My Hero Academia: 5 Reasons Why Kirishima Would Make A Great Hero (& 5 Reasons He Could Turn Into A Villain)

My Hero Academia is a series with boundless potential. Potential that carries over to the characters themselves. While many (really, all) of the students we’ve seen are aspiring to become heroes, it is just as possible that they could become the opposite of their goals.

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Many fans have theories about who could be the traitor – we’ve discussed this before. That led us on another train of thought though. Who would do well as a hero, versus as a villain? With that in mind, here are five reasons why Kirishima would make a great hero – and five arguments for him becoming a villain.

10 A Great Hero: He’s Driven

Kirishima is arguably one of the most driven characters in the series – which is saying quite a lot. We know that he desperately wants to be a hero. The depth of his feelings was revealed during the fight against Overhaul and his men.

Because of that, we have no doubt that Kirishima has what it takes to force his way into the world of heroes. He certainly will never give up on his goal, right?

9 A Wicked Villain: The Downside Of Drive

Well, actually, there is a chance he could give up on his goal of becoming a hero: if he found another goal instead. Specifically, if he let that drive to become bigger and better turn into something darker and significantly more insidious.

It’s a story we’ve seen time and time again. A child wants to become a hero, but as they grow they slowly find themselves turning towards the other side of the battle. But will that happen to Kirishima? Only time will tell.

8 A Great Hero: He Cares

Kirishima is so sweet and caring, despite what first appearances may make you think. He has a way of caring, and also of making others care for him (just look at how he managed to become friends with Bakugo).

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We’ve seen Kirishima go out of his way to make connections with dozens of characters. That is something highly overlooked in a hero, but which could take Kirishima farther than the rest of his classmates.

7 A Wicked Villain: He Empathizes With The Wrong Crowd

Related to our point above; Kirishima does, in fact, have the ability to empathize with many different characters. But that isn’t automatically a good thing. After all, we’ve already seen him make an emotional connection with one villain (albeit a low-level one who was struggling).

That isn’t great. It could easily set Kirishima down the wrong path. Especially if he makes a connection with somebody who would be willing to take advantage of him or his willingness to care and follow.

6 A Great Hero: Can’t Keep Him Down

One thing is certain about Kirishima: you can’t keep him down. Sure, you might get lucky and knock him down, but the odds are good that he’ll get right back up and keep on fighting. That’s one of the things we love about his character.

It’s also a strong trait to have in a hero, as it means he’ll never back down from a fight – especially if it means protecting those behind him.

5 A Wicked Villain: Desire to Be the Best

Kirishima, like many of the students in 1A, for that matter, has the desire to become the best he can be. That’s actually a great goal – so long as it doesn’t become corrupted. The truth of the matter is that this pressure can build great heroes. But it can also break them.

Kirishima is walking a fine line, and one day (possibly soon) we’ll find out which way his fate will fall.

4 A Great Hero: He’s Willing To Accept His Faults

One thing we love about Kirishima is that he’s willing to accept his faults – and make moves to change them. Take the time he realized that his ultimate move wasn’t enough. For a moment he was discouraged by that…but then he found a way around it.

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That’s what a hero does. They keep on moving, they keep on fighting. And they keep on growing. That is why we think Kirishima has so much potential.

3 A Wicked Villain: Poor Influences

While there are undoubtedly good influences in Kirishima’s life, there are also negative influences. That is something that simply cannot be ignored. And no, we’re not making a dig at Bakugo here. Well, not just that, at least.

The truth of the matter is that Kirishima is very vulnerable to the influences around him. That means that should the wrong person get too close to him (say, the mysterious traitor), things could go very poorly very quickly.

2 A Great Hero: He’s Trying

No matter how you look at it, you have to admit that Kirishima is giving it his all. He is truly trying his hardest to become a hero. The fact that he’s trying means so much, yet it’s something that frequently gets overlooked.

It’s one of the reasons we love his character so much, and why we truly believe he’ll become the hero he wants to be. Someday.

1 A Wicked Villain: Character Design

Character design is not something to be ignored. Kirishima is a cool looking character, but one could also argue that his design is rather vicious and villainous-looking (regardless of if that is true or not).

Combine that with the fact that he redesigned himself early on in the series, and that leaves us concerned about the potential implications for his future. Does this mean that Kirishima is on the path towards becoming the next big villain?

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Will Kirishima turn into a hero? Or a villain? There are actually benefits to both ways that he could go.

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