My Hero Academia: 5 Characters Who Will Make It To The End (& 5 Who Probably Won't Survive)

The world of Shonen Jump may have just brought in a new crop of exciting and varied stories to the otaku world, but that doesn’t mean fans won’t start seeing death ahead. That isn’t to say that people think many of these series are going to fail but that they’ve been hurt way too much to see a regular anime and not try and guess who’ll live to the end.

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The world of Shonen Jump is one filled with consequences, where a few anime characters have to die to create new friendship speeches. Of the Shonen world’s current march, My Hero Academia is leading the way. Having been around for several years, its grace period is nearing its end, and fans are beginning to worry about their favorite characters. This list will be looking at those same worries and guessing who will and will not make it to the end.

10 Make It To The End: Minoru Mineta

While Minoru Mineta may not be the most popular My Hero Academia character, he is Class 1-A’s comic relief and the center of a lot of Kohei Horikoshi’s humor writing. His major role in the series is to break tension and just be scrappy enough to make an inspiring underdog story.

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Mineta’s biggest brush with death may most likely come when he cowardly struggles to do the right thing; but at the last second, jumps in with a surprisingly brave and clever save. Though he’ll struggle, he probably won’t die.

9 Won’t Survive: Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima is the vanguard of Class 1-A whose constant optimism and callbacks to a more stoic age of heroes inspires a much more macho form of justice to the fans.

While this may empower Kirishima to the extent, it does hold a dark cloud over his head that follows the same hard boiled heroes that he loves. Being the type of guy to rush in to save people and being a literal shield no less is always going to put Kirishima on the front lines of danger. Stores like that don’t always end well.

8 Make It To The End: Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido is one of the leading female characters in Class 1-A. She’s the purple, acid dripping “Alien Queen” whose cheery attitude and bubbliness can bring a smile to anyone’s face. However, as distinctive as she is, she’s not exactly one of the main characters.

She’s a bright supporting character who will act as the best friend and give encouraging moral support. Unless Kohei Horikoshi gives her a surprising backstory, Ashido will not only make it to the end but will be one of the few characters to have a really fun time throughout the story.

7 Won’t Survive: Gran Torino

Gran Torino already has a strong legacy in the My Hero Academia world. He had a close relationship with Nana Shimura and was the mentor to both All Might and Midoriya Izuku. While that means he is a man of great experience and talent, it also labels him as the elderly mentor in a Shonen series.

These are the types of characters who will have one last battle to defend their friends and organization while they reflect on their long lives. They play an important role but, given their same age and history, are much easier for the series to wave goodbye.

6 Make It To The End: Hatsume Mei

Hatsume Mei’s entire role in the series is to change the technology and environment with her own inventions. She’s the mad scientist whose exact future may not be known early on but can flourish to great proportions in the future.

She could be a supporting revolutionary in a distant war or a successful tech giant in an advanced city. As someone who practically screams future, she’ll probably have one in this series.

5 Won’t Survive: Tomura Shigaraki

As someone whose life has been engraved with death, it would make sense that the man himself would be destined for it. Tomura Shigaraki is the main villain of My Hero Academia whose tortured life and villainous upbringing have made him a maniacal and ambitious agent of destruction.

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While Shonen anime are infamous for giving guys like this a change of heart, people as dark as him typically only do so right before their death, either sacrificing themselves as penance or reflecting on their lives after one last defeat.

4 Make It To The End: Iida Tenya

Any one of the main characters can have death flags on them. Being in the spotlight unfortunately also means being at the wrong end of the barrel, and My Hero Academia naturally has a long line of courageous kids just willing to jump into danger.

While it’s hard to tell which ones are going to die for character development, Iida Tenya does have a slight advantage in having most of his character arc, if not all of it, finished a long time ago. Having taken on the mantle of Ingenium, he’ll likely hold his brother’s legacy to the future of the series.

3 Won’t Survive: All For One

While Tomura Shigaraki may likely die as a changed man, All for One is just primed to fall to the weight of his own hubris. He’s the legendary villain whose ambitions have built the foundation of the modern world’s villainy.

Not only does he show no signs of remorse, but he seems eager to pass on the torch that will one day burn down the world. If Horikoshi doesn’t pull a huge reveal later on, All for One is going to die in the series, possibly laughing at the entire world’s expense.

2 Make It To The End: Midoriya Izuku

While some anime may like to pull the rug under fans’ feet and kill off the main character, that is likely not the case in My Hero Academia. It’s a bright and hopeful series that seeks to make Midoriya Izuku an agent of change that will both save the world and end the cycle of torment and violence that has built its villainous past.

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If one were to interpret the line, “This is the story of how I became the greatest hero,” as a declaration from the future and not just a red herring, the series’ end will see Deku’s success.

1 Won’t Survive: All Might

Last but not least, this list reaches the character that came into the series raising every death flag available. All Might is the tired hero of old who’s gravely injured, lost his powers, and is constantly coughing up blood. He doesn’t even hide it in a napkin. It’s just in the fan’s faces. As Deku’s legacy rises, All Might’s only looks on with a nostalgic sense of pride that, while cheerful, also hint at his waning.

All Might is also seeping deeper into the greater investigation on All for One, putting the weakened hero in greater and greater danger throughout the series. All Might is definitely going to die in the series, and Kohei Horikoshi is just deciding on how to do it in the most heartbreaking way.

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My Hero can be pretty lighthearted at times, but its characters are playing for keeps. They won't all make it to the finish line.

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