My Hero Academia’s Season 4 Finale Slips in Fairy Tail Easter Egg

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 4, Episode 88 of My Hero Academia, “His Start.”

Season 4 of the ongoing shonen action anime, My Hero Academia just finished airing on Crunchyroll. In its finale, some eagle-eyed fans may have spotted a familiar face in the crowd cheering Endeavor on in his explosive battle: Fairy Tail‘s Natsu Dragneel.

In this season’s final episode, the newly minted top hero, Endeavor, faces his first-ever test as the new Symbol of Peace when a brand-new type of Nomu launches a surprise attack. Both Endeavor and Hawks (another top hero) were deep in discussion over lunch right before the Nomu attacked, and while Hawks handled the evacuation, it was up to Endeavor to put a stop to this new menace.

But he struggled mightily against this strange Nomu. Endeavor’s best fire attacks barely even phased it, and the Nomu dealt serious blows to Endeavor and sent him crashing down to earth. In the middle of all this, civilians fled in panic, convinced that without All Might to protect them, they were in serious danger. The people, and the reporter on the scene, all doubted Endeavor’s ability to save them and gave in to despair. His wife, sons, and daughter were all transfixed by the live footage of their father’s battle, and even they were about to give in to that despair.

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One civilian objected to this attitude: a tomboyish young woman who bears a striking resemblance to Natsu Dragneel — Fairy Tail‘s own fire-using hero. Though she didn’t show off any Quirks, she had the appearance and fiery personality of Natsu, including his hot temper. But there’s more to the Easter egg than that. Natsu is not only a hothead, but he also believes strongly in the power of friendship and faith in others, just like the other members of the Fairy Tail guild.

That faith in others showed up in full force, with the Natsu lookalike begging the news crew and all who would listen to truly see Endeavor in action and support him with all their might, even if it looked like the new Number One hero would lose his life. She stubbornly refused to give up on him, mirroring how the new top hero refused to back down or give up on the people who are counting on him.

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Fortunately, this stubborn faith in Endeavor was well-rewarded, and Endeavor remembered that everyone was counting on him to become the new Symbol, no matter what. His wife, sons, and daughter were all transfixed by the live footage of their father’s battle, and even they were about to give in to despair. But not “Natsu.” With a profound “Plus Ultra!,” Endeavor smashed the Nomu to bits, and all the civilians erupted in cheers, and the Natsu lookalike even had tears in her eyes.

This guest “Natsu” might have harbored some fear that Endeavor could fail, but she never let it control her, and that’s a lesson anyone can learn from.

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Fans of Fairy Tail are bound to recognize this lookalike who appeared in the final episode of My Hero Academia's fourth season.

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