My Hero Academia: 5 Heroic Things Only Aizawa Can Do (& 5 That Only All Might Can Do)

There is no doubt that the superhero genre, despite dating back to the 1930s, is still alive and well around the world. Marvel’s comics had new life breathed into them with the box office juggernaut known as the MCU, and in the world of anime and manga, smash hit titles like One-Punch Man and My Hero Academia are selling well. Caped heroes are 100% in fashion right now.

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As for My Hero Academia, there is a healthy diversity in the pro heroes, in terms of their personality, powers, and capabilities. There is a hero for any occasion, and two standouts in the anime are Shota Aizawa/Eraserhead and the one and only All Might. Both men are outstanding heroes, but they are very different people, and each is capable of heroic deeds the other couldn’t. Let’s review the facts.

10 Aizawa: Neutralize Quirks

Let’s start with one of the most obvious and significant differences: their quirks. All Might inherited One For All from Nana Shimura, while Aizawa has the erasure quirk with the simple but scary ability to erase other people’s quirks.

This power won’t undo physical mutations, like Tsuyu Asui’s froggy nature or Mezo Shoji’s many arms, but it’s a great weapon against villains with dangerous or tricky quirks. All Might can punch hard, but he can’t punch quirks out of existence.

9 All Might: Use Extreme Strength

If quirk erasure is Aizawa’s central weapon, then All Might’s own main weapon is his godly strength. He was slender as a kid and does have his hidden skinny form now, but when the need arises, he is capable of jaw-dropping strength.

All Might can simply punch nearly any problem away, and he can take on the likes of All For One and various Nomu and survive, whereas whole teams of other heroes would succumb. All Might can, with his knuckles, catapult any evildoer into the stratosphere.

8 Aizawa: Set Traps

All Might is extremely powerful, but also blunt and obvious. Eraserhead, by contrast, is a much more subtle hero who can set traps and predict his opponent’s movements. In some ways, he can be compared to Batman.

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Aizawa can use caltrops, his scarf, and any other improvised weapons to capture any villain, minor or major, before they even realize what’s happening. This allows Aizawa to perform precise and quiet operations that don’t level entire city blocks with Detroit Smash.

7 All Might: Hold The World Together

All Might isn’t just the strongest man alive; he is the famed Symbol of Peace, and this fact puts him on absolutely everyone’s radar, for good and ill. In fact, the entire world relies on his presence to scare off villains and inspire hope.

Like Atlas, All Might practically hold the entire world on his shoulders, and once he retires after fighting All For One again, the world rapidly goes on a spiral of chaos and villainy. He was the only thing keeping it all together, and no other hero, not even Hawks or Aizawa, could have done what All Might did.

6 Aizawa: Teach Students

All Might does help train Izuku, but he’s not cut out to be a teacher, and he’ll readily admit it. Meanwhile, Shota Aizawa had to be talked into becoming a teacher at UA, but once he did it, he proved up to the job.

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He is the stern but protective homeroom teacher of class 1-A, which is a lot of responsibility, and he pulls it off. Under his care, the students learn a great deal and train with their quirks, and not a single student has dropped out yet, or even come close. Aizawa is a professor extraordinaire.

5 All Might: Inspire Others

This is related to All Might’s status as the Symbol of Peace. His presence from afar can discourage crime and keep the world spinning, and up close in person, he has an easy time inspiring courage and hope in even the worst scenarios.

His dazzling smile and immovable spirit can easily give other heroes and emergency responders a serious shot in the arm, and no one stays afraid or hopeless for long if they have All Might standing near them. His optimism is infectious.

4 Aizawa: Blend In

For a time, All Might could travel anonymously in his skinny form, but no longer. And his muscle form is impossible to miss. Meanwhile, Aizawa has a much easier time navigating everyday life incognito, and this can be useful.

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Aizawa can operate like a plainclothes cop of sorts, and since he tries not to become famous or draw attention to himself, he can use his obscure status to get around with ease and pass for an ordinary man. Sometimes, the most subtle solution is best.

3 All Might: Coach OFA Candidates

What is Izuku doing? While Aizawa is a better heroics teacher as a whole, All Might is not completely useless as an instructor. He can teach Izuku one thing: how to become a proper candidate to receive One For All.

All Might devised an ultra-tough but practical regimen for Izuku, pushing the boy to his limits so he would become a worthy wielder of One For All. It worked, and Izuku cleared all of All Might’s hurdles to earn the right to that quirk. Impressive work on all parts.

2 Aizawa: Keep A Lid On Others

This is related to Aizawa’s advanced skills as a teacher. He’s not the most sociable or warmhearted fellow, but he knows how to use that stern personality to his advantage. Aizawa won’t let any rambunctious or energetic teenagers run wild while he’s in charge.

Aizawa keeps a tight rein on class 1-A (which is a rowdy bunch), and he knows how to deal with goofy or annoying other people, too. No one rattles him easily, and he knows how to firmly turn down Ms. Joke’s flirting without being rude about it.

1 All Might: Intimidate His Enemies

All Might is highly charismatic, as mentioned earlier, and he can inspire hope and courage in his allies and nearby citizens. But he can also stare down his enemies and have them flee in terror before throwing a single punch.

Everyone is familiar with All Might’s titanic power, and he can easily leer at an enemy and shatter their resolve. He did this against Izuku during a training session, and Izuku was paralyzed with terror until Bakugo started blasting. Aizawa is cold, but he can’t pull that off.

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As for My Hero Academia, there is a diversity in the pro heroes, in terms of personality, powers, and capabilities. Here's a look at Aizawa and Might.

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