My Hero Academia: 5 Characters We Need To See Team-Up(& 5 That Never Will)

While the world of heroes may be full of powerful and reliable individuals, My Hero Academia has made it a point that no one should fight alone. Anyone and everyone is part of some team, whether it’s between the sides of villains or heroes or more specific organizations such as the League of Villains or Shie Hassaikai.

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People are constantly working together, and one of the best narrative tools of the series is using different combinations of personalities and skills to create unique situations. This list will be looking at just those components, as it tries to imagine some dream teams for the series (& a few team-ups that would be utter nightmares).

10 Team-Up: Kaminari And Jiro

This list starts off with not only a dream team but one of the heaviest ships in the series. Denki Kaminari and Kyoka Jiro have had some romantic tension throughout the series.

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It initially started with Jiro just passively laughing and acknowledging Kaminari’s various stupid antics but has genuinely grown to some affection towards one another. With Kaminari’s recent scene in the Paranormal Liberation War, fans have only been shipping the two even more. As such, it’s about time that the series has the two working together more.

9 Never Will: Mineta And Momo

Far from being as romantic, the duo of Mineta and Momo would only be enjoyable for one member and not for great reasons. The two already have a rocky relationship given that Mineta is constantly ogling Momo; and unfortunate for him, Momo has some self-respect. In addition, there is too large of a skill gap between the two to justify them actually working with one another.

Mineta’s Quirk is very situational and the kid himself has hardly had the most consistent hero training. Momo, on the other hand, has a much more versatile Quirk and requires stability and competency within her teams. Much to Mineta’s despair, the two just wouldn’t work out.

8 Team-Up: Kirishima And Tetsutetsu

Given their aesthetic similarities, Kirishima and Tetsutetsu are already a match made in heaven.  The two are both melee fighters whose combat abilities are bolstered by their reinforcement Quirks.

The two have technically worked under the same internship program before, but the series never showed them in action, and Tetsutetsu, unfortunately, would not team up with Kirishima again during the Shie Hassaikai Arc. With the My Hero Academia world becoming only more treacherous, the unbreakable spears need to be shown pointing in the same direction.

7 Never Will: Aoyama And Monoma

These are two of the most unsuspecting characters who could have a genuinely interesting rapport if they were put together. Aoyama is a young hero looking to become a famous and glamorous hero that can shine above all. Monoma dreams of the same thing, as his inferiority complex makes him despise Class 1-A for constantly stealing the spotlight.

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One would think that two people looking for attention would make a great entertainment duo. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While Aoyama wants to be in the spotlight, Monoma wants nothing more than to steal it for himself. Even though two kids fighting for the main part can be pretty entertaining, it wouldn’t make for a good hero team.

6 Team-Up: Aoyama And Gentle Criminal

With that being said, there is one other unlikely character that could bring out the best in Aoyama. That would be Season 4’s rising (and falling) star, Gentle Criminal. Much like Aoyama, Gentle was once a hero student that aspired to be the center of attention. However, he was discouraged from doing so; and unlike Aoyama, he didn’t have a support system to keep him going.

It would be interesting to see in the future Gentle Criminal having learned from his actions and becoming a force of good. Better yet, it would be interesting to see him seeing a little of himself in Aoyama and the two working together (La Brava included) to steal nothing but the hearts of their fans.

5 Never Will: Koda And Present Mic

Koda and Present Mic are diametrically different personalities whose differences are best exemplified by their Quirks. Koda is a quiet kid whose gentle voice can command animals. Present Mic, however, has a loud booming voice that can disrupt every car alarm within a city block.

For this very difference, Present Mic was chosen to be Koda and Jiro’s challenger for the final exams, given that he can disrupt either person’s Quirk. While Koda was able to overcome this, this arc made it a point that the two’s abilities just can’t mesh with one another.

4 Team-Up: Endeavor And All Might

Endeavor and All Might may be the very definition of a dream team within the My Hero Academia world. Both have been positioned as the greatest heroes, and each has a special quality that the other lacks to some extent. All Might is a shining role model whose relentless power and tenacity can always be at the front lines of a fight.

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Endeavor is a talented investigator whose deductive abilities and resources make him ideal for solving cases. His Quirk can also allow him to fairly keep up with All Might. Setting aside their differences, All Might can have a pretty wild last ride fighting alongside someone who can genuinely call himself his equal.

3 Never Will: Endeavor And Dabi

While working with All Might would be a cathartic experience and a high-functioning team, not every person out there is looking to work with Endeavor. He’s a brash hero whose professional and personal life are met with strict and obsessive fervor. Because of this, Endeavor has become a major target for one of the most mysterious members of the League of Villains, Dabi.

Dabi’s current missions with the League/Paranormal Liberation Front seem to have singled out Endeavor. On top of his sly operations, many fans believe that Dabi could be Endeavor’s long lost/dead son, Toya Todoroki. In any case, the meeting between the two is gonna have a lot of friction, and any team-up, at least for the moment, can be set aside for now.

2 Team-Up: Uraraka And Toga

Dabi is clearly the hothead of the League of Villains but not every member is as frictional as his matchbook personality. Toga, in this case, is the type of person who can’t wait to work with a variety of interesting people. The only drawback, however, is that she has certain stabby tendencies that would make it hard to be around her.

Despite this, she has expressed an obvious interest in a couple of people. One is Midoriya Izuku whose natural propensity for mutilating himself interests her. The other oddly enough is her romantic rival, Ochaco Uraraka. During the League’s clash with the Meta Liberation Army, Toga chose Uraraka of all people to show off her new Quirk. Such deep interest could make for a unique confrontation between the two in the future and possibly an even more interesting team-up.

1 Never Will: Shigaraki And Overhaul

Shigaraki and Overhaul could have ruled over the underground world with an iron fist. Shigaraki has the charisma and underground backing that could have improved the Shie Hassaikai. Overhaul has a sense of organization and resources that could have made the League of Villains much more dangerous.

Villain team-ups have infamously been some of the most dreaded obstacles in the superhero genre, and the two were primed to be a real terror for the hero world. However, personalities and personal agendas collided, and two couldn’t help but be at each other’s throats. It also doesn’t help that Overhaul killed one of Shigaraki’s men, and Shigaraki would respond by attacking him after Overhaul’s loss to Deku.

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Which My Hero Academia characters would make the best team? And what teams will fans likely never see?

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