My Hero Academia: 5 Reasons Why Uraraka Would Make A Great Hero (& 5 Reasons She Could Turn Into A Villain)

My Hero Academia is a series with countless characters, all with their own path and potential. That is part of the reason why fans love it so much. The fact that there’s so much room to theorize certainly doesn’t hurt either.

On that note; fans have many theories about who could be the traitor. That got us wondering, which heroes in training would one day potentially become great heroes? And which would have the potential to become a villain? With that in mind, here are five arguments for why Uraraka would make a great hero, and five arguments for why she could one day become a villain.

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10 A Great Hero: She’s Compassionate

We can all agree that Uraraka is a caring and compassionate character, yes? She may be a bit silly at times, but the truth of the matter is that she really does care. Even when she’s trying her best not to (yes, that is a reference to her budding affection for Midoriya).

Compassion is not frequently listed in the top qualities of a hero, but it should be. After all, a hero’s job is to save the day, and the people. Saving the people you care about means all the more, don’t you think?

9 A Wicked Villain: Money Troubles

Uraraka has openly admitted to the fact that one of the reasons she decided to become a hero is so that she can support her parents. That means that, in a sense, she’s becoming a hero for the money. We get where she’s coming from, but it isn’t a great standpoint.

Additionally, it does leave the door open for other concerns. Such as the concept of her realizing that some forms of villainy could (and would) make more money than being a hero. Granted, that’s no guarantee that she’d follow that path…but it is a concern nonetheless.

8 A Great Hero: She’s Willing to Learn

Uraraka is going to make a great hero someday, and partially due to the fact that she’s always and constantly willing to learn. Remember early in the series, when she didn’t know how to fight? That fact cost her later.

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So she made a point of training with a hero who could help round out her abilities. Now she knows how to fight – and she has the confidence to go along with it. The fact that she saw her lacking and worked to fix it proves that she can make it so far.

7 A Wicked Villain: Further to Fall

Sadly, Uraraka is a character that has a bit farther to fall (pun intended) should she turn to villainy. She’s got her friends and family to be concerned about, but as with many heroes turned villains – if something were to happen to the people she cared about, we don’t know how she would react.

The odds are pretty good that all bets would be off. If she lost her parents or saw somebody like Deku die right in front of her, that would not go over well, mentally speaking. It could even twist her perspective forevermore.

6 A Great Hero: She’s Clever

Something that is commonly overlooked with Uraraka is how clever she is. Remember her fight against Bakugo? She knew how to take advantage of her options, giving her the best chance possible to beat him. Sure, it didn’t work out. But she made him earn that win against her.

The thing is, Uraraka is actually quite clever when it comes to using her surroundings. She would have to be, given how her quirk works. But it is still highly impressive, and more proof towards what type of hero she could become.

5 A Wicked Villain: Heartbreak

We mentioned above that losing the people she cares about could break her. Here’s another point related to that: Uraraka’s character has been set up in such a way where we have concerns about potential heartbreak with her.

Think about it; her affection for Midoriya is growing. That can go several ways, one of which being that it ultimately sours the whole concept of being a hero for her. Now, that option may not be likely, but it is certainly still there.

4 A Great Hero: She Wants to Take Care of People

We already know that Uraraka has plans for taking care of her family. That’s a good part of the reason why she’s going for being a hero; to pay for her parents to have a nice and calm life. This element applies beyond her family though.

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Uraraka has consistently shown us her willingness to care for others. In the manga, which is farther ahead, we’ve seen her leap into action in order to care for somebody else that is close to her – regardless of the potential danger to herself. Just like a hero, don’t you think?

3 A Wicked Villain: Creative Quirk Use

As mentioned above, Uraraka is quite clever when it comes to utilizing her quirk. But is that automatically a good thing? Not necessarily. It could easily be turned into a negative of villainous behavior if she isn’t careful.

Think about it. The very same quirk that could be used to help people could then be turned around to antagonize and terrorize them. It would actually be pretty brilliant when you think about it. A levitating racketeering ring.

2 A Great Hero: A Desire to Save the Day

One thing is certain, Uraraka’s drive to save the day should always do her well. She wants to be a hero because she sincerely wants to help people. She’s had many opportunities to jump in and save the day (or the moment), and thus far she hasn’t hesitated. Not even once.

That speaks volumes about her potential to become a hero. We’re rooting for you, Uraraka!

1 A Wicked Villain: The Drive to Go Further

Conversely, the same could also be true. Uraraka’s drive could easily be turned against her. Look at that mode she goes into when she’s fighting, it’s kind of scary, right? Imagine her in full villain mode like that. Not too hard, right?

The truth of the matter is, Uraraka’s drive could be used for good or for ill. It’s the ill that has us the most concerned.

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Uraraka can light a room with her smile, but could she actually turn bad given the right circumstances.

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