My Hero Academia: 5 Villains Mirio Could Defeat (& 5 He Can't)

Mirio Togata. For some, he really does seem to be the embodiment of the Symbol of Peace. Or rather, the raw potential is there. Even with his quirk out of commission, there’s no doubt in our minds that Mirio is a hero through and through.

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That being said, for the sake of this mental exercise, we’re going to assume that Mirio has access to his quirk once again. (Hey, it could happen!) With that fact being made clear, here are five My Hero Academia villains Mirio could defeat, and five he would fail against.

10 He Can Beat: Himiko Toga

Toga is more than a capable opponent, even when she gets a bit distracted with her blood lust. That being said, we don’t think she’d be able to win in a fight against Mirio. For one thing, he’s got determination and passion on his side (as well his quirk).

Not to mention, we’ve seen Toga become distracted when young men get injured, and we can easily see Mirio falling under that category. After all, he was once considered as a replacement for the Symbol of Peace.

9 He Can’t Defeat: Dabi

On the other hand, Dabi is a completely different matter. He’s the sort of villain that people should be fearing, not just because of his quirk (though there is that) but thanks to his brutal nature. Dabi is not a villain who will pull his punches.

Worse, he’s not afraid to fight dirty. That means he’ll go after civilians. This will ultimately result in Mirio losing against Dabi, and he’ll take the hit for any around him that are at risk. Not an ideal situation.

8 He Can Beat: Muscular

Sometimes there are villains who seem really terrifying until they meet their match. He was an excellent threat against Midoriya, but against Mirio? It almost isn’t fair. For one thing, he’ll be hard-pressed to actually land a punch against Mirio.

Throw in the fact that he probably doesn’t have the intelligence required to find a way around Mirio’s quirk, and you’ve got a match that has already essentially been decided. On the bright side, it’d still be satisfying to watch.

7 He Can’t Defeat: Kurogiri

We’ve got to admit, seeing Mirio and Kurogiri match up in a fight would actually be fascinating. That being said, we don’t imagine that Mirio would win this fight, not in the long run. While both would have difficulty landing shots, Korogiri would still have the edge.

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Mainly because he would not be constrained by ethics, or protecting others. When a match is as close as this one, little details like that end up making all the difference in the world.

6 He Can Beat: Moonfish

Moonfish is another antagonist who seems terrifying until you start really taking a closer look at how he works. While he was undoubtedly a threat to some of the students of U.A., it seems unlikely that he’d be that much danger to Mirio.

In fact, the only danger would come from whether or not there were civilians around for Mirio to protect. If not, then Mirio would be free to beat this guy senseless, all while dodging any and all attacks sent his way.

5 He Can’t Defeat: Overhaul

Okay, so this one is probably a little bit obvious since they’ve already had one match thus far. But imagine a battle between these two with no distractions. That means no Eri for Mirio to protect, but also no lackeys to back Overhaul up.

We still don’t think the battle would end in Mirio’s favor – Overhaul’s quirk is simply too powerful. It would be too dangerous to Mirio to try and land any hits, as doing so would expose him to Overhaul’s attacks.

4 He Can Beat: Stain

Next up on our list of villains Mirio could defeat is Stain. Stain is arguably one of the cooler villains we’ve been introduced to, as evidenced by the following he’s created. Unfortunately, that won’t give him the edge he needs to fight against Mirio.

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For one thing, Mirio is blood type O, meaning that even if Stain were to get a hit on him, his Bloodcurdle wouldn’t last very long on the young hero. That’s bad news for Stain, but great news for Mirio. Throw in his determination, and we see this fight going in a similar direction as the one with Midoriya (and friends).

3 He Can’t Defeat: Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki is one of the big bads of the series, so it’s really no surprise that Mirio is currently not at a point where he could defeat him. Granted, that may be a thing that could change with time.

Currently, though, Shigaraki is simply too strong to be easily defeated, not even by people like Mirio. Frankly, this is something that will likely get worse before it gets better (and even then, we can probably assume that Midoriya will be the one to earn the right to beat up Shigaraki).

2 He Can Beat: Re-Destro

Re-Destro is a villain that thus far has only been introduced in the manga – so if you don’t want spoilers, skip ahead to our next point. He’s the Grand Commander of the Meta Liberation Army, and his quirk (Stress) lets him build up all that pent up frustration and anger, turning it into something much more dangerous.

Though arguably not dangerous enough to take out somebody like Mirio. Once again, the biggest threat with Re-Destro would be his indiscriminate attacks. Besides that, we have no doubt that Mirio would find a way to take him out.

1 He Can’t Defeat: All For One

Last on our list is All For One, because of course, he had to make this list. Even behind bars, All For One poses one of the biggest threats of the series. As such, we have trouble believing that any of the students at U.A., even one of the Big Three, would be capable of bringing him down.

At least, not for the moment. Perhaps that is something that could change with time. Mirio does have endless potential, after all. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet, so the odds do not seem to be in Mirio’s favor.

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Even with his quirk out of commission, there's no doubt Mirio is a hero. Here are 5 My Hero Academia villains he could defeat and 5 he would lose to.

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