Naruto: 10 Awesome Deidara Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

Every anime convention, no matter what it is, always has one thing in common. They are always packed with cosplayers. Cosplay, the act where fans dress up as their favorite characters from any form of media, has become something of its own art form and the ones that appear incredibly accurate to the character being represented often receive a lot of praise.

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There have been many Narutothemed cosplays, from heroes to villains, including the explosive artist of the Akatsuki himself, Deidara. While one would think that Deidara, with his mouth hands and all, would be one of the harder characters to recreate, cosplayers have pulled it off in spectacular fashion.

10 Deidara by Rincosplayer.eXreme

If looks could kill. Good cosplayers can look the look and also walk the walk, and thankfully this one has both categories in spades. This cosplayer brought Deidara to life with his striking Akatsuki uniform, long blonde hair, and a little clay sculpture too.

The photo also captures the cosplayer at just the right angle, to where the bangs are covering the left eye. All that was needed to bring this one home was a good pose, which the photographer definitely captured in this shot. This picture was expertly photographed and the cosplayer’s costume is absolutely flawless.

9 Kakashi And Little Deidara By TyrannoCyrusRex

Cosplay has no age limit; anyone can do it no matter how young or old they are. That’s a good thing, too, because it allows cute and tiny versions of popular characters to walk around convention halls, among other places. It’s never to early to be a fan.

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This cosplay duo (@TryonnoCyrusRex) features Kakashi alongside an itty bitty Deidara and, despite her young age, it seems she is already a natural. And of course, Kakashi looks striking as well, complete with a copy of “Icha Icha” along with a pretty in-character pose.

8 True Art by RenaiCosplay

Art never looked so fiery. Sometimes effects can make all the difference and this cosplay does benefit from that kind of post-editing. Though this should not detract from the cosplay itself, which would still look amazing even if the explosive background was taken out.

The cosplayer (@RenaiCosplay) is really in character here, retaining all of Deidara’s smugness and the effects make sure to add that Deidara flare too. The hand with the mouth on it that was edited in is also a nice touch that aims to retain Deidara’s unique physiology.

7 Just Resting By Ma Dog

A dynamic pose can make a cosplayer stand out, but something a little more casual and natural-looking can be just as good. In this case, it’s this Deidara cosplayer slumped against a tree.

This cosplayer gives Deidara a dramatic look, as she looks at the camera. Yet, at the same time, there’s an eery calmness to it, as though this member of the Akatsuki was supposed to be contemplating something while resting.  There’s also a good smokey effect in this shot that really adds to the aesthetic of the shot.

6 Ready For Action by Meridian Toalepai

Anyone who has watched the anime long enough can probably point out the hand signs from Naruto that are used to perform the various jutsus that are shown off throughout the original and Shippuden. Given how many there are, it’d be understandable if someone mistakenly used the wrong one, but this is not the case here.

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Meridian (@paulie_chann) makes it look like Deidara just lept off the screen while using the tiger hand sign, and the photography done by Andre Lamar gives this picture a more cinematic feeling to it.

5 Deidara Senpai By Taiyo 太陽 Lux Cosplay

Sure, fancy cameras and filters are nice, but there can be a certain relatable charm to a selfie when done right. Such is the case here with a much more casual-looking Deidara cosplay than most are used to seeing.

The cosplayer in this selfie (@taiyoluxcos) took this picture at just the right angle, where it feels like the most important features of Deidara are all well-highlighted. The hand-drawn mouth is not just well detailed, but also well placed, but the most stunning feature of all may just be the use of makeup to make those piercing eyes stand out.

4 Deidara And Hidan By Aibou Arts

Another guest star joins Deidara in this photo that makes it look like danger is imminent for Naruto and his friends. This time Hidan joins his fellow Akatsuki member as they pose while the nature of the location surrounds them.

Aibou Arts (@AibouArts) really nails Deidara’s look as he ominously stares at the viewers, giving off a distinct “don’t mess with us” vibe. The scenery also helps elevate this one, making it look like it could also be a real scene from the anime that was about to play out.

3 Nice Suit By Meatflavors

The best phrase to describe this one could only be”absolutely fabulous.” While the outfit being portrayed was never officially in the anime, it does deserve to be admired nonetheless, and of course, it was recreated to stunning effect by the cosplayer in question here.

Meat (@meatflavors) pulls off the white tux with ease, and the makeup highlights Deidara’s more striking features, like his eyes and eyebrows. And it’d be a crime not to mention that incredible recreation of the mouth, complete with a tongue, on the hand that’s holding a pure white flower. Nobody said that villains can’t look their best too.

2 “Art Is An Explosion” By Leiracosplays

Cosplay allows anyone to slip into the roles of their favorite characters; it truly is the kind of self-expression that screams”art.” Deidara has an eye for art, making him something of a perfect subject to represent, and this cosplayer does just that.

With dynamic blue contacts and twice the amount of smiles, this cosplayer (@leiracosplays) captures Deidara’s essence while making it her own too. The edits are also a good touch, giving the viewer a look at the original character compared to her stunning recreation of it. This picture makes the clay-sculpting Akatsuki member into a cool femme fatale.

1 Smile By Steakpresident

Sometimes you just can’t beat when cosplay is just so on point. Some of the most applauded ones are the cosplays that can capture the look of the character to a flawless tee and this cosplayer has all the right stuff here.

Miss Rose (@steakpresident) has got the pose nailed, the right makeup, the right contacts, a wig that really fits well, and even the right nail polish too. The real kicker is those little mouths that blend into her palm perfectly. It’s an absolutely flawless cosplay and one that looks exactly like Deidara decided to visit the real world.

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Deidara from Naruto may seem like a difficult cosplay to pull off but people have done it. Here are 10 that look just like the anime.

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