My Hero Academia: 5 Villains Twice Could Beat (& 5 He Couldn't)

Twice is one of those chaotic villains in My Hero Academia. On the one hand, it might feel easy to predict how he’ll do in a fight. On the other hand, it depends entirely on his mental mindset – a fact that has become clearer as the series has gone on.

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That being said, there will always be certain matches that we feel confident about. Those fights that he would always win in, and the fights that he’ll always struggle with (through no fault of his own). So with that in mind, here are five of each.

10 He Can Beat: Muscular

Muscular was a villain who gave Midoriya a significant amount of trouble, we can all agree on that, right? But how would that fight have gone had there been more of him fighting? Or more people in general, for that matter.

Twice could easily swarm Muscular, especially as we see him later in the series. Add in the fact that he can create duplicates of Dabi and other villains and this fight isn’t looking too great for Muscular.

9 He Can’t Defeat: Overhaul

While Twice’s quirk is way more powerful than most people realize, it’s unlikely that it would win in a fair fight against somebody like Overhaul. After all, it doesn’t matter how many bodies Twice is willing to throw into the mix, if Overhaul can just unmake and merge them as they come at him.

Additionally, Overhaul strikes us as the type of villain that would be smart enough to go for the original, which isn’t great for Twice.

8 He Can Beat: Gentle Criminal

Gentle Criminal is another C-Rank villain that Twice shouldn’t have any problem taking care of. Don’t get us wrong, Gentle is actually a shockingly well-designed character, just perhaps not the best villain out there.

While he did force Midoriya to fight harder than expected, we don’t see him winning a battle against Twice. Or multiple Twices (or again, Dabi). He’s just not built for a battle to the death. Maybe someday?

7 He Can’t Defeat: Himiko Toga

There are a few reasons why we don’t believe that Twice would win in a fight against Toga. For one thing, she’s a bit crazy and unpredictable, which gives her an edge in a fight. For another, we sincerely don’t think he’d give a fight against her his all.

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Meanwhile Toga? She absolutely would go all out. She probably doesn’t know how to do anything else. Thus, ultimately it would be Toga who won that fight.

6 He Can Beat: Moonfish

Does anybody remember Moonfish? He’s the villain that grows knives from his mouth, and he got totally taken out by Fumikage’s Dark Shadow. We also believe that he would lose in a battle against Twice.

Once again it comes down to numbers. Twice can literally throw all the resources (and bodies) he wants at Moonfish. Meanwhile, Moonfish didn’t strike us as the type of villain who uses strategy, which is really the only chance he’d have at winning in the long run here.

5 He Can’t Defeat: Dabi

We can all agree that Dabi is a brutal and terrifying villain, yes? One who should not be underestimated at any cost. It isn’t necessarily that he’s stronger than Twice, but he won’t pull a single punch.

Nor would he have any trouble burning anybody that comes his way. While we know there’s a limitation to his fire, it seems likely that he would burn the source (the original Twice) before he hit that point.

4 He Can Beat: Spinner

Sorry Spinner, but you’re making the list of villains Twice can beat. Spinner is a decent villain, despite the fact that his quirk doesn’t help him much. But the truth of the matter is that Twice could easily swarm and defeat this villain.

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It actually feels a little mean to put these two up against each other. Perhaps that’s simply because we like the scale-clad villain.

3 He Can’t Defeat: Tomura Shigaraki

Next up on our list of people Twice could not defeat is Shigaraki. Not only is Shigaraki his leader, and therefore Twice would be unlikely to go all-out against him, but his quirk has endless amounts of potential (and that’s all before taking the changes from the manga into account),

The truth of the matter is that Decay would beat Double, plain and simple. The fight could potentially last for hours, but the second Shigaraki’s Decay touched the original Twice, it would be all over.

2 He Can Beat: Mr. Compress

Mr. Compress is an extremely useful member of the Vanguard Action Squad, but it doesn’t change the fact that he would lose in a fight against Twice. Granted, we sincerely believe that he would make Twice pay for that win.

Once again though, it comes down to a numbers game, as well as a game of who Twice can duplicate. Once characters like Dabi and Toga come into the mix, it’s all over.

1 He Can’t Defeat: All For One

Last, but certainly not least, we have All For One. He’s arguably one of the most powerful characters in the series (if not the most powerful), and thus anybody below his power scale simply doesn’t stand a chance.

Not to mention, he could simply take Twice’s quirk at a moment’s notice, should he feel so inclined. Considering he hasn’t taken it yet, we can only assume it’s because he thought he was best used as his own agent – but that could change at any time.

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From Muscular to All For One, here are 5 My Hero Academia villains that Twice could defeat (and 5 that he couldn't).

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