My Hero Academia: Who's The Better Student Prodigy, Shoto Or Inasa?

One of the hottest new shonen series out there is My Hero Academia, an animated series about a world of superheroes and villains doing battle in the streets. Heroes are trained at specialized high schools like UA and Shiketsu, and only the most talented boys and girls can get enrolled at these institutions. There are several standouts, from Momo Yaoyorozu and Katuski Bakugo to Shoto Todoroki and Inasa Yoarashi.

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During season 3, Shoto and Inasa crossed paths, and soon butted heads, too. But they eventually learned to get along and take the fight to Gang Orca, and they have the potential for even more growth. It’s safe to say that they are both prodigy students, but which of them shows the most potential, and why?

10 Shoto: Double Quirk

Most quirks have a singular function, from Hanta Sero’s tape elbows to Mina Ashido’s corrosive acid, and a clever quirk user can find a variety of ways to use the same basic technique. But Shoto’s quirk is two in one, and that is a rare thing.

He can use fire and ice at the same time, and both to a proficient degree. It is clear right from the outset that an incredible quirk like that puts Shoto heads and shoulders above most of his peers based on power alone.

9 Inasa: Fine Control

A quirk can be powerful, but power is going to be clumsy unless the user knows how to finely control it during battle or a rescue operation. A quirk can be trained like any muscle group, and Inasa Yoarashi has made a lot of progress.

His whirlwind quirk can create giant gales, but it goes beyond that. Inasa can delicately control and coordinate hundreds or even thousands of little air currents at the same time, which allowed him to wield and then throw hundreds of balls all at once. Not even Shoto can do that.

8 Shoto: Capable Of Teamwork

For most hero students, being a good team player is a basic requirement, and they won’t get far if they act alone and ignore their teammates. A prodigy like Shoto can afford to fight alone, but he will not always take this route.

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To his credit, Shoto will ally with another powerful quirk user if he has to, such as Momo (during their test battle with Aizawa) or even Inasa. Learning to cooperate was an important step for Shoto to take, and he did it.

7 Inasa: Practical Costume

Shoto’s costume is rather plain, and it only has a minimal effect on his quirk. By contrast, Inasa designed and built a costume that greatly affects how his wind quirk operates, and that allows him to take things to the next level.

That outfit is loaded with air vents and nozzles, allowing him to issue air precisely from any part of his body to maintain all of those delicate air currents. He probably has the most advanced costume out of any hero student right now.

6 Shoto: Mellowing Out

This is related to Shoto’s flexibility in combat. At first, he wanted to fight alone and stand alone, and he was sure that he had no friends anywhere at UA. But this is not true; Shoto is coming to accept his classmates as friends, and it has cheered him up.

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These warm feelings are bound to pay off sometime in the future, when sympathy for his friends will drive him to break past his limits (Plus Ultra) and make him a true hero. He shouldn’t walk this path alone.

5 Inasa: Competitive Spirit

Shoto is now driven to protect his friends, but Inasa has his own motivation, and it is equally amusing and powerful: sheer competitive spirit. Fortunately, Inasa has a healthy attitude about competition, and he uses rivalries to draw out the best from each party.

When Inasa took a test to get into UA, he very nearly won a quirk-based exam, and Shoto only narrowly defeated him. But Shoto snubbed him instead of accepting him as a rival, so Inasa went to Shiketsu instead. Now his competitive spirit has been expanded to Shiketsu vs UA.

4 Shoto: Overcoming Trauma

Shoto Todoroki did not have a happy childhood. His father, Endeavor, sees him as an engineered hero whose job is to surpass both him and All Might. So, Endeavor acted more like a drill sergeant than a parent, and Shoto came to hate the fire side of his quirk.

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Izuku’s words during the UA sports festival, though, got through to Shoto, and now he is ready to use his quirk at 100%. He no longer fears Endeavor, and that shows what kind of true inner strength he has. This will help him unlock his potential.

3 Inasa: Uplifting Others

Many mental and physical qualities are expected in a hero student, and one of them is the ability to uplift and inspire others, including their comrades. Shoto isn’t much of a motivational speaker, but Inasa’s personality is infectious.

Inasa’s optimism and can-do attitude can easily rub off on others, and if he can make a good rival, then he and his new rival can really bring out their best talents. A good student can improve not just themselves, but others, too.

2 Shoto: Seeking Weaknesses

Shoto Todoroki may not be the most ruthless and cunning student hero out there, but he is certainly crafty, and he does not only rely on brute force to win the day. When fighting Tenya Iida, for example, he sealed Iida’s engine vents to shut down his quirk.

He also knew that Shota Aizawa’s erasure quirk had limited staying power, and he sought all kinds of ways to circumvent Aizawa’s fighting style. When he combined this with Momo’s inventions and ideas, Aizawa soon faced defeat.

1 Inasa: Accepting Challenges

A good student is one who’s ready for any challenge, since a challenge is an opportunity to grow and learn (even if that student fails the challenge itself). Shoto will fight, but he doesn’t have Inasa’s proactive way of thinking.

By contrast, Inasa is on the fast track to learn a lot of new skills and techniques quickly, with that proactive attitude of his. No matter what comes his way, such as Gang Orca or the job of handling young schoolchildren, he’s ready to give it a try, no questions asked. Shoto can learn from that.

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It's safe to say that Shoto and Inasa are both prodigy students on My Hero Academia, but which of them shows the most potential, and why?

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