My Hero Academia: 5 Class 1A Students Who Will Be Great Heroes (& 5 That Still Don't Look Ready)

While they’re only in their first year of high school, many students of My Hero Academia‘s Class 1-A show great promise, and will undoubtedly become great heroes in a few more years. They possess the skills, intelligence, and judgment to hang with the Pros, and have proven themselves on several occasions.

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And while some of their classmates aren’t completely hopeless, it’s clear that many of them have a lot more to learn before they could ever hope to become great heroes. We’ve taken the time to assemble a list of five students well on their way to the big leagues, along with five of their classmates who could learn a thing or two from them.

10 Will Be Great: Tenya Iida

As the youngest member of a prestigious and well-known hero family, Tenya Iida was always destined to become a great Pro Hero. His Quirk is not only useful for both movement and combat, but he’s demonstrated instinctive control over it even before beginning his studies at U.A. He nearly lost himself in a quest for revenge after his older brother was nearly killed by Stain, but after overcoming Stain, he’s used his wounded arm to remind him of the darkness he nearly succumbed to.

Though he hasn’t seen much action in the anime’s most recent season, Iida has made it clear that he’ll keep striving to become a better version of himself, which will ultimately lead to him becoming one of the greatest heroes who ever lived.

9 Still Doesn’t Look Ready: Denki Kaminari

At first glance, Kaminari has one of the best Quirks in the entire series, except that he hasn’t learned how to overcome its one major flaw, and constantly short-circuits his own brain every time he gets some onscreen action. Unlike his close friends Bakugo and Kirishima, Kaminari really hasn’t had his moment yet, and is still very much a follower and not a leader.

He definitely has a long way to go, which was made evident to everyone during his poor Final Exam performance, and to make matters worse, he’s often seen with Mineta, the both of them with their minds too deep in the gutter to truly focus on becoming better heroes like some of their classmates.

8 Will Be Great: Tsuyu Asui

Even as a first-year, Tsuyu has never let a Pro Hero down. It was her quick-thinking and levelheadedness that enabled her and Tokoyami to outsmart Ectoplasm in order to pass their Final Exam, not to mention her stellar performance during her internship led to Innsmouth’s capture.

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She’s shown that she can hold her own in a battle as well, and served as a great source of support to the heroes who stormed Chisaki’s hideout. Though she still has much to learn, she’s well on her way to becoming a reliable, well-rounded hero.

7 Still Doesn’t Look Ready: Koji Koda

While Koda can command any animal to do his bidding, insects included, he’s so shy and soft-spoken that he has yet to tap into the full potential of his abilities. His voice isn’t loud enough to communicate with animals across vast distances, and he can’t be counted on to save anyone if he doesn’t boost his confidence a bit more.

6 Will Be Great: Ochaco Uraraka

Uraraka is often overlooked, mostly due to the fact that she doesn’t really have a good handle on her Quirk yet, but after her fight with Bakugo, she proved that she has the determination and resilience that is required of any great Pro Hero. Most notably, the martial arts skills that she picked up from Gunhead during her internship, combined with her anti-gravitational Quirk, have allowed her to disarm opponents and traverse battlefields with relative ease.

If she keeps improving both, she’ll become a Pro Hero that’ll be difficult for many villains to beat in a fight.

5 Still Doesn’t Look Ready: Minoru Mineta

Mineta’s Quirk is one of the most peculiar in the series, although he’s shown just how useful it can be in rendering his opponents immobile. He proved during the Final Exam just how useful he could be against an opponent whose power far outranks his own, since most Quirks are useless if the user can’t even move. And yet he’s so focused on women that he’s sabotaging his own progress.

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While he could’ve accepted an internship at an agency that would’ve taught him some new skills, he went with Mt. Lady’s agency due to this obsession with women. He’s also a bit too cowardly to fight a real villain, and would definitely freeze up in a serious fight. And while he is working towards a goal, wanting to be popular with girls just doesn’t seem like enough to really push him to become the greatest hero he can be.

4 Will Be Great: Ejiro Kirishima

For the first three seasons of My Hero Academia, Kirishima didn’t really stand out amongst his classmates. In Season 4, Kirishima set himself apart after enrolling in a Hero-Work Study with Fat Gum Agency, playing a key role in putting a stop to some of Chisaki’s henchmen.

He not only managed to evolve his Quirk, but he demonstrated growth, and it’s clear that the Season 4’s Kirishima is a lot different than the version of Kirishima who failed his Final Exam. With the Pro Hero Crimson Riot as his inspiration, there’s no telling just what Kirishima will go on to accomplish in the near future.

3 Still Doesn’t Look Ready: Shoto Todoroki

As the son of Endeavor, all eyes are on Todoroki to carry on his father’s legacy as one of the best Pro Heroes to have ever lived. His Quirk not only self-regulates itself, but doesn’t require much out of him to utilize. Still, despite his great power, the series has made an effort to show that his path is more mental than physical.

His relationship with his father and his fire powers are still murky, and he has a lot more work to do to not only overcome this grudge with his father, but also extra differentiate himself from his father to become the kind of hero he wants to be. His failure during the Provisional Hero License Exam proved that he is in fact imperfect, despite having a Quirk that appears flawless on the surface.

2 Will Be Great: Izuku Midoriya

Even before he had a Quirk, Midoriya had all the makings of a great hero. Not only had he been studying the Pros, absorbing their morals over time, but he gained All Might’s approval after rushing to save Bakugo from a villain despite knowing he wouldn’t be able to make a difference. After inheriting One For All, he’s only continued to improve, and has constantly sacrificed his own well-being to save those who couldn’t save themselves.

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With All Might guiding him, he’ll definitely turn out to be a great hero, but as Season 4 demonstrated, he’s more than capable of figuring things out on his own. There’s no doubt that Midoriya will become one of the greatest heroes who ever lived, even if he never becomes as strong as All Might.

1 Still Doesn’t Look Ready: Katsuki Bakugo

As hated as Bakugo might be by many fans, there’s no denying that he deserves his spot in Class 1-A. Though his Quirk seems outwardly destructive, he’s learned how to use it to move around and disorient his opponents. Still, his hotheaded temperament and inability to think of others in a crisis is what’s definitely holding him back.

Though he’s had time to reflect on the error of his ways after flunking the Provisional Hero License Exam, change doesn’t happen overnight, and his anger will still get in the way of his ability to become a hero that people can look up to. He might not require as much time on the practice field as other students, but he’ll definitely need a good amount of therapy if he desires to become anything close to a great hero.

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Class 1A has been through a lot, and while some of its students look ready to turn pro others need some more work.

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