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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 4, now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu and VRV.

My Hero Academia Season 4 ended on an explosive note. The final battle between Endeavor and the new Nomu cemented his place as the number one hero of Japan. However, it came at the end of a season crammed full of epic fights. This season packed some of the most intense, greatest moments in the anime’s run, with all-new superpowers, intense emotional highs and, of course, people going beyond their limits.

With 25 episodes of epic action, there are a lot of fights to sort through. Which ones made the cut as series highs? Let’s find out.

The final fight of Season 4 is also one of the best ones. The fight pits the newly christened top two heroes of Japan, Endeavor and Hawks, against a brand new Nomu — the first Nomu to appear in Season 4. This entity, known online as Hood, is a flying Nomu capable of regeneration, speech, growing spikes from its body, stretching and distorting itself and more.

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This is the first opportunity Endeavor has had over the course of My Hero Academia to cut loose and fight. While Hawks does make his debut during this fight, he’s mostly on support, helping protect civilians from collateral damage while Endeavor goes all-out. And Endeavor sure does live up to his namesake, burning through buildings just to roast Hood. But Hood keeps up, managing to seriously cut up Endeavor’s face.

What makes this fight memorable, however, isn’t the light show or the burning finale. Rather, this is a story about redemption, both Endeavor’s chance at redeeming himself after his terrible actions as well as hero society as a whole.

Of the Big Three of U.A., Tamaki Amajiki (AKA Suneater) isn’t the most intimidating of the bunch. Until this point, he’s withdrawn and shy in public. The first time he really fights, his quirk is temporarily negated by one of Overhaul’s quirk erasing drugs. So this fight allowed viewers to really understand Suneater as a character.

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Suneater is the underdog against three of Overhaul’s Eight Bullets, all of whom have incredibly disturbing and overwhelming powers. Hojo, in particular, brutally beats Suneater down over and over, while the others make it so any advantage Suneater seems to gain is almost immediately lost.

What this fight highlights is the sheer creative way quirks can be utilized, in particular, when Suneater finds a way to turn all of the Eight Bullets’ advantages against them.

The fight where Kirishima and Fat Gum fend off the sword and shield pair Rappa and Tengai is less spectacular than the earlier fight with Suneater. Primarily, it consists of the fighting junkie Rappa pounding against Fat Gum and Kirishima to a brutal effect.

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However, what makes this fight so unforgettable is the demonstration of both endurance and strength. Kirishima pushes himself to new limits of power in order to protect Fat Gum from harm. That alone is stunning, but watching Fat Gum return the favor by unleashing power we’ve only seen replicated by All Might against Rappa and Tengai really pushes this fight over the mark.

On top of that, the emotional journey of the fight resonates harder than the prior fights. We understand what every strike and defensive move means to these characters. Since we care about what this fight means to Kirishima, we care about every hit all the more.

There are three things that make fights epic: seeing powers utilized in incredible and stunning fashions, seeing characters we love breath through external and internal limitations to triumph and seeing a villain get a well-deserved beating. This fight has all three of those, often all at once.

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Overhaul’s abilities are on full display here, with him mixing and blending his body with his Eight Bullets, taking on new and grotesque forms in order to take down Midoriya. At the same time, we see both Midoriya overcome the limits of his powers and Sir Nighteye’s bleak predictions. Never before has Midoriya been able to use 100% of his powers, but thanks in part to Eri, he finds a way to tap into All Might’s full power.

On top of that, we see Eri, a character who has been tortured by Overhaul and left feeling powerless, turn her abilities against her abuser. And on that note, we get to see Overhaul, a villain who ranks among the most evil and awful characters in My Hero Academia, get exactly what’s coming to him.

This fight is not as visually stunning as the others. It doesn’t end in a bad guy getting what’s coming for him. In fact, Overhaul ends up breaking Mirio Togata in ways that, to this day, Togata has not recovered from. But by the end, Overhaul finally feels fear. He constantly tries to land a hit on Lemillion, only for Togata to phase through everything and deliver a smackdown to this abusive character.

What makes this fight so effective is the turning point where Togata takes a quirk-erasing dart to protect Eri, losing his quirk seemingly forever. But despite all of his hopes and dreams being destroyed, Togata still fights, managing to put Overhaul on the ropes. No other moment in all of Season 4 is as raw or tragic as this one. It is one of the most heartbreaking and inspiring moments in the whole season — ranking as one of the most memorable fights in the entire series.

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Season 4 of My Hero Academia may be over, but it offered some amazing fights. Here are the five best.

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