My Hero Academia: 5 Things Only Shoto Can Do (& 5 That Only Inasa Can Pull Off)

In the action anime world of My Hero Academia, most people are born with supernatural quirks, and the best quirks can be honed at schools like UA and Shiketsu. Heroes are trained, not made, and even pros like Endeavor, Hawks, Mirko, and All Might himself were once trainees. In today’s generation, top students like Shoto Todoroki and Inasa Yoarashi are among the best, and they all have unique skills.

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Shoto (like Momo) got into UA through recommendations, and Inasa Yoarashi is one of the best students at Shiketsu, a rival school. Both boys clashed during the hero license exam arc, then fought together against Gang Orca, proving their strength against a real pro. But what are some things that only Shoto can do? Or Inasa?

10 Shoto: Create Barriers

Ice is quite an effective combat power to have, since it can be used both on offense and defense. Many other franchises also have ultra-powerful ice characters, from Bobby Drake in the X-Men comics to Bleach‘s Toshiro Hitsugaya and Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail. Shoto has a spot on that list, too.

On the defense, Shoto can use ice to rapidly create barriers and walls, which is a great way to secure his (and an ally’s) escape from a bad situation, or block a villain from getting away. A physical barrier can be very useful indeed.

9 Inasa: Lift Items/People

True, Shoto can also move people with his ice, but Inasa’s wind quirk is a much better way to move his allies around… or objects. As seen in the anime, he has incredible control over his quirk, meaning he can pick up many objects and fling them around with countless air currents.

In this manner, he can rapidly air-lift civilians out of harm’s way, or levitate a bunch of debris, as to create a series of projectiles to throw at a villain.

8 Shoto: Incinerate Enemies

Although he hasn’t used it very much up to this point in the anime, the fire half of Shoto’s quirk is devastating, and he will only use it if an opponent has truly proven themselves worthy, such as against Izuku Midoriya.

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After all, Shoto inherited this power from Endeavor, and with it, he could burn just about any villain or barrier to ashes without much trouble. If live capture is not an option, then the flames are the next step.

7 Inasa: Use His Costume

Take note that some quirks are a bit difficult to control without the user first wearing the proper equipment or costume. Some heroes or students can use their quirks with ordinary clothes, but others, from Yuga Aoyama to Ochaco Uraraka to Inasa Yoarashi, enhance their quirks with their costumes.

Inasa’s costume, as pictured, features a number of vents that can dispense air, and his left glove is massive and has several nozzles on it. Most likely, he can emit air from those openings, giving him more control over his quirk than he could do otherwise. Shoto’s outfit does no such thing.

6 Shoto: Temperature Control

Shoto Todoroki’s quirk utilizes both heat and cold, and some quirks can’t do either. For the most part, Shoto can simply use fire or ice to defeat his opponents through sheer force, but in some tricky situations, he can do more.

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If need be, he could use ice to chill a room, or he could use flames to heat up an object and melt natural ice or make metal soft enough to bend somehow. With temperature control, Shoto can make an ally’s quirk or tools more useful, or negate an opponent’s plans.

5 Inasa: Get A Good Vantage Point

Air is the element of flight and freedom, and while Shoto can glide around on ice and form ramps, he can’t fly free like Inasa can. With his great strength and mastery over wind, Inasa can levitate in the air and go as high as he needs to.

This allows him to scale rooftops with ease, and get a high vantage point where he can scope out the terrain and situation with ease. He can also use this to escape an enemy, if he has to.

4 Shoto: Intimidation

Shoto may not be a master of psychological warfare, but he can do it better than the cheerful Inasa. Shoto is powerful not only because of his fearsome quirk, but also his intelligence and his strong will.

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This allows him to stare down an opponent and demoralize them with his threats, his icy glare, and his confidence, which can give him the edge against some opponents. He won’t scare hardened villains, necessarily, but in a tournament, he can put his opponent off-balance mentally.

3 Inasa: Motivate Others

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Inasa is a cheerful and optimistic fellow who refuses to acknowledge defeat or let anything get him down. His enthusiasm is remarkable, and he mainly defines himself with his can-do attitude.

This may annoy some people, but others may find it inspiring, and Inasa’s good cheer and courage may drive his allies to give it their all and face the villains one more time. This could make him a great leader, if he combines it with some tactical skills.

2 Shoto: Combo Strikes

Since his quirk is effectively two in one, Shoto can perform combo attacks all by himself. At first, he struggled to switch back and forth between the two halves of his quirk, and he mainly used the ice half and ignored the fire half.

By now, though, he can more easily use both halves and switch between them, with his body handling the temperature changes just fine. He can chill the air, then rapidly heat it to create hot winds, or make ice and evaporate it into steam to create cover, or any other combo strike.

1 Inasa: Use People Skills

Here again, Inasa’s strong personality may be off-putting to some people, but others may really like his outgoing ways and get along with him well. As long as Inasa doesn’t overdo it, he can make friends with just about anyone, or at least make a good impression. Networking is important.

Shoto is grumpy and taciturn, which limits his professional network, and that may slow him down. But Inasa doesn’t have that problem, and he loves to meet people and form friendly rivalries. He sure knows how to put himself on the map.

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In My Hero Academia, two students born with powerful quirks are Shoto Todoroki and Inasa Yoarashi. Both have specialties the other doesn't.

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