My Hero Academia Reveals Stain's True Successor – and He's Terrifying

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia #267, by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, available now from Viz Media.

Stain, the Hero Killer, was one of the most fearsome villains in the history of My Hero Academia. During the “Vs. Hero Killer Arc,” Stain permanently took out a number of heroes, though his killing spree was eventually stopped and he was locked him up in Tartarus. Yet, as My Hero Academia #267 proves, there are still those who want to carry out Stain’s goal of purging society of its corrupt heroes. In this case, Dabi, the former League of Villains’ fearsome fire-wielder.

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After the death of major villain Jin Bubaigawara/Twice last issue, Dabi continues his fight with Hawks, who is weak to fire. The hero finds himself unable to match the villain, who blasts him around Jaku Hospital. Hawks tries to chastise Dabi for not feeling sadness at the death of his friend, but the villain doesn’t seem to really care. Instead, he remarks he needed Twice around in order to better carry out his dream. Just what he means by this isn’t revealed at first, as Hawks comments on how he wasn’t able to find any information on who Dabi really is. The villain then reveals his true identity, though the speech bubble is blacked out, preventing the reader from knowing just what he said.

Dabi then reveals his real goal: “Make Stain’s will a reality. ” Dabi explains he doesn’t care about the League of Villains or Tomura Shigaraki, the group’s boss. He sees himself as a person with the capacity to change the world by removing heroes from it — starting with Hawks. However, Fumikage Tokoyami/Tsukuyomi arrives just in time to save Hawks, who mentored the young hero-in-training during his internship.

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At present, Tomura Shigaraki is planning to use his Paranormal Liberation Front — which is the merger of the Meta Liberation Army and League of Villains — to take out Japan’s heroes with a coordinated attack on every major city. Although the fight at Jaku Hospital is sure to cause issues for that plan, the Paranormal Liberation Front is an immensely powerful organization with an incredible reach, meaning such mass destruction is really possible. Once his plan his carried out, Shigaraki plans to install himself as leader of the shattered world that follows.

However, Dabi has no such loyalties and ambitions to rule. The villain has made clear during his fight with Hawks he’s only using Shigaraki so he can destroy heroes. It’s not clear why Dabi has such hatred for heroes. A lot of fan theories suggest he’s the son of Endeavor, and his habitually poor treatment of his children may be a motivating factor for Dabi if that theory is true. Hawks’ statement that he was unable to find out any information about Dabi indicates that isn’t the villain’s real name. The reason Hawks couldn’t find information on Tomura Shigaraki is that he adopted that name and was originally called Tenko Shimura. This then indicates Dabi is, in fact, using an assumed name.

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Regardless of who he really is, there’s also a question as to whether Dabi can achieve his goal, and he might just be able to. Stain’s choice to work alone is one of the things that led to his downfall. Against overwhelming numbers, the villain just couldn’t compete with those trying to take him down. Dabi, working with the Paranormal Liberation Front, is even more of a force than he might have been otherwise, as he has various powerful people and resources at his disposal. There’s also temperament. Dabi is a lot extreme than Stain, and it’s clear he doesn’t care about hurting those in his path. All of those factors together mean Dabi might just be capable of getting rid of heroes and making Stain’s dream a reality.

My Hero Academia #268 will release April 12 from Viz Media.

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Stain, the Hero Killer, is one of My Hero Academia's most fearsome villains — and the most recent chapter of the manga reveals his successor.

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