My Hero Academia: 5 Ways Ochaco Is The Best Part Of This Franchise (& 5 Reasons It's Really Momo)

One of the biggest names in shonen anime right now is My Hero Academia, the story of the quirkless boy Izuku Midoriya who gains One For All and enrolls at Japan’s top heroic school, UA. He meets all kinds of classmates there, from his childhood friend turned rival Katsuki Bakugo to the frog-like Tsuyu Asui and the pompous but vulnerable Yuga Aoyama.

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But the two best girls are Ochaco Uraraka and Momo Yaoyorozu, and they represent some of the best aspects of this entire anime (and indeed, the entire concept of superheroes). Which of these outstanding girls is the best part of this story, in terms of their accomplishments, personality, and themes? Either one would make a great mascot.

10 Ochaco: Humble Beginnings

Many of the best superheroes in manga and American comics started from a low place and rose to prominence through sheer grit. Spider-Man was once just a geeky high school boy, and Naruto Uzumaki was once a pariah in his home village.

Ochaco is a bit like that too, coming from a rather poor family. She’s becoming a hero in order to support them financially, and that is a noble goal. It also means that all of Ochaco’s progress is her own since she’s starting from scratch.

9 Momo: Support Hero

My Hero Academia has plenty of students and pro heroes who are the superstars, like All Might and Izuku and Endeavor, but these front-line heroes need backup when they fight the villains. Enter Momo, the creation hero.

She is not much of a duelist, but her Creation quirk allows her to make any nonliving object, and even if Momo never deals the final blow, her support powers are no less vital for it. Sometimes, it’s the backup that wins the day.

8 Ochaco: Cutest Humor

A subplot like this is par for the course in manga/anime, and My Hero Academia does it better than most. Ochaco isn’t just Izuku’s friend; she’s positively drawn to him, and Izuku is really into her, too.

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This may not be shojo manga, but then again, Ochaco and Izuku’s charming and awkward encounters can brighten any viewer’s day, and no other characters get scenes quite like this. Everyone is rooting for these kids to find happiness.

7 Momo: Intense Loyalty

Loyalty to one’s friends and family is essential for any hero or shonen lead, and while most students at UA are loyal to each other, Momo took this to an unexpected new height during the hero license exam battle.

At first, it seemed that Saiko Intelli (pictured at left) had Momo’s team cornered, but Momo and her teammates fought back, even when they were on the back foot, and they stubbornly refused to cut their losses and abandon each other, even when Saiko expected them to. Momo gave Saiko a serious lecture about it.

6 Ochaco: Himiko’s Mirror

Part of what makes Ochaco so interesting is how she is the positive version of Himiko Toga’s theme. Superheroes are meant to inspire the people and act as symbols of hope and courage and act as role models.

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Both Ochaco and Himiko want to become more like Izuku and dig deeper into who he really is, and it greatly motivates both of them. But while Himiko is a perversion of that idea, Ochaco does it more nobly. Even heroes need heroes.

5 Momo: Smartest Girl

Actually, even if all the boys are counted, Momo is still at the top. Tenya Iida is a good student, but he’s not on a genius level like Momo is. In fact, Momo is rated 6/5 in intelligence, and this is a vital asset for sure.

Momo doesn’t just use those smarts to get good grades; she can understand the schematics of just about any object for her quirk’s use, and come up with clever battle plans, like that time she and Shoto fought Aizawa. It takes more than brute strength to win a battle.

4 Ochaco: Sometimes Vulnerable

This is a tricky aspect of any fictional character to balance, but Ochaco Uraraka does it just right. For the most part, she is a tough and self-reliant student hero who draws inspiration from others but doesn’t rely too heavily on them.

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Ochaco can fight her own battles and have hope, and sometimes, she is discouraged and feels vulnerable. But this makes her more rounded and sympathetic, and it proves that she’s a good hero who still has some ground left to cover. That’s a compelling narrative for sure.

3 Momo: Super Helper

Ochaco represents the humble beginnings of a compelling superhero character, and Momo represents the generous spirit of such characters. She comes from wealth, but she’s not the type to boast about it or lord it over others.

Much the opposite: Momo is eager to share her study skills and help her classmates learn better, and she enjoyed having them in her home and serving them expensive tea. Momo isn’t the type to get too self-absorbed.

2 Ochaco: First Friend

Ochaco was the first character to welcome Izuku at UA, and she was also the quickest to become his friend, too. Ochaco acted as an ambassador for the rest of the first-year students, and this really made her stand out.

In stories where a character is suddenly thrust into a new world, they need a friend and guide, and Ochaco earned a spot in My Hero Academia history by extending the first hand of friendship to Izuku at UA. This was a fantastic first impression she made.

1 Momo: Overcame Self-Doubt

Ochaco has her vulnerable moments, but Momo does too, and she faces an issue that any good character will: self-doubt. Everyone has self-confidence issues sometimes, and this makes Momo a totally relatable character.

She was shaken by her quick loss at Fumikage’s hands and doubted that she could do a single thing in the practical test against Aizawa. Until that is, Shoto talked her out of it and she came up with a brilliant battle plan. Momo moved herself to tears and resolved to never doubt herself again.

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From their personalities to their accomplishments, here's why Ochacho is the best part of My Hero Academia (and why it's actually Momo).

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