My Hero Academia: 5 Reasons Why Tomura Is Deku's Greatest Enemy (& 5 Reasons Why It's All For One)

My Hero Academia has gone through great efforts to set up some truly epic rivalries. Those of Tomura/All For One are certainly the most dramatic of the bunch, though there have been others along the way.

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Once, the battle against All For One was left on the shoulders of All Might. But now? That torch has been passed on. That left fans wondering: which one is the true opponent, the greatest enemy, of Midoriya? Is it All For One, or is it Tomura? Decide on which rivalry is the definitive one in My Hero Academia by reading these five reasons why it’s All For One and five more why it’s Tomura.

10 TOMURA: They’re The Enemies of an Age

Tomura and Midoriya are the villain and hero of this age, respectively. That is a term that can mean multiple things. For one, they are both quite literally of a similar age. They grew up with the same influences in the news (mainly heroes like All Might).

They are also of the generation that will take over in the future. Tomura has been trained to take over for All For One, someday. Meanwhile, Deku is being groomed to become the Symbol of Peace, at least, if All Might has any say about it.

9 ALL FOR ONE: The Inheritance of Feelings

Anyone who knows superheroes knows how the story goes: A hero and a villain meet, and they instantly become the biggest enemies ever. That is the tale of All Might and All For One, but it’s more than that as well. Their respective proteges have both been set up into the same position, inheriting the disdain that comes with the job.

This means that All For One will automatically have it in for Midoriya now, especially since All Might has retired (though not by choice). It’s pretty clear that All For One is aware of how One For All gets passed on, and that Midoriya now has it. That means his target has officially been changed.

8 TOMURA: Legacy

There is a legacy to be considered when talking about Midoriya’s greatest enemies. Tomura Shigaraki is a man who brings with him so much baggage, it’s actually a little difficult to take it all in at once.

He’s the grandson of All Might’s mentor, and thanks to everything that has gone on in his life, he will surely go after All Might with everything that he has. Given All Might’s current status, that means it is up to people like Midoriya to stand up and protect that Symbol we loved so much.

7 ALL FOR ONE: He’s The Man Behind the Curtain

Tomura is a crafty villain, one that will someday likely become an incredible threat. But the truth remains that there is a man behind the curtain, so to speak. He got his start thanks to All For One, and without his aid, he wouldn’t have gotten this far.

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That implies that even should Tomura fall, All For One will still be active and still scheming away. More than that, he’d seek revenge for the loss of his protege. So until All For One is dealt with, Midoriya will always have a fight lingering over his head.

6 TOMURA: They’re Dark Parallels

Tomura and Midoriya are dark parallels. While Midoriya is actively fighting and training to become the greatest hero, Tomura is likewise training and working towards becoming the biggest villain.

It goes deeper than that as well. Their entire histories – from their goals to the encouragement they found (or not) from their families to the mentors that brought them to this point – are also incredibly similar, making them two sides of the same coin. It is all paralleled in the darkest sense.

5 ALL FOR ONE: He Has A New Target

As touched on briefly above, All Might and All For One were two of the greatest enemies in the story. It’s easy to assume that All For One is out of the game in the same way that All Might is, but that would be inaccurate.

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That means that one day, and possibly soon, All For One will be active again. Once he’s back, he’ll presumably go right after a new target: the new hero carrying One For All inside him. That means he’ll be coming right for Deku.

4 TOMURA: The Decisions They Made

Every decision anyone makes has a lasting impact, especially in the world of heroes and villains. Tomura has willingly put himself in the path of Midoriya on more than one occasion, and that has certainly left some bad blood between the two.

The truth of the matter is that Tomura has actively terrorized Midoriya’s life, so there’s no way either of them are going to walk away from the inevitable battle that is coming. In fact, they’re more likely to charge head first into it rather than retreat. Likewise, Deku will not let all the pain and suffering Tomura has caused simply slide, nor will he allow it to continue.

3 ALL FOR ONE: The Symbol of Peace

All For One and One For All are two sides of the same coin. They will forever be cycling around one another, with All For One scheming and the newest bearer of One For All doing everything they can to stop him.

That is an unspoken part of All Might’s role as the Symbol of Peace. It’s hard to say if any other hero would be forced to pick up that task alongside the mantle but if Deku wants to become the Symbol of Peace, it will certainly be part of his role.

2 TOMURA: A Pattern Formed

Tomura and Midoriya have already found themselves in a bit of a pattern. Tomura schemes and makes moves again the city and its heroes, and Midoriya finds himself in the way of it all. Considering Deku is still just a student, that is an impressive feat.

It is something that will certainly become more intentional with time – especially now that Midoriya has a license allowing him to use his Quirk in public. He will not sit idly by should he see Tomura out on the move.

1 ALL FOR ONE: A Certain Pattern Must End

Speaking of patterns, there has been one going on for ages between All For One and the bearer of One For All. It’s inevitable that they clash, regardless of who is currently carrying that mantle.

That means that the clash between Midoriya and All For One is all but inevitable. They will continue to fight and battle it out until there is a victor. We know who we want to win, in the end. How about you?

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Tomura and All For One are the greatest villains of My Hero Academia, but which one is Deku's true rival?

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