My Hero Academia: 5 Heroes Who'd Be All Might's Sidekick (& 5 Heroes He'd Never Work With)

All Might, even before his forced retirement, was never famous for having sidekicks. Even back in the day, he had only one that we’re aware of, Sir Nighteye. Still, it’s fun to think of what could have been. Who All Might could have worked with if his retirement hadn’t come so soon.

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There are two sides to every coin. So while we’re theorizing about who All Might could have worked with, we also have to consider which heroes of My Hero Academia All Might would have consistently refused to work with. Here are our top five in both categories.

10 Potential Sidekick: Katsuki Bakugo

Let’s start with one of the more obvious pairings, shall we? All Might has taken an increased interest in Bakugo – especially ever since the young man revealed how much hurt and anger he was feeling about being passed over.

It feels likely that All Might would have given Bakugo the chance to prove himself, along with taking the time to train him further. We don’t think Bakugo’s time as a sidekick would have lasted very long (the boy is absolutely the type to branch off sooner rather than later), but we still think it could have happened.

9 Never Gonna Happen: Toru Hagakure

No offense to Toru Hagakure, but it seems extremely unlikely that All Might would have ever worked with her excessively. Not because she lacks talent, but rather because of the match-up with their quirk.

Remember that realization Todoroki had, after the first attack on the students? Now imagine that was All Might. He would constantly have to be walking on eggshells, so as to avoid accidentally hitting her with one of his many powerful attacks. That combination would simply be more trouble than it is worth.

8 Potential Sidekick: Izuku Midoriya

Next up on the list is the most obvious candidate for being a sidekick: Midoriya. If this was a world in which Deku had a quirk of his own, and in which All Might didn’t have to retire, we can absolutely see these two working together.

After all, Midoriya got his attention once, so this is sound logic. Likewise, if All Might had just a bit more time before retirement, we could see them pairing up (much like what happened in the movie).

7 Never Gonna Happen: Bubble Girl

There are a lot of reasons for us believing that Bubble Girl (Kaoruko Awata) and All Might never would have teamed up. The obvious being that up until his death, she was the sidekick for Sir Nighteye.

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Now it would simply be too painful for her to pick up where her mentor had left off, all those years ago. It seems likely that she’ll simply move forward on her own from here, as anything else would be too painful.

6 Potential Sidekick: Shoto Todoroki

If you’re going to talk about powerful students at U.A., then you’re also going to have to talk about Todoroki. It would make complete sense for All Might to see the potential in Todoroki, and approach him in hopes of helping him expand it further.

The fact that it would also enrage Endeavor is simply a bonus, not that All Might would actually see it that way. But he probably would notice the broken dynamic between father and son, and try to do something about it (for good or for ill).

5 Never Gonna Happen: Midnight

When it comes to heroes, there are certain teams that feel almost natural. And then there are teams that will just never happen. All Might and Midnight feel like the latter. Yes, they are teachers and would not hesitate to work together to save their students.

That being said, Midnight is not the type of hero who would consent to be a sidekick, even to the famous Symbol of Peace. It would just never happen. Nor would her style match that of the Symbol, or vice versa.

4 Potential Sidekick: Mirio Togata

For a minute let’s just pretend that All Might didn’t have to retire, and that Mirio hadn’t lost his quirk (regardless of how permanent that fact may or may not be). The likelihood of these two teaming up together seems extremely high.

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For one thing, Sir Nighteye would have wanted it – if only to ensure that All Might would have handed One For All to Mirio. For another, these two are highly compatible with each other, not just in fighting styles, but in personality and motivation.

3 Never Gonna Happen: Eraserhead

Another hero that would never agree to be All Might’s sidekick is Eraserhead. Likewise, we don’t think that All Might would want him as a sidekick. While they work well together, there is a major difference between two heroes being allies, and one hero taking charge over the other.

Not to mention that their quirks and talents, while admirable, probably don’t work that well together. We can picture All Might getting in Eraserhead’s way all the time, as well as the reverse.

2 Potential Sidekick: Tamaki Amajiki

Tamaki Amajiki, aka Suneater, is a member of the Big Three. He’s also a hero with so much potential. He just needs to get a bit of confidence in himself first. Thankfully, there are heroes like FatGum and All Might who would make note of this young hero, and work on helping him.

We can easily picture All Might taking Suneater under his wing, after all, our Symbol of Peace is not lacking any confidence, and he could afford to teach a student a thing or two about having faith in oneself.

1 Never Gonna Happen: Hanta Sero

Last on our list is Hanta Sero. Sero is a hero probably designed after Spider-Man himself, which is pretty cool. But that doesn’t make him compatible with All Might, unfortunately. The odds are good that these two would never work together in the field, if for no other reason than the fact that All Might would likely burst through Sero’s tape a time or two. No matter how hard he might to try and avoid that. His quirk is simply too destructive in comparison to our young hero-in-training’s quirk.

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If All Might had been interested in taking on more sidekicks, who would he have picked to help him out?

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