My Hero Academia: 5 Ways Deku Is Already Different From All Might (& 5 Things He Needs To Change)

It’s only natural that All Might and Midoriya would share some things in common, since it was All Might who saw something in Midoriya that made him think the young boy was worthy of One For All in the first place. Yet despite their similarities, the two are very different, and it’s clear that Midoriya will become a very different hero than All Might was due to these differences.

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Differences are never a bad thing, but Midoriya needs to change some of these differences if he wants to become the great hero he’s destined to be. Though it’s been shown in the series numerous times, Midoriya still hasn’t realized that he often self-sabotages his own development as a hero.

10 How He’s Different: Fighting Style

Despite probably packing enough power to demolish an entire block with a kick, all of All Might’s attacks involve his arms in some way. He’s used his fists to deflect projectiles and opponents, incapacitate villains, and demolish entire structures.

Shortly after gaining One For All, Midoriya mirrored All Might’s style, using punches and finger flicks to get the job done, before later realizing that he’d be a more effective fighter if he used his feet. After developing his signature Shoot Style, Midoriya fights in a completely different way than All Might, making the most of One For All’s boost in speed rather than power.

9 He Needs To Change: His Fandom For All Might

Before Midoriya even said a word to All Might, he was one of his biggest fans. His room is filled with All Might merchandise, and he even watched the same clips of All Might saving citizens since he was a young child. While his fandom for All Might is admirable, it’s also held him back.

In trying to avoid stepping on a single piece of All Might merchandise in Sir Nighteye’s office when the Pro Hero decided to put his skills to the test, Midoriya limited his own movements, not to mention the fact that attempting to mirror All Might every step of the way caused Midoriya to discredit himself as he continued holding himself to a standard he definitely couldn’t meet.

8 How He’s Different: His Hero Costume

When Midoriya first debuted his hero costume, his mask paid homage to All Might’s signature hairstyle and smile, but as the series progressed, Midoriya gave up on the mask, and donned iron shoes to supplement his new fighting style.

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It’s guaranteed that his costume will continue to change as he finds new uses of One For All, which will only further differentiate his costume from All Might’s.

7 He Needs To Change: His Tendency To Overthink

Despite how frequently All Might is reduced to comic relief through his bloody coughing fits, fans must remember that he’s a natural genius, and excelled so far solely because he doesn’t put as much thought into things. This is what helped him master One For All during his younger years, and it’s also what made him a great hero, since he rarely hesitates to rush in and help others.

Midoriya, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. The series is riddled with moments of Midoriya getting lost in a train of his own thoughts, which not only distracts him, but causes him to overlook the obvious. He’d definitely become a better hero if he learned to trust his gut a lot more.

6 How He’s Different: He Strategizes More

All Might’s strategy for overcoming most of his opponents is pretty straightforward: he merely punches things harder until something gives. Midoriya, on the other hand, isn’t strong enough yet to rely just on his own strength, so he’s been forced to think a little harder during fights of his own. His strategic mind will definitely benefit him in the long-run, since it’ll only get better with more and more experience.

Even All Might picked up a thing or two from Midoriya in this regard; during his fight with All For One, he managed to get a punch in by switching his power from one arm to the other. Even All For One was surprised, noting that this wasn’t All Might’s style. While All Might didn’t reveal who he got this strategy from, it’s clear that he acknowledges Midoriya’s strategic brain, and learned just as much from Midoriya as Midoriya learned from him.

5 He Needs To Change: How He Views One For All

Every My Hero Academia fan remembers the moment that Gran Torino told Midoriya that One For All wasn’t as special as he thought. And while this pushed him to learn how to properly utilize One For All without hurting himself, he still needs to change how he views his Quirk. He knows there were other inheritors of this power, and yet he’s barely given them a second thought.

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These other heroes could possess Quirks that Midoriya might be able to access, but because he’s still thinking of One For All as All Might’s Quirk, he has yet to investigate the past wielders of One For All. At the end of Season 4, the past holders seemed to take matters into their own hands, which will undoubtedly benefit Midoriya.

4 How He’s Different: He Has A Proper Rival

All Might’s younger life hasn’t been explored in detail, but it’s clear that since he was a teenager, he was always leagues above his peers. Midoriya, on the other hand, is fortunate enough to have found a rival in Bakugo, and although Bakugo definitely has more talent, Midoriya pushed himself to close the gap between the two.

Having a rival means that Midoriya will always have someone to test his skills against. All Might, on the other hand, probably hasn’t had a friendly sparring match in years; anyone would have to be crazy to step into the ring with him.

3 He Needs To Change: His Dependency On All Might

With his limited understanding of One For All, Midoriya is wholly dependent on All Might for training and advice, but the anime has made it clear that Midoriya shouldn’t get too comfortable with All Might always being around. Despite All Might surviving his battle with All For One, he’s now powerless, and could even be killed by falling debris.

If All Might dies before Midoriya reaches his full potential, he’ll have to figure things out on his own, which will definitely be a big challenge for the aspiring hero.

2 How He’s Different: His Emotional Expression

As the world’s Symbol of Peace, most people saw All Might with a big grin on his face. In his true form, he wasn’t always grinning, but still, he wasn’t the most expressive guy around.

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Midoriya, on the other hand, is an open book when it comes to his emotions, and can barely contain his sadness, excitement, and angst. This will make him easy to read and manipulate if he doesn’t learn how to conceal his emotions.

1 He Needs To Change: All Might As His Model For Success

Every aspiring young hero in My Hero Academia has their own idea of what success is. For someone like Todoroki, it’s to be a better man and hero than his father. For Shinso, it’s to prove to everyone that he can become a great hero even with a villainous Quirk. Midoriya has always claimed that he wants to be a hero just like All Might, but what he fails to see is that both he and All Might come from such different backgrounds that it’s impossible for Midoriya to become a hero just like All Might.

Not only do the two utilize One For All in different ways, but in the off chance that Midoriya doesn’t live up to All Might and become the Number One hero, he’ll only see himself as something of a failure while blinding himself to his other accomplishments that he should undoubtedly take pride in.

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All Might is definitely Deku's biggest inspiration. He's looking more like his own hero, but there are still some similarities he needs to change.

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