My Hero Academia: 5 Reasons Why You Should Read The Manga (& 5 Reasons Why You Can Just Watch The Anime Instead)

It is an incredible time to get into Japan’s eclectic and unique media world. Whether someone’s getting into its booming music industry or pawing through the classics of Akira Kurosawa, the modern age of technology has allowed a lot more people to become otaku. This is especially so for Japan’s nerdiest exports of all, manga and anime.

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In addition to a variety of new series every season, the country’s top publication, Shonen Jump, is currently going through a fresh, new generation of series and leading its change is its bright, upstart, My Hero Academia. Quickly spreading to hardcore and casual fans alike, My Hero Academia is one of the most beloved Shonen series of the modern day. For new fans, this list will be breaking down a few reasons why the manga will be the best starting point and five more why people can stick with the anime.

10 READ THE MANGA: The Detailed Art Style

One advantage that manga will always have over anime is having a much more detailed art style. While anime has plenty of artistic opportunities within its own right, production standards and strict schedules often require the staff to streamline their artistic skills.

Mangaka, however, are in a better place to add more detail to their drawings, and this is no different for Kohei Horikoshi. One of the great joys for manga fans is the opportunity to see the vibrant yet dynamic visuals that made the series what it is.

9 WATCH THE ANIME: The Beautiful Animation

With that being said, those streamlined art styles do present a major opportunity of their own. While many Shonen anime today are bogged down by poor animation, Studio Bones continues to be the standard bearer for anime action.

Their rendition of My Hero Academia has been one of the most faithful and memorable adaptations within the modern age, and it is responsible for giving the series the level of particle effects, lighting, and fluidity that an action-packed, superhero world requires.

8 READ THE MANGA: A Darker Tone

Animation certainly offers plenty of opportunities for shock and spectacle but, being broadcast materials, are often subject to the standards and practices of their local area. Japan in particular has some very strict guidelines against portraying gore and violence, and this, in turn, has caused Studio Bones to censor some of My Hero Academia‘s darker and gorier parts.

The manga, however, has done a great job of making its villains look demented as possible, its fights as brutal as they would realistically be, and Midoriya’s skin and bones look as broken as they would in real life. For those wanting an even edgier My Hero Academia, just know that it already exists.

7 WATCH THE ANIME: Amazing Voice Work

While the anime struggles to maintain a darker tone, it brings in some volume of its own through its exceptional voice work. My Hero Academia has some of the most emotional and vibrant voices in the industry.

Whether fans are enjoying Japan’s long line of experienced seiyuus or Funimation’s own hearty English language team, the voices have helped make the anime a totally new experience.


If there’s one thing that the anime may never beat the manga in, it’s being first to reach the eyes of the fans. As the reference material, My Hero Academia is just bound to always come first and, as it is right now, is dozens upon dozens of chapters ahead of the anime.

While the My Hero Academia anime has a much more frequent release than most other series, a much more tempted fan is always gonna want to know what’s going to happen next. In this sense, the anime will always come second.

5 WATCH THE ANIME: The Fight Scenes

My Hero Academia has pretty good fight scenes no matter where one is consuming them. And while the manga’s exquisite paneling and art style has plenty of impact within its own right, there really is no comparing it to the beautiful animation addressed above. The anime just opens up more opportunities for detailed choreography and explosions that help to really sell a fight.

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Fight scenes like the Sports Festival war between Todoroki or Deku or the explosive raid on the Shie Hassaikai have action that can only be best represented in motion.

4 READ THE MANGA: No More Spoilers

As addressed above, the manga is the most up-to-date content. And while this already feeds the more active fan of the story, it also inherently guarantees restricting the chance of spoilers. The anime has seen incredible mainstream success, but it’s cultivated a dangerous mine field for new fans who want to check out new details on the internet.

Whether one’s searching twitter or has that one friend that can never be taken to the movies, they’re putting themselves in danger of being spoiled. For those wanting the safest way to consume the content, stick with the manga.

3 WATCH THE ANIME: Listen To The Soundtrack

To be fair, a manga fan could simply pull up YouTube or bust out their new My Hero Academia OST CD to enjoy their reading alongside the series’ music. However, that wouldn’t be as authentic of an experience of getting to witness the scenes with their intended sound design as seen and heard within the anime.

The soundtrack is an integral part of giving any Shonen series a distinct tone than its counterparts, and the My Hero Academia anime has some of the most heartfelt and addictive notes heard in modern anime.

2 READ THE MANGA: No Long Waits & Hiatuses

Inherent to being the more up-to-date content is the capacity to never leave the fans hanging, at least, not for very long. For fans truly addicted to the series, having to wait a year for the next season may seem like a merciless eternity. Not only is there currently more content within the manga, but the manga production cycle is much more efficient at bringing its content to fans.

Much like its contemporaries, My Hero Academia is able to release at a weekly basis with only a few seasonal breaks here and there. Jumping into the manga not only restricts spoilers for the story, but guarantees a much more frequent stream of adventures.

1 WATCH THE ANIME: Those Opening Sequences

Last but not least, this list reaches one of the most iconic elements of the anime and anime in general. The opening sequences have not only grabbed fresh viewers, but they’re some of the most viral content on the internet. While Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure can gift new fans with plenty of meme content, My Hero Academia has the power of music video quality on its side.

Whether fans are becoming entranced by THE DAY, getting swept up in the action of Odd Future, or singing along to the new hit Starmaker, My Hero Academia has one of the most consistent run of opening themes.

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My Hero Academia is a great anime and manga but for newcomers who can only stick with one, which medium should they choose?

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