted in the area recently!

9 Sparring With Deku

Our next cosplayer is right in the middle of the action! It looks like Ochaco and Deku are in the middle of sparring, and we bet they would love to have some alone time to hone their skills together somewhere on UA’s campus.

Not only do the costumes look great, but each cosplayer has the perfect posture for a mid-action shot, and the sparkle and smoke effects help this scene look like a screenshot of the anime itself. And look at that tall building in the background… we can imagine it as part of the UA dorm complex for added immersion.

8 Dramatic Ochaco

Here is another cosplayer who decided to shake things up a little, and present us an Ochaco Uraraka who is wearing new clothes to show us a different side of the character. She’s with Izuku again, and they have some interesting props on hand.

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Ochaco is looking a bit goth this time, or maybe she’s a theater girl? She’s holding up a skull, like in Hamlet, and her tall, laced-up boots, gloves, and choker mark her as a stylish outcast rather than the center of attention. She and Izuku sure have a thing for skeletons this time around, don’t they?

7 Waiting For You

The eighth Ochaco Uraraka cosplayer in our list opted for a moodier feel for her shot, and we are simply fascinated by her choice of setting and mood. It also adds a new dimension to the character; she can’t be happy and bubbly 24/7. There’s more to her than that.

This Ochaco is in her everyday clothes, and night as fallen as she waits on the stairs for someone to join her. Or perhaps she needed some fresh air and time alone? Ochaco has a lot on her mind, after all, and we don’t blame her for taking a short break from it all. That violet lighting is both gorgeous and haunting.

6 Look At That!

Hey, it looks like Ochaco is in a good mood again. Based on the setting and Ochaco’s excited pointing finger, we’re guessing that she is taking a class trip with the rest of class 1-A, and she’s having the time of her life.

So, where is she, and what does she see? That’s left to the imagination. Perhaps she spotted Mt. Fuji, or the Tokyo Tower, or a really fancy castle? Whatever it may be, Ochaco ought to take a picture! We simply love how this cosplayer shows us Ochaco’s enthusiasm and sense of wonder. This girl is a positive thinker.

5 Cozy Evening

The cosplayers really like to bring out Ochaco’s cute side, don’t they? Well, given the character they’re working with, we can see why! We wrap up the list with an Ochaco who is doing her best to have a special evening… probably with Izuku!

We love the simple but earnest charm of this version of Ochaco, who probably ran straight home to get these flowers and prepare to surprise Izuku when he comes in through the door. Ochaco’s hopeful face, her bouquet, and the charming bedroom setting make for a great scene.

4 Go, Team!

During the UA sports festival, Mineta tricked the girls of class 1-A into thinking that a cheerleader squad was an essential part of the festival. He made that up, but then again, the girls did look good, and some of them made the most of it.

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That includes Ochaco, and this cosplayer brings us an Ochaco who can’t wait to cheer on Izuku as he battles it out against some of UA’s toughest heroes-in-training. Just look at that radiant smile!

3 Sorting Hat

Speaking of alternate versions of Ochaco, why not try a Harry Potter crossover, too? Both the Harry Potter and My Hero Academia stories are about students going to a magical school, and Ochaco would love a big, fancy castle to live in.

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Based on this cosplayer’s choice of Hogwarts robes, Ochaco got herself sorted into Slytherin. A case could be made for Gryffindor, too, but perhaps Ochaco’s fierce determination to reach the top and protect her family got her in Slytherin. It’s not an evil house… but it’s an ambitious one.

2 Role Model

What’s so admirable about Ochaco is not only that she can stand tall and fight for herself (as we saw in the UA battle against Bakuto), but she has a role model and good friend to look up to for inspiration: Izuku.

Ochaco adores him, and in fact, she was the first one to truly welcome Izuku to UA, and she’s been by his side ever since. This cosplayer did a wonderful job showing Ochaco’s happy, gleeful side as she meets up with her own personal hero.

1 Debris Field

The final entry on this list captures a bit of everything about this character. Ochaco is in her school uniform, minus the blazer, so she can move around a little better. She’s also got a stern but calm look on her face, and it looks like she’s almost grinning with confidence.

To complete this action shot, the cosplayer struck a pose that shows off Ochaco’s fingertips (which are central to her quirk), and special effects added in rocky debris all over the place. This is just like the UA sports festival duel between her and Bakugo.

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Ochaco Uraraka is one of the best characters in My Hero Academia, and these cosplayers definitely manage to do her justice.

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