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Aizawa/Eraserhead is not only one of My Hero Academia‘s best and most beloved characters, he’s also one of the series’ most powerful. His powerful Quirk gives him the ability to negate the powers of those at whom he’s directly looking, which has proven absolutely devastating to his opponents in the past. However, Eraserhead is far from the most powerful hero in all of My Hero Academia, and there are a few students who just might be able to best the teacher. In this new video, we breakdown some of those students and explain how they might be able to best Eraserhead.

The first student we’re starting off with is Shoto Todoroki. With the ability to use both fire and ice, Todoroki is one of the most formidable heroes around, even though he’s still just a student. While Eraserhead could certainly negate his Quirk, Todoroki could use his abilities to his advantage to potentially obscure Eraserhead’s vision, thus stopping the Quirk from being effective. While Todoroki would have to act fast, he could definitely get an early leg up on his teacher. There are also other ways Todoroki could take advantage of his abilities and Eraserhead’s limitations, like drying out his eyes with smoke and fire.

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Check out the video below for more My Hero Academia students who could best Eraserhead.

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My Hero Academia has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2014, and there are 270 chapters available, as of writing. The series proved so popular that it received a spinoff, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. The manga was turned into an anime that premiered in 2016. A fifth season of the My Hero Academia anime is currently in the works.

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In a new exclusive video, CBR looks at the My Hero Academia students who could absolutely beat Eraserhead.

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