My Hero Academia: 5 Villains That Can Defeat Eraser Head (& 5 That Can't)

Shota Aizawa, better known by his Hero name of Eraser Head, is one of the pro Heroes in My Hero Academia. Along with being a pro Hero, he serves as a teacher in U.A Highschool and does his bit in raising the next generation of Heroes.

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As a fighter, Eraser Head is extremely competent. He possesses the powers of a Quirk known as Erasure that lets him erase the Quirk of anyone he looks at for as long as the eye contact isn’t disrupted. Over the years, Eraser Head has instilled fear in the Villains, however, he isn’t infallible. Here are 5 My Hero Academia Villains who can defeat him, and 5 that don’t stand much of a chance.

10 Can Defeat: Shigaraki Tomura

Shigaraki Tomura is the current leader of the League of Villains and one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia right now. He possesses the powers of a Quirk known as Decay that lets him rot anything that he touches.

After awakening the powers of his Quirk, Tomura has become a menace to deal with, bringing even the likes of Re-Destro to his knees. Even though Eraser Head is powerful, he cannot withstand the might of Tomura.

9 Can’t Defeat: Spinner

One of the members of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Spinner is quite a powerful Villain who wields the power of Gecko. This Quirk grants him the appearance of a lizard and lets him stick to walls.

Although he’s skilled in other ways as a fighter, he stands absolutely no chance against someone like Aizawa. The nature of Spinner’s Quirk doesn’t help him much either.

8 Can Defeat: All For One

Known to be the strongest Villain in the world of My Hero Academia, All For One is someone who only a handful of people can fight against. He wields the powers of a Quirk known as All For One that allows him to steal the Quirks of others and use them freely.

Over the years, he’s developed thousands of strong combinations and has become quite a powerful character. He managed to push All Might beyond 100% of his powers, which just goes to show that Eraser Head stands no chance.

7 Can’t Defeat: Mr. Compress

Another member of the League of Villains, Mr. Compress is a decent Villain who showed us a glimpse of his abilities in the Bakugo Capture arc. Although the power that his Quirk grants is quite useful to the League, he isn’t a good fighter at all.

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Against someone like Eraser Head who can just erase his Quirk easily, Compress won’t stand much of a chance and lose the fight immediately.

6 Can Defeat: Gigantomachia

Gigantomachia is a former servant of All For One who is now working for the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Shigaraki Tomura. Machia is a tremendously powerful character and even the entire League of Villains put together couldn’t defeat him.

Most of his powers remain unknown, however, whatever little he’s shown to the fans is enough to tell that he’s much stronger than Shota Aizawa.

5 Can’t Defeat: Dabi

Dabi is one of the main fighters of the League of Villains, now known as the Liberation Front. He possesses the powers of an unnamed Quirk that lets him control blue flames. Like Endeavor, his body has a limit to how much heat it can endure.

With such weaknesses, it is possible for Eraser Head to take him on in battle and defeat him, especially with the cloth-bind technique at his disposal as well.

4 Can Defeat: Re-Destro

Rikiya Yotsubashi, also known as Re-Destro, is the former leader of the Meta Liberation Army. Currently, he works for Shigaraki Tomura as a member of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Re-Destro has the power of a Quirk known as Stress, which makes him stronger the more stressed he is.

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At 100% of his abilities, he can even wreck cities, which makes him a frightening Villain. As strong as Eraser Head is, the difference in power and speed between the two is just too massive.

3 Can’t Defeat: Himiko Toga

Toga is an important member of the League of Villains who serves as a Lieutenant of the Liberation Front. She has the powers of the Quirk ‘Transform’ that lets her take the appearance of another person after she ingests their blood.

After evolving the powers of her Quirk, Toga can now use the Quirk powers of those she transforms into, as seen during the massive battle in Deika City. Despite that, all her powers are useless against the sharp-eyed Eraser Head.

2 Can Defeat: Nine

Nine is one of the strongest known antagonist to ever exist in the world of My Hero Academia. He appears as the main antagonist of the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie.

Like All For One, Nine has the power to use multiple Quirks and steal them from others. He is known to have fought against Midoriya at 100% One For All and defeated him. Without a doubt, he’s much stronger than Eraser Head.

1 Can’t Defeat: Twice

Twice was one of the main members of the League of Villains who served a crucial role, thanks to the powers of his Double Quirk. According to Giran, he was powerful enough to take on an entire nation on his own.

However, Twice was too reliant on his Quirk, as seen during his fight against Hawks, where the latter dealt with him without much trouble. Since Eraser Head could erase his Quirk, there isn’t much that Twice could’ve done against him.

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Eraser Head is one of the pro Heroes in My Hero Academia. He is strong and can best many villains, but not all of them.

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