Naruto: 10 Awesome Hidan Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

Hidan is one of the most difficult members of the Akatsuki clan to deal with in Naruto. He is essentially immortal, since no injury is able to kill him; he can even be decapitated and is still able to talk afterwards.

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He also carries a giant scythe and can use a jutsu that will link his body to his opponents, making it so that any damage inflicted on his own body affects his enemy as well. Cosplayers love him for his arrogant attitude and weird look, and he has several iterations of his costumes, making him a perfect choice to cosplay. Here are 10 of the best Hidan cosplay that look like they came straight out of the anime.

10 The Snarl

Cosplayer fitkage has gone all in on getting the attitude of Hidan just right, with an arrogant snarl on his face. Hidan truly believes he can’t be beaten, which is understandable, since he literally cannot die. This cosplayer has done a great job of creating not only the right demeanor but also Hidan’s silver hair, purple eyes, and the large scythe he carries with him.

9 The Hat

Many of the Akatsuki wear the pointed hats often seen in traditional Asian clothing.

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They’re a very eerie thing to see on a group of people who are all dressed alike, since they block their faces and identities, and since meeting mysterious people on the road in lands with ninjas is often pretty dangerous. Cosplayer Sammy’s choice to include the hat makes their Hidan seem even more unsettling.

8 The Scythe

Hidan’s scythe is his major weapon and the thing he uses the most during battles, even beyond his jutsu abilities. Cosplayer Nico Crea has done a pretty impressive job with the large weapon, particularly with the rope attached to the end of it that disappears into the jacket’s sleeve. Hidan uses the rope to whip the scythe around in order to fight at a distance.

7 Grim Reaper

Hidan’s most harrowing ability, as mentioned above, is his ability to link his body to that of the person he’s fighting. He does this by consuming their blood. Once that happens, anything that happens to his body, which can take any amount of damage and not die, also happens to his opponent’s body.

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In this state, he takes on this Grim Reaper-like appearance. Zuju has done a great job of recreating the white face and black body that Hidan has in this state.

6 Nail Polish

Cosplayer El Jhefe has paid close attention to all of the important details of Hidan. Along with his necklace, shaped like the seal he creates in order to link his body with someone else’s, and the Akatsuki ring he wears on his index finger, this cosplayer has also made sure to include the green nail polish, which Hidan wears once he joins the Akatsuki.

5 Standing In The Fire

One of the most impressive things that cosplayers can do to make their cosplays really stand out is to use photoshop to give themselves an awesome background.

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Otogi Cosplay, who is in a great version of the Hidan costume, has photoshopped himself into a fiery world. Fire wouldn’t really harm Hidan, of course, so he doesn’t even look fazed by it.

4 A Team-Up

Hidan is a member of the Akatsuki, a group of ninjas that have each run away from the villages where they trained and grew up, in order to live outside of the system. So, of course, he works as part of a team. He’s the partner of Kazuko, and the two are represented together here in cosplay by Kurutta Okami and Zuju. Hidan and Kazuko work well together, since Kazuko has a bad temper and often ends up killing his partner and Hidan is a perfect partner for him since he can’t be killed.

3 A Casual Pose

Cosplayer Lakokobelle also went for the Grim Reaper look. This makes sense, since Hidan looks his coolest when he’s in this mode.

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Instead of using makeup completely to achieve the skeleton look, they did a combination of makeup on the face and a bodysuit to keep them covered and to keep from having to paint their whole body black and white.

2 No Shirt

Hidan doesn’t ever wear a shirt. Once he joins the Akatsuki, he does wear the Akatsuki robe that they all have, but he sometimes wears it tied around his waist or just open to show his bare chest. 

Zuju has gone for accuracy here. This cosplayer has Hidan’s ninja headband tied around his neck and the jutsu symbol used in his most powerful attacks on a necklace around his neck.

1 Black & White

Andy Mansueto also focused on the awesome Grim Reaper aspect of Hidan’s look. She went all in on the makeup, getting the details of the shapes along his nose, cheekbones, and eyes down pat. Plus, she went all in on the skeletal look of his chest and arms too, painting them with white lines to look like bones. She’s definitely got the death thing down with this look.

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Hidan is a powerful and badass character in the Naurto franchise, who fans have taken a liking to. Here are the 10 most awesome Hidan cosplays!

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