My Hero Academia: 5 Fan Theories That Season 4 Confirmed (& 5 That Were Debunked)

The fourth season of My Hero Academia has come to an end, but it gave fans a pretty good idea of what a world without the Symbol of Peace looks like during its 25-episode run. Following All Might‘s confrontation with All for One — and his final stand as the Number One hero — the fourth season shows the other Pro Heroes attempting to maintain the peace and hope that All Might brought about, even as the anime’s villains grow bolder.

And given the giant question mark season three left when it comes to hero society, fans had quite a few theories heading into the new season.

Here are five fan theories the anime’s fourth season confirmed (and five it debunked).

10 Confirmed: The Big Three Will Play A Larger Role In The New Season

The tail end of My Hero Academia season three introduced a group of students known as U.A. High’s “Big Three.” Consisting of Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado, this trio of third years represents the best and brightest of U.A. High — and many correctly guessed that they’d play a bigger role heading into the new episodes.

While Nejire’s part in season four isn’t that huge, both Tamaki and Mirio have their own character-centric episodes during the Overhaul arc. And that’s not to mention the storyline about Mirio being All Might’s potential successor before Deku arrived.

9 Debunked: Mirio And All Might Are Related

When Mirio was introduced, some fans surmised he could be related to All Might. After all, the two of them do look somewhat similar, and they both have the same positive attitude and drive to help people.

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Nothing in season four, however, suggests that All Might and Mirio are anything to one another beyond teacher and student. Of course, Mirio could have been All Might’s successor, but All Might’s first-season encounter with Deku put a stop to that potential relationship as well.

8 Confirmed: A Major Character Will Die In Season 4

For its first three seasons, My Hero Academia remained pretty tame when it came to killing off characters. Fans have been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it finally did, raising the stakes and showing that the anime is capable of throwing big losses our way.

Sir Nighteye’s demise following the confrontation with Overhaul proved anyone predicting that season four would have a big death in store correct. Whether the series will continue to kill off characters remains to be seen, but this is a big step toward taking this anime in a darker and more serious direction.

7 Debunked: Overhaul Will Take Over The League Of Villains

When Overhaul arrived on the scene, many assumed the formidable villain would have a large role to play over the course of the series — perhaps even presenting dear Shigaraki with a rival who could steal the League of Villains right out from under his nose. Overhaul himself seemed to have the idea to do so, but the end of his fourth-season character arc suggests he won’t be reigning over the bad guys any time soon.

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It’s a shame we won’t see more of Overhaul considering how powerful his quirk is. But it seems Shigaraki will be more than enough for Deku and his friends to contend with — especially if the manga is anything to go by.

6 Confirmed: Bakugo Will Grow Up

During the early episodes of My Hero Academia, it was hard to imagine Bakugo’s character could ever grow up, but season three showed the beginnings of serious character development for him. And season four continued down that path, proving that he’s learning from his mistakes, even if he’s not all that vocal about it.

After failing their Provisional Hero License exams, Todorki and Bakugo are both asked to get a group of poorly disciplined students under control. And Bakugo’s sentiment that they shouldn’t look down on others lest they ignore their own shortcomings is clearly coming from a place of experience.

5 Debunked: Aoyoma Is The Traitor

Following Bakugo’s abduction by the League of Villains, Principal Nezu suggests that U.A. High may have a traitor in its midst. Fans have spent a lot of time unraveling who that traitor could be, and one suggestion that’s come up is Aoyama. His whereabouts during the camp attack are mostly unknown and his drive to be a hero isn’t as clear cut as many of the other students’.

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Once Aoyoma started lurking around Midoriya’s room during season four, it seemed possible the anime would confirm him as the double agent. But instead, it seemingly debunks the notion that Aoyoma is anything but good, insisting that he’s just trying to cheer Deku up with his creepy antics.

4 Confirmed: The League Will Create Even More Powerful Nomus

All for One’s Nomus were introduced early on, and the discovery that they’re created from human corpses and infused with quirks was a surprising one to say the least.

The final episodes of My Hero Academia‘s fourth season confirm that All for One and his cronies are still experimenting with Nomus, making them stronger and more capable of defeating Pro Heroes. The one Endeavor fights appears to have intelligence — a first for these monsters — and it nearly destroys the new Number One hero at his full strength.

3 Debunked: Endeavor Won’t Live Up To All Might’s Legacy

When All Might officially retired, Endeavor became the Number One hero. And whether you like the guy or not, it’s hard to imagine him stepping into All Might’s shoes. Despite how strong he is, Todoroki’s father lacks the empathy and positive attitude All Might is famous for.

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Still, the tail end of season four debunks the notion that Endeavor can’t possibly live up to All Might’s legacy. Although it’s doubtful he’ll become the next Symbol of Peace, he certainly seems to become a rallying point for the remaining Pro Heroes and the citizens he’s charged with protecting. And his finale performance more than proves he can hold the Number One title — even without the power of One for All.

2 Confirmed: There’s More To One For All Than Deku And All Might Realize

The former heroes who possessed One for All appeared to Deku during his fight against Shinso back in season two, but their absence afterward caused Deku to believe this vision was simply his imagination. Fans have predicted that scene to have more meaning than Deku attributes to it, however, and they’re proven right during season four.

During the final moments of season four, Deku has a dream in which All Might’s predecessors speak to him. It appears to be the awakening of a new part of his power, and it’s no doubt exactly what the first encounter with them was foreshadowing.

1 Debunked: All Might’s Early Death Is Inevitable

Since All Might’s big battle with All for One, fans have been predicting his demise, and Sir Nighteye’s vision that All Might would die “an unspeakably gruesome death” at the hands of a villain seemed to confirm the theory that Deku’s hero would meet his end sooner rather than later.

All Might’s death becomes less inevitable, however, when Deku manages to alter the outcome of one of Sir Nighteye’s visions, surviving his encounter with Overhaul on a mixture of luck and sheer will. After this, he and All Might agree to fight fate together, potentially debunking the idea that All Might has to die soon.

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Season four of My Hero Academia has come to a close. With it, the show also put to bed some popular fan theories — and confirmed others.

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