My Hero Academia: 5 Classmates Who Could Handle One For All Better Than Deku (& 5 Quirks He Should Have Had Instead)

My Hero Academia is a series that has left a mark on countless fans. Who hasn’t fallen for Deku and his quest to become the Symbol of Peace? Yet, even loving him as much as we do, we have to admit that perhaps there are other heroes in training that are better matches for All For One.

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There are several students who could have found themselves in Deku’s place – that could still become that Symbol, even without help from All Might. Likewise, there are perhaps some quirks that would have been better suited to Midoriya and his temperament. So let’s take a moment to talk about all of these alternate possibilities, shall we?

10 A Better Match: Katsuki Bakugo

When you think of another student in Deku’s class who could have taken on All For One, the first name that comes to mind is likely Bakugo. After all, he’s extremely talented, brash, and more than capable of holding his own.

He’s also been targeted by All For One’s people in the past and survived to tell the tale. While we don’t know for sure how a battle between these two would go, it feels safe to assume that Bakugo would make All For One fight for every inch he takes.

9 A Better Quirk: Explosion

On that note, Bakugo’s quirk, Explosion, would have actually been a great fit for Midoriya. In fact, many fans out there believe that it was originally Deku’s quirk (think about the quirks his parents had) and that it was stolen by his doctor, only to be handed off to Bakugo.

Even if that isn’t the case, we strongly believe that Deku could have handled such a quirk. He’s so passionate and creative, he certainly would have found just as many clever uses for the quirk as Bakugo himself.

8 A Better Match: Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is another classmate of Deku’s who would give All For One an issue or two. Would he be a better match against the villain? It’s hard to be certain, but we think he’d stand a solid chance against him.

Especially if his training continues to progress the way it has been. He’s already extremely powerful and talented, a fact that will only become clearer the harder he trains with heroes who want to help him become more.

7 A Better Quirk: Erasure

There are plenty of quirks that Deku could have been born with (or received) that he would have worked brilliantly with. One of those is Eraser Head’s quirk. Just think about everything that Deku could have done with Erasure.

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More importantly, think about what Deku could have done with that quirk when up against All For One. Or any of the other fights he’s already been involved in, for that matter.

6 A Better Match: Fumikage Tokoyami

Tokoyami might not be a name that jumps to the top of your list when thinking about heroes in training taking on All For One, but we think he should make that list. He’s strong and capable, and he could certainly throw a surprise or two All For One’s way.

After all, when fighting Tokoyami, it’s not just him you have to worry about, but his dark shadow as well. So unless All For One managed to steal a light or flaming quirk before his fight, Tokoyami could very likely do some damage before the fight came to a close.

5 A Better Quirk: Brainwashing

Hitoshi Shinso had a bit of a controversial introduction to the series, thanks to his actions in the U.A. Sports Festival. That being said, you’ve got to admit that his quirk has potential. Especially in the hands of somebody with a quick mind.

Just think what Deku could do with a quirk like that. Deku is brilliant, especially in terms of how to apply quirks in unique ways, so we have no doubt that he would find a way to dominate with this quirk – without crossing any ethics lines, we hope.

4 A Better Match: Momo Yaoyorozu

Speaking of classmates who would potentially do well against All For One: Momo Yaoyorozu. She may not be the most confident of the bunch (she’s working on that), but she is brilliant, and her quirk is diverse and powerful.

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If you gave Momo a little bit of time to think, the odds are very good that she would come up with something clever to go after All For One with. Especially if somebody she cared about was on the line.

3 A Better Quirk: Copy

Neito Monoma is a bit of a jerk, we’ll admit it. But you’ve got to admit that his quirk is very useful to have. Monoma has a quirk known as copy, and it lets him copy most quirks that he comes in contact with.

There are limitations, of course. But who better to work around those limitations and come up with clever uses that Deku himself? The kid is a genius, especially when it comes to cataloging others’ quirks.

2 A Better Match: Tenya Iida

Next up on our list of classmates to battle against All For One is Iida. This may seem like an odd call, but do recall how tenacious and intense Iida can be. He went after Stain all own his own, even if that wasn’t the greatest call.

Iida has learned a lot from that moment, and we strongly believe that he would find a way to go up against All For One, all while giving himself the best odds possible.

1 A Better Quirk: Permeation

Permeation is the quirk that famously belongs (belonged?) to Mirio, and it allowed him to travel through substances for attacks and quick movement. We have no doubt that Midioriya would find hundreds of hundreds of ideas and creative combinations to go with this quirk.

Also, recall that Sir Nighteye originally wanted Mirio to be the one to inherit One For All, meaning that this is a quirk with a lot of power (alongside Mirio’s personality, of course). Just imagine what Deku could do with it.

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In My Hero Academia, if another classmate was given One For All, who would be able to handle it best?

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