My Hero Academia: 5 Quirks Everyone Would Want (& 5 That Seem Too Dangerous For Anyone To Have)

My Hero Academia allows fans to escape the normal boring world and become immersed with the much cooler anime world. In My Hero Academia, people are born with a superpower known as a quirk. These quirks are typically heredity but on occasion there are exceptions. One exception is to Izuku Midoriya, the main protagonist of the series, who is born without a quirk.

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Some quirks are much better than others. Some allow for people to become heroes and some assist with their everyday lives. This list looks at some of the best quirks everybody would want, and some of the more dangerous ones to society.

10 Want: Shoto Todoroki – Half-Cold, Half-Hot

Shoto Todoroki’s quirk allows him to manipulate fire and ice. His quirk is hereditary as his father, Endeavor, is a hero who uses fire and his mother who uses ice. In the anime, Todoroki is often seen using his ice powers to create shields and block attacks.

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He also slides on the ice to get himself out of any tough situations. After finally accepting his fire side, Todoroki uses it mainly to attack. Half-cold, half-hot would be a great quirk for cooling down on a hot summer day or warming up during the winter nights.

9 Dangerous: Himiko Toga – Transform

Besides being part of the dangerous League of Villains, Himiko Toga’s quirk is also very dangerous. Her quirk is called Transform which allows her to shapeshift into anyone, making a perfect copy of them. Toga can even copy the speech sound and patterns of a person, but what she can’t do is copy personalities. This level of deception can be very dangerous, because of the method Toga uses to impersonate. For her quirk to work, Toga must consume the blood from the person she’s transforming into.

8 Want: Toru Hagakure – Invisibility

Who didn’t want the power to be invisible when they were a kid? One of the most underused characters in the My Hero Academia anime, Toru Hagakure has one of the quirks we would all want. Invisibility allows for Toru’s body to become completely invisible and unless she’s wearing clothes, you wouldn’t know she’s there.

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Toru’s Invisibility power also comes with an added benefit. She can manipulate light using her body as a lens. This allows her to cast light in certain directions blinding opponents.

7 Dangerous: Mina Ashido – Acid

Being able to manipulate acid works for Mina Ashido because her skin is immune. However, for everyone else, keep your distance. Acid is strong enough to melt metal objects. Mina’s acid can be manipulated into balls that she can throw, droplets she can rain down, and powerful projectiles. This would lead to a lot of acid spills and a lot of unnecessary acid burns. Best to avoid this quirk all together.

6 Want: Kurogiri – Warp Gate

Warp Gate isn’t a natural quirk, but a created one. Kurogiri can use warp gate to reach different locations. Besides being the ultimate delivery driver, warp gate has the potential to benefit anyone in some type of way. There’s always places to go and people to see.

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Kurogiri’s warp gate is so important that because of his quirk he is deemed as essential to the League of Villains. If someone had this quirk they would have to be careful not to trap anyone in between two gates as they would be cut in half.

5 Dangerous: Eri – Rewind

Eri’s quirk, Rewind, is still yet to be explored. As one of the more relatively new characters to the anime, Eri’s Rewind allows her to rewind a person’s body to a previous state. In the world of My Hero Academia, this has positives and benefits. It allowed Deku to repeatedly use all his strength without much consequence. It’s likely if this was a real quirk it would benefit the medical field making it easier to preform tests with an undo button. As seen with Eri, the quirk is strongest because of Eri’s strong emotions. This quirk used for bad paired with emotion-based decisions could cause some major damage to a person.

4 Want: Momo Yaoyorozu – Creation

In essence, Momo Yaoyorozu’s quirk turns her into a 3D printer that prints in a fraction of the time. Able to create anything she wants, no matter how complex, Momo is only limited by her imagination. Someone with creation doesn’t need to fully understand what they are creating either, just the basics.

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An added benefit is that she can store different creations inside her body for future use. You’re probably thinking that there must be a major drawback to this quirk. If Momo keeps up her calorie intake, she can create as much as she wants.

3 Dangerous: Hitoshi Shinso – Brainwashing

Hitoshi Shinso is too powerful for his own good. His brainwashing quirk lets him willing control anyone who has a conversation with him. Brainwashing would allow for a person to take full control of a person without putting themselves in harm’s way. If this power wasn’t dangerous enough, Hitoshi can control multiple people at one time as long as he brainwashes them individually. The only way to break free from brain washing is to be hit by something strong enough to regain consciousness.

2 Want: Keigo Takami – Fierce Wings

Fierce Wings is a quirt that mutates Keigo Takami’s body. Wings grow from his back that he can manipulate. Besides allowing him to fly, he can manipulate each feather and use them as projectile weapons. The downside to fierce wings is that as feathers are lost, he loses the ability to maneuver his wings.

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However, it only takes two days for them to grow back. If you’re not saving the world as your day job, two days rest seems like a minimal drawback to such a powerful quirk.

1 Dangerous: Katsuki Bakugo – Explosion

Rounding out the list is Katsuki Bakugo’s quirk, explosion. You probably saw this coming if you’re a fan of the series simply because every time Bakugo unleashes his quirk, something gets destroyed. He can barely save anybody without blowing something up. Explosion gets stronger the longer Bakugo fights. Forget in the wrong hands, even in the hands of someone whose level-headed and sane, this quirk is best avoided. Too much destruction, too much power, too much explosion. Somewhere Megumin is crying.

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My Hero Academia showcases some pretty amazing powers, but could you imagine how chaotic they'd be in real life?

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