My Hero Academia: 5 Characters With Overpowered Quirks (& 5 With Average Quirks)

Quirks are special powers that are possessed by nearly 80% of the population in the world of My Hero Academia. Each Quirk offers a unique ability to the user, although the level of power offered by them varies.

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The story has seen the introduction of some amazing Quirks so far, wielded by the strongest of Heroes and Villains, while others aren’t as useful and fall into the average class. Here are 5 overpowered Quirks in My Hero Academia and 5 that are not half as good.

10 Overpowered: All For One

All For One is a Quirk the powers of which are wielded by the Villain All For One. This Quirk is incredibly powerful and it allows him to steal anyone’s Quirk at will. The stolen Quirks can then be stockpiled or distributed among others.

Furthermore, All For One is also able to use multiple Quirks and thanks to that, he was able to push even the strongest Hero, All Might, beyond all his limits in a fight.

9 Average: Steel

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, one of the students of U. A Highschool, wields the powers of the Steel Quirk. This ability allows him to turn his skin into steel and increase both his offensive and defensive capabilities.Unfortunately, it has a lot of limitations to it, such as the user not being able to withstand too much heat, and the durability wearing off after a certain amount of time.

8 Overpowered: One For All

One For All is wielded by Izuku Midoriya and All Might before him. So far, this Quirk appears to be the only one capable of matching All For One.

One For All increases the strength and speed of the user to a level where a single punch can alter the weather and vaporize objects around them. With its powers, All Might managed to put an end to All For One for good.

7 Average: Big Fist

Big Fist is the Quirk of Itsuka Kendo and it allows her to increase the size of her fists drastically. Along with the size, it also increases the strength of her fists, however, it isn’t all that useful in combat.

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With a bigger size comes a real lack of speed and the opponent usually takes advantage of that to land a counterattack. Big Fist is certainly an average Quirk in My Hero Academia.

6 Overpowered: Permeation

Used by none other than Mirio Togata, one of the Big Three of UA, Permeation is a power that lets him phase through objects at all.

Thanks to its powers, Mirio is able to counter any attack thrown at him, essentially making him nigh-invincible in a fight. With the speed offered by this Quirk, Mirio is also able to launch a surprise attack on his opponents and when coupled with his insane strength, he ends up making quick work of the enemies before him.

5 Average: Gecko

Wielded by Spinner, one of the members of the League of Villains, Gecko is a Quirk with no real usage and all it does is give him lizard-like appearance and the ability to stick to walls.

As such, Spinner relies on his own strength in fights. It goes without saying that Gecko is probably the weakest Quirk in My Hero Academia. In the future, some other abilities of this Quirk might be revealed to us.

4 Overpowered: Decay

Decay is wielded by Tomura Shigaraki who is the current leader of the Villian Association. This Quirk allows him to turn anything he touches into the dust within a matter of seconds, which is a tremendously powerful ability.

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After awakening its powers, Tomura was able to reduce multiple people to dust within seconds and he even made quick work of Re-Destro, the leader of the Meta Liberation Army.

3 Average: Pop Off

Pop off is a Quirk that is wielded by Minoru Mineta and it gives him the ability to produce sticky balls from his scalp. When used, they stick to whatever they’re attached to and often cause a hindrance to the enemies.

While it is a useful Quirk, it is also very harmful to its user as excessive usage of this power often leads to bleeding from the scalp.

2 Overpowered: Stress

Wielded by Rikiya Yotsubashi, also known as Re-Destro, Stress is quite a strong Quirk that allows him to change his rage, anger, and stress into raw power.

It is easy to see why this power is incredible, as there doesn’t seem to a limit to how much the user can grow with its abilities. When used by Rikiya during the Meta Liberation Army arc, he was able to wipe out large chunks of Deika City with ease.

1 Average: Gas

Mustard, one of the members of the League of Villains, is the wielder of the Quirk named Gas which grants him the ability to produce sleeping gas at will.

This Quirk has a decent radius of attack, meaning it is fairly useful against multiple enemies. However, it has some major weaknesses as well, such as the Quirk losing all effect once the user is knocked out.

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My Hero Academia is filled with powerful heroes and villains with powerful quirks backing them, but not all quirks were created equal.

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